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Fun Activities For Keeping Kids Entertained At Home

Looking for tips on how to entertain kids at home due to the current Coronavirus lockdowns? Keep reading to find out some of our fool-proof ways to keep kids entertained for hours on end.
two boys playing outside

If recent school closures due to Coronavirus have left you scrambling for ideas on how to entertain kids at home, fear not. Here at CostumeBox we have all the supplies you need to keep your little munchkins entertained for hours on end. These are some of our top suggestions for fun activities for kids at home that can all be found in our new Play Equipment category. 

  • Get Creative In The ‘Kitchen’

If you’re wondering how to keep kids busy without screen time, why not get into your backyard and make some mud pies. Making mud pies is an easy fun activity for kids at home: all you need is dirt, water and a bucket. If you prefer to not have your own kitchen covered in mud at the end of the day, be sure to shop our range of play kitchens designed for both indoors and outdoors, perfect for your little chef.

girl making mud pies in outdoor kitchen
  • Get Active With Our Outdoor Jungle Gyms

Another great option for entertaining kids at home is to get them active outdoors with one of our outdoor jungle gym modules. Our range of outdoor jungle gyms include flying foxes, swings, monkey bars and more – guaranteed to make your kids the envy of all others. Interacting and playing on our playsets is a great way to keep kids busy without screen time, all the while building their strength and mobility skills. To guarantee hours of fun at home, be sure to shop our range of outdoor jungle gyms.

three kids playing on outdoor play equipment
  • Trampoline Sleepover

If you’re after a fun filled activity for entertaining kids at home, why not try a trampoline sleepover. Trampoline sleepovers are a great answer for how to keep your kids busy without screen time, as they allow kids to get amongst the great outdoors whilst getting the whole family to spend some quality time together. Here is our checklist for hosting the ultimate trampoline sleepover: Firstly, you will of course need a trampoline as well as sleeping bags or a duvet, lots of pillows and most importantly – lots of snacks! For extra effect, why not string some fairy lights around the top of the trampoline and place a sheet over the top of the netting to create your own cosy space. A foolproof idea for keeping kids entertained at home and a great change of scenery if you are self-quarantining at home.

trampoline covered in sheets with fairy lights
image sourced from Pinterest
  • Water Activities

Everybody knows a pool is a great way to keep kids entertained for hours on end, but if you don’t have a pool, fear not – CostumeBox has all the answers. If you are searching for water based fun activities for kids at home, you can’t go past our range of water activities for kids. From sprinklers to inflatable water slides, your kids will stay occupied for hours, and you’ll probably find yourself wanting to join in too.

two boys playing on inflatable waterslide

These outdoor activities are all great options for entertaining kids at home, and if you are looking to pick some up for yourself, be sure to check out our huge range at CostumeBox.


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