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How To Make a Troll Costume For Kids

The kids love the Trolls movie, so make sure you get your DIY Troll movie costume underway in time for the movie. Read more on how to make a Troll costume with CostumeBox.

Do you want to know how to make a Troll costume? Kids love the Troll movie, so it makes sense that they would be tickled pink with a Trolls costume for their next party. The problem is knowing how to make these costumes yourself!

Well to make your life easier, CostumeBox has both girls and boys Trolls costumes for kids – a girl’s Poppy Troll costume and a boy’s Trolls Branch costume. We also have a range of Troll wigs in lots of different colours to complete your outfit. So if you don’t want to spend your time pulling together a DIY Troll movie costume, you can always explore the CostumeBox vaults!

We’ll take a look at how you can make these costumes yourself, but first we’ll explore the CostumeBox range and show you the affordable Trolls costumes you can purchase for your kids (if you aren’t into DIY crafts).

CostumeBox classic Poppy Troll costume: This beautiful little Poppy Troll outfit comes with an aqua blue sleeveless dress. The top half feels like a furry velvety material and the bottom is lined with blue tulle and has a shell design along the hemline. You also have a lovely pink Troll wig with Troll ears and a flower design along the headline to complete your child’s ensemble.

CostumeBox deluxe Poppy girl’s costume: This is a slightly different design to the classic Poppy Troll costume above, and is a marginally different hue of blue. It’s a blue sleeveless dress with a velvety feel on the top half and a tulle lined bottom half with a silver glitter blade design along the hemline. The wig is the same pink colour as the classic ensemble, but the hair is pointier, although it has the same ears and headband.

CostumeBox little girl’s Poppy outfit: Our little girl’s Poppy outfit is a cute blue dress with see-through pink sleeves and a shell design along the hemline. The wig is bright pink and held together near the top with a band, and it has attached ears and a pretty headband. It’s adorable!

CostumeBox boy’s Branch costume with wig: Our Branch costume comes with a shirt and attached vest, Branch wig and shorts. The shorts are brown with green patches, and the t-shirt is green, whilst the attached vest has a green pattern that looks like leaves. The Troll wig is dark brown to look like a tree trunk or branch!

CostumeBox boy’s deluxe Branch costume: With very similar colours and patterns to the above Branch costume, the deluxe model is slightly different. Instead of shorts and a top it comes with a jumpsuit with blue sleeves and chest, and the bottom of the trousers are also blue to match Branch’s skin colour. The green vest that’s attached to the top is the same pattern as the previous model, as are the  patches on the bottoms. The wig has big Troll ears that stick out sideways! If you’re looking for fabulous Trolls costumes for kids – this one ticks all the boxes!

Boy wearing Trolls Branch costume next to girl wearing Trolls Poppy costume
Image source: CostumeBox

Now you have seen the CostumeBox collection of Troll costumes in our vaults, let’s take a look at  DIY Troll movie costume and how to make a Troll costume yourself at home.

DIY Troll movie costumes

There have been two movies so far – Trolls released in 2016 and the soon to be released Trolls World Tour in April 2020. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Trolls characters to give you inspiration for your own DIY Troll movie costume.

  • Poppy is often everyone’s favourite Troll, because she’s the kindest, happiest and sweetest Troll of all! She loves to sing and is eternally optimistic, hugging all her friends on the hour, every hour!
  • Branch is always prepared, practical and on the lookout for danger. He’s overly cautious, determined and not a fan of Poppy’s hugs! He’s a paranoid survivalist and lives in fear of an invasion from the Bergens, constantly preparing for the worst to happen.
  • Biggie has the largest heart of the Trolls and is a really big softie. He’s not afraid to cry tears of joy, and he is always bursting into happy tears at the slightest provocation. He has a pet worm called Mr Dinkles and carries him everywhere, even dressing him in cute outfits for impromptu photo ops. 
  • Creek loves to be the centre of attention, breaking into song all the time! He is positive and supportive to his fellow Trolls and approaches everything with a Zen like calm. 
  • DJ Suki is the Queen of impromptu musical moments and she creates her music from natural critters –  beetles, crickets and little bugs! 
  • Cooper is a fuzzy giraffe like critter with a goofy grin and wicked dance moves! He is a few snacks short of a picnic, but everyone loves him!

How to make a Troll costume

If you want to make your own Trolls costume, let’s start with the wigs, because this might just be the hardest part! With our easy to follow instructions however, you will be making these wigs like a pro! 

Pieces of colourful felt piled together next to pink tulle and headband
Image source: The Crafting Nook

How to make a Troll wig – easy instructions

So to start you need 2 metres of nylon netting in the colour of your choice (pink is always a good start!). You also need 25 metres of 15cm wide tulle in the same colour and a stretchy crochet headband. Cut the netting into 25cm x 90cm strips. Fold this strip in half, poke the folded end through one of the holes in the crochet headband and then pull the loose ends through the loop in the net to fix it in place. Do this for all the strips of netting, all along the one edge of the headband. 

Tie the very tops of the netting together with a hair band to give the wig its puffy shape. Cut the tulle into 125cm lengths and add these to the crochet headband in the same way, but a few rows beneath the netting. Stagger the tulle all over the headband to make it look like natural hair. Gather all of this tulle around the netting and tie it off with another hair band. You should now have a really big wig, fit for a Troll! The headband will fit over your child’s head and they will have the perfect Troll hair for their costume. This wig is an essential part of Trolls costumes for kids and is so easy to pull together.

Boy in pink troll wig, woman in rainbow troll wig, girl in blue troll wig and man in green troll wig
Image source: CostumeBox

Let’s look at how to make a Poppy Troll costume!

Your Poppy costume can be as easy as finding an aqua blue sleeveless dress in a charity shop and adding a white shell design made from felt and glued to the hemline. You can wear a pink long sleeved t-shirt underneath the dress and long knee high pink socks, not forgetting pink cheeks and a pink nose and pink wig to complete your Poppy Troll costume. Why not make one for yourself and one for your little one?

Let’s take a look at how to make a Branch costume!

If you have a little boy, then how about making him a branch outfit? It’s one of the easiest Trolls costumes for kids you can make! All you need is a pair of brown baggy shorts with green patches glued on the legs and a green t-shirt. You can make felt leaves and glue them onto the t-shirt, add a brown wig and you have the perfect little branch costume for your child.

Trolls 2 poster with Poppy and Branch, Guy Diamond, Queen Barb and more
Image Source: Hasbro

Let’s take a look at how to make a DJ Suki costume

DJ Suki is a really colourful gal! She has orange hair, so you will need to make an orange wig for this outfit and pretty pastel coloured headphones (you can make these out of an egg carton and coloured felt). Next you need a pink long sleeved t-shirt to look like DJ’s skin colour, and a colourful vest and shorts. You can probably find the vest and shorts in a charity shop, but if you are handy with a sewing machine, just buy some material and you can match the vest with the shorts. Add long pink socks and your little one is good to go in their awesome Trolls costume!

Let’s take a look at how to make a Creek costume

Creek is one of the simplest costumes to make! He needs aqua and green coloured hair, so you need to find the right colour tulle and nylon net to make his wig. Then all you need is a long sleeved purple t-shirt for his skin colour and long purple socks. The only clothes Creek wears are lime green trousers, so if you can’t find these in a charity shop, buy white trousers and dye them! 

Purple thread spool, thimble, coiled measuring tape and pins in front of roses

Now you know how to make a Troll costume, you can decide whether to grab your sewing machine and glue gun or hop on over to the CostumeBox vaults for more inspiration.

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