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Troll-tastic Birthday Party: 5 Trolls Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Give your little one the birthday party they've always wanted with our fantastic Trolls theme birthday party ideas from CostumeBox.
Trolls party with Branch and Poppy decorations, cake and treats.
Image source: Catch My Party

Are your kids in love with the Trolls movie and desperate for a Trolls birthday party, but you have no idea where to start? Well worry no more! Costumebox has all the Trolls theme birthday party ideas you need to give your little one the best birthday party ever!

We’ll start by talking about some of these party ideas and then move onto tasty examples of Trolls birthday party food you can serve. Then we’ll find out where you can purchase Trolls birthday party supplies in Australia, what Troll games you can play with the kids, where you can buy quality fun Trolls decorations and lastly, how to make your own DIY Trolls party decorations.

So if you want a Troll-tastic party for your little one, here we go!

Trolls theme birthday party ideas

The Trolls are small colourful creatures who live in a colourful rainbow world, so your party theme needs to focus on lots of bright colours. Kids love bright colours, so everything from the food to the drinks and Trolls birthday decorations needs to be brightly coloured! 

If your kids have seen the multi-award winning Troll movie, it’s still a good idea to get a copy and play it during the party, because it will keep the kids quiet for an hour or so, if nothing else! You can also buy the award-winning movie soundtrack and get the kids up and dancing when the movie has ended. 

Trolls DVD cover featuring Poppy, Branch and friends

Trolls birthday party supplies in Australia

Looking for Trolls birthday party supplies in Australia? For a Troll party, you will need lots of pretty coloured Trolls decorations to dress your home for the party, and you can purchase many of these from Costumebox. We also have paper plates, cups and cutlery, as well as Troll or rainbow coloured table coverings, cake decorations, party prizes, party favours and even Pinata party games!  

Trolls birthday party games

Movies and music are great Trolls theme birthday party ideas but another way to entertain the kids is Trolls party games! Let’s take a look at some of these games to get you started, but you will most probably come up with more yourself.

Yellow Pin the nose on Poppy game sheet
Image source: Pinterest

Pin the nose on the Troll: This game is a hoot and all the kids will absolutely love it! All you need is a poster size image of your little one’s favourite Troll (you can get a small image blown up at Officeworks) and lots of noses cut out of green cardboard. To stick the nose on the Troll you can use double sided tape, and of course, you need blindfolds to make the game fun, fun, fun!

Troll Pinatas: CostumeBox has some fabulous Pinatas you can purchase (sombreros, soccer balls and unicorns), but if you want a Troll Pinata, you will need to follow our DIY instructions later in this page. Kids love bashing Pinatas, so it’s definitely worthwhile buying one or making your own for your kid’s Trolls birthday party.

Making Troll bracelets: Little kids love making jewellery and you can keep a whole gaggle of kids quiet for hours making lovely bright coloured bracelets for themselves. Supplies for making bracelets (beads, cords, elastic, and so on) can easily be purchased online and you can find them by performing a quick Google search using the keywords ‘Troll bracelets DIY’ or check out


DIY troll headbands with tulle troll hair and felt flowers
Image source: via Ticketbooth


Making Troll headbands: This is another great craft idea for your kid’s Trolls birthday party, because making these Trolls headbands is super fun! You need at least one headband for each child, lots of stiff tulle, felt flowers, ribbons and a glue gun (you can buy all of these supplies at your local craft store or online at CostumeBox). For each headband you need to cut 10 x 50cm long strips of tulle, about 2.5cm wide (different colours or the same, it doesn’t matter). Fold them in half and loop them around the headband with a knot to keep them in place.  Tie all the top ends together with an elastic band and then cover the band with a pretty ribbon tied in a bow. Glue some felt flowers across the side or top of the headband and you have a lovely Trolls headband for everyone! You might find it easier if you have a picture of Trolls in front of the kids so they can see what they need to make (it also helps the adults as well!).

Troll musical chairs: An oldie, but a goodie! Kids love musical chairs, so grab some of those cheap foldaway chairs and attach large graphics of all the different Trolls, one to each chair. Play some of the music from the Trolls Movie (Can’t Stop This Feeling is a good example) and when the music stops, the child without a chair is out! Remove another chair for each round and the last child sitting on a Troll chair wins! You might want to give everyone a prize just for participating!

Troll hair station: If your kids love dressing up their hair, then they will absolutely love a Troll hair station. Just set up a mirror, table and chairs and then purchase some hair chalk, glitter, hair bands and ribbons so that each child can create their very own version of Troll hair! You might want to warn their parents first!

Trolls birthday party food

You can go crazy with your food for a Trolls birthday party! Focusing on lots of rainbow coloured food makes it so easy, so here are a few awesome ideas that everyone will enjoy.

Troll hair cupcakes with pink troll hair icing and blue fondant flowers
Image source: Pinterest

Troll hair cupcakes: These are simple to make, fun to look at and taste wonderful! You can either buy plain cupcakes or bake your own. Then frost them yourself using brightly coloured frosting pulled into a point to look like Troll hair. Just buy food colouring for the frosting and you have the best Trolls birthday party food ever!

Troll hair cotton candy: The absolutely simplest of our Trolls theme birthday party ideas is to buy bags of pink cotton candy and tell the kids it’s Troll hair that they can eat! Fill little cups with cotton candy and give each child their own cup of Troll hair for the party.

Purple fudge squares with rainbow sprinkle topping
Image source: Sprinkles for Breakfast

Troll fudge: Make a tray of purple fudge using purple food colouring and sprinkle the top with hundreds and thousands. Cut the fudge into small squares and the kids will love them!

Troll iced cones: Buy some ice cream cones and fix candy eyes and a nose to the front of each cone using a small dab of butter icing. Fill the cones with rainbow coloured ice cream, cut a plain sponge cake (bought or made yourself) into rounds big enough to fit on top of the ice cream cone, cover the sponge with butter icing and then put a handful of pink or blue cotton candy on top. You end up with your own Troll ice cream cones!

DIY trolls party decorations

With the focus on lots of pretty colours, you can purchase all your Trolls birthday decorations from Costumebox, but you can also make your own DIY trolls party decorations. At CostumeBox, we have Troll balloons, as well as lots of coloured balloons you can hang around your home. Then we have lots of rainbow coloured banners, pennants and streamers, hanging paper swirls, fluffy hanging rainbow tissue decorations, and plenty more options.  Whatever you need to make fabulous Trolls decorations – our vaults are fit to bursting!

Rainbow Balloon wall with balloons lined in rainbow colour order
Image source: Flickr

Most of these decorations you can make yourself, if you are into crafts, for example the banners, pennants and hanging tissue decorations. You can also make your own Trolls party invitations and Trolls Pinata, just follow the quick instructions below.

DIY Trolls party invitations: The complexity of your invitations will depend on your craft skills, time and patience! For a very simple version, you need to buy some brightly coloured pink or blue thin card from a craft shop. Cut this to the size of one-sided invitation and use a glue gun to fix a picture of a Troll onto the front of the card. You can also write the words ‘Birthday Invitation’ on the front, along with your child’s name and how old they will be on their birthday. Then use glue to cover these words in glitter. On the back you can write your child’s invitation, address, and phone number to RSVP, as well as any special instructions. 

Poppy Trolls Invitation with "It's party time!" headline
Image source: CostumeBox

DIY Troll Pinatas: These DIY Trolls party decorations are great fun to make! Just draw the image of a Trolls head and hair on thick cardboard and then cut out the images. Next, cut out strips of 3cm wide cardboard that will join the two larger pieces together to give you a cavity inside the Pinata. Use Sellotape to join up all these pieces together, leaving a hole in the top to add all the treats and for the hanging string. Don’t be too aggressive with the Sellotape, because you want the kids to break it open easily. Once it’s all together you can use craft paints to create a Troll face and hair on each side of the Pinata, fill it with treats, add the string and then let the kids loose with pieces of doweling to break it open. Pinatas are one of the easiest Trolls decorations to make and the most fun for the kids.

Check out more ideas for Trolls birthday decorations in the CostumeBox vaults today!

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