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What To Wear For St Patrick’s Day? Easy Costume Ideas

Get ready to celebrate St Patrick's Day this March 17th with CostumeBox! Read more for everything you need to have the best St Patrick's Day costume at the party. From DIY to pre-made options, you can't look further than CostumeBox.

Woman in green clover dress, man in inflatable rainbow costume and man in green beer mug costume

Do you have any idea what to wear for St Patrick’s Day this year? If you are heading out for a party or even to your local club or pub, you just have to wear an awesome costume! Well, don’t worry, because we have everything covered. From where to buy St Patrick’s Day costumes to how to make your own DIY St Patrick’s day costume, even a leprechaun costume, and lots of other Irish costume ideas as well!

Let’s get started!

Where to buy St Patrick’s Day costumes

With March 17th rapidly approaching, the CostumeBox vaults are stacked to the rafters with pots of gold and every type of Irish costume you can imagine. All our costumes are exciting and entertaining because St Patrick’s Day isn’t any fun without at least one hilarious costume.  We want everyone at your party to wear their best costumes on St Patrick’s Day! So now you know where to buy St Patrick’s Day costumes, let’s look at some of these outfits in our treasure troves.

Female leprechaun costume: CostumeBox has a sexy leprechaun costume for the ladies. It includes a short green dress with white trim, separate puffy green sleeves with white trim and a black belt with buckle. You also have a leprechaun hat, a black pot of gold handbag and green riding crop. Just add white stockings and high heels and you will be the belle of the ball!

Cloud & rainbow costume: Have you ever wanted to dress up as a puffy white cloud and rainbow? Well now’s your chance! CostumeBox has an inflatable costume where the cloud sits around your lower half with the rainbow around your top half with a hole for your head, hands, and legs. It’s a hoot to wear and will make you the centre of attention at your party. It’s one of our best St Patrick’s Day party ideas ever!

Beer keg costume: It might not be green, rainbow coloured or a pot of gold, but it’s a beer keg! Dressing up as a beer keg for St Patrick’s Day is a grand idea in the finest of Irish form. This Costumebox outfit includes a silver foam keg body and a plastic ‘tap’ helmet and it even has a pump with hand nozzle that dispenses 400ml of your favourite beer (beer not included!).

Beer mug costume: If you don’t want to be a beer keg or your mate’s grabbed that costume, what about a beer mug? The CostumeBox beer mug outfit wraps itself around your trunk – it’s a tunic that features a green and white beer mug shape with a white satin handle on the side, white frothy top and shamrocks on the front. Team up with your mate in his beer keg outfit and you will be the toast of the party!

Smart leprechaun costume: For guys who like a snappy suit, but don’t want to really dress up too much, check out our green Suitmeister Suit. This high quality suit can take you anywhere, but for St Patrick’s Day just add a green leprechaun hat and you will be strutting your stuff all night long!

Green costumes for St Patrick’s Day from Costumebox

With the focus on ‘green’ for St Patrick’s Day, you could go in any direction with your costumes, not just an Irish costume. So to give you some extra help deciding what to wear for St Patrick’s Day, let’s take a look at the CostumeBox vaults for the colour green. 

Mortal Combat Scorpion costume: This iconic video game character is a great way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. As undead ninja spectre, aka Scorpion, aka Hanzo Hasashi, he was a warrior of the Shirai Ryu, a Japanese ninja clan. After his death at the hands of Sub Zero, a member of a rival clan, and the death of his wife and family, Scorpion is set upon revenge! Why not spend St Patrick’s Day as the vengeful Scorpion with a high quality outfit from our vaults? It comes with Scorpion’s mask, tabard, belt, gauntlets and armbands, and is green enough to please a leprechaun!

Christmas Elf costume: There’s nothing funnier than one of Santa’s elves on St Patrick’s Day, but it works because his coat and hat are deep green! The green flocked velvet jacket is trimmed with white faux fur and red metallic accents. You also have red poplin knee high pants, black belt with gold metal buckle, green velvet elf hat with faux fur trim and a bell on the end. To top it off, you have a pair of red and white striped knee high socks and shoe covers with a bell on the toes. This is a fabulous St Patrick’s day costume!

Boy dressed as green dragon, man in Hulk costume and woman in Gamora costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora costume: Part of the Marvel Comics franchise, Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos and the last of her species (wiped out by Thanos). Trying to turn her into the ultimate weapon, Thanos cybernetically alters her body so she now has superhuman strength and agility, and can beat most of everyone in the galaxy! Since Gamora has green skin, she’s a perfect fit for St Patrick’s Day. Her costume comes with a long-sleeved green top to make it look like your skin is green, with a faux leather vest with stud details. Then you have black faux leather pants, black gauntlets and a faux leather belt.  Just add a Guardians of the Galaxy sword and you are good to go!

Incredible Hulk costume: There’s nothing greener than the Incredible Hulk for St Patrick’s Day! We have a number of different hulk costumes, but basically your outfit will be a jumpsuit with green padded muscles, black pants and a hulk mask. Why not get all your mates to dress up as green superheroes and fight the good fight on St Patrick’s Day?

Green Dragon costume: Another fun outfit for St Patrick’s Day celebrations is to dress up as a green furry dragon! Featuring a furry green jumpsuit with purple detailing, hood with a dragon head, ears, eyes and teeth, as well as a long green tail and detachable purple wings – you’ll be the centre of attention at the party!

Now you know where to buy St Patrick’s Day costumes, let’s take a look at making your own DIY costume.

Woman in parade wearing green sequin jacket and mini green top hat headband

DIY Irish costumes 

If you are handy with a sewing machine or a glue gun, then you should have no problems making your very own St Patrick’s Day costume. Let’s take a look at a few ideas that are fairly easy to pull together.

Irish lass costume: You can make this costume as discrete or as revealing as you like! You will need a short green mini or knee length skirt and white blouse with puffy sleeves from your local charity shop. Also pick up a green jacket. Cut the green jacket so that it ends just below your bust line and hem the edges. Buy some thin green ribbons and add them to the white blouse and skirt as decorations, and run some of these ribbons through your hair. Wear knee high white socks and black shoes, and add a fun leprechaun hat that you can purchase from our vaults. The perfect gal’s Irish costume!

Shamrock costume: This can be as simple as a headpiece that’s shaped like a shamrock or a whole body shamrock! For your all-body DIY shamrock costume you will need two large pieces of thin green cardboard, both cut into identical shapes of a shamrock (as large as possible to cover your body). Glue or staple elastic at the shoulders and under the arms to keep the two pieces of cardboard together, wear black leggings and a black long sleeved top and then slip the shamrock outfit over your head, shoulders and body. You can outline the leaves of the shamrock on the card if you want to add a personal touch to your outfit and even wear a fun leprechaun hat as well.

Irish hat and beard: If you want to go even simpler, just buy a green beanie and glue a black band of felt around the edge with a gold coloured buckle in the middle above your forehead. Buy a bright orange flowing beard and a St Patrick’s Day t-shirt, and you have a fast and easy outfit for your party.

Woman with curly green hair wearing green top hat and sequin bow tie

How to make a leprechaun costume

Wondering how to make a leprechaun costume? Well, it’s easy! The basics for your leprechaun outfit is a green suit that you can most probably find in a charity shop, as well as a top hat (you can buy a top hat from Costumebox). You also need a long flowing brown beard (from Costumebox again!), and if your top hat isn’t already green use an aerosol paint can to make it more leprechaunish! Use a glue gun to wrap some black felt around the top hat and add a yellow/gold buckle to this felt, and you have your very own leprechaun costume.

Cartoon image of a leprechaun sitting down with a large pot of gold

If you need more inspiration for your St Patrick’s day costume, check out the CostumeBox vaults – but be fast or they will all be stolen by the cheeky leprechauns!

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