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How To Throw A St Patrick’s Day Party: 5 St Patricks Day Party Ideas

Check out these hot tips to create your own DIY St Patrick's Day party decorations with our fantastic St Patrick's Day party ideas!

Are you looking for St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas? Held on the 17th March every year, this is the day that Irish people celebrate St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Born during the 4th century in Ancient Briton, he was kidnapped when he was 16 years old and taken to Ireland as a slave. He eventually escaped and is known for his work in converting the Irish to Christianity and establishing churches, monasteries and schools. 

Initially, St Patrick was remembered with church services in Ireland, but over the years it has morphed into a celebration of all things Irish! So if you are searching for St Patrick’s Day Party Themes, as well as what to serve at a St Patrick’s Day party, and the best costumes to wear to your party – CostumeBox has all the answers!

St Patrick’s Day Party Themes

Basically, all the St Patrick’s Day party themes focus on ‘wearing the green’, which means wearing something green on March 17th. This can be a green scarf or hat, but it’s often a green shamrock, as this is the national emblem of Ireland. St Patrick’s Day has subsequently been associated with the colour green, so much so that some people even dye their hair and their beer green! Gold is also another great theme for St Patrick’s Day, not forgetting rainbows, shamrocks and leprechauns. So let’s get started!

six people wearing green st patricks day clothing and clinking mugs at a bar

St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas 

Now you know that your party theme needs to focus on everything GREEN, let’s check out how to put your party together. We’ll cover five St Patrick’s Day party ideas for the best party ever, including what to serve at a St Patrick’s Day party, St Patrick’s Day decorations & crafts, DIY St Patrick’s Day party decorations, games and even costumes!


  • What to Serve at a St Patrick’s Day Party


green floral mug with drink topped with cream next to clover shaped cookies

If everyone is coming around to your place for the party, you need to have a lot of snacks on hand for an all-day feast. It’s not difficult, because all you need to do is focus on green food and turning everything you cook green! So you could start with green pea soup, but that might not be something that you want to serve at your party! 

Snacks you could consider include mini spinach and feta quiches because they are easy to eat standing up and the spinach gives them a mild green appearance. A guacamole dip is another fabulous option, served with herb biscuits (they have green herbs on top). You can also colour boiled eggs green and make devilled eggs, as well as green spaghetti served in little cups, zucchini rolls, spinach pasta and pesto, avocado & hummus dips, and the list goes on!

For dessert, what about mint chocolate brownies, mini green coloured cheesecakes, green pancakes and even green whipped cream? You can also make muffins with rainbow icing or sprinkles on top, rainbow cupcakes, rainbow jellies, rainbow pinwheels, and so on. Now you know what to serve at your St Patrick’s Day party, let’s look at some of the drinks you can serve on the day!


  • St Patrick’s Day drinks


Clear green mug with beer froth overflowing next to plate of pretzels

When it comes to drinks, they either need to be Irish inspired or green! Unless you can make rainbow coloured drinks! Your options include lovely green shamrock shakes, green beer, mojitos, green martinis, Irish margaritas, and so on. Let’s take a look at some of these recipes, so you can have everything ready for your party.

Shamrock shots: Mix Midori with Irish Whiskey and an Irish Cream Liqueur to create a fabulously creamy drink that everyone can enjoy. It has a fruity flavour, creamy consistency, and best of all – it’s green!

Irish mudslide: This drink is really creamy! Just mix Jameson Irish Whiskey with Kahlua and Baileys, top with lashings of thick whipped cream and drizzles of runny chocolate for a drink you will crave all year long!

Leprechaun: For a simple toast to St Patrick’s Day, just mix tonic water with Irish Whiskey and add a slice of tangy lemon for a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day.

Pot of gold: Mix vodka with an elderflower liqueur and ginger beer, add cucumber and mint for a hint of green, and you have a spicy drink that will slake your thirst!

Grasshopper: This magical green cocktail has been around for years and has always been a favourite on St Patrick’s Day. Mix cream, crème de cacao and crème de menthe together. Add grated chocolate and a hint of mint garnish to create a wonderfully light St Patrick’s Day cocktail.

With all of these St Patrick’s Day party themes, food and drinks sorted, let’s head on over to the games!


  • St Patrick Day Games


Six red cups on a table in triangle formation with a yellow ping pong ball

No party is complete without games and St Patrick’s Day is no different! Here are four games that should keep everyone happily occupied this St Patrick’s Day.

Toss the gold coins: Leprechauns love their gold coins, saving them in a black pot at the end of the rainbow. So place a black cauldron below a rainbow graphic on the wall and see who can toss the most gold coins into the pot. You can buy plastic gold coins online at Amazon.

Beer pong: You want either green cups filled with beer or glasses of green beer for this game. Draw shamrocks on the white ping pong balls and once one of these balls lands in the cup or glass, the opponent has to drink the beer – you know how to play this game!

Pin the hat on the leprechaun: Just like pin the tail on the donkey, create a big leprechaun graphic, but without the hat. Cut out a green leprechaun hat and use double sided sticky tape to pin the hat on the leprechaun, not forgetting the blind folds

Hot potato: Everyone sits around in a circle with a shot glass of Guinness, beer or whiskey. One person sits in the middle with a potato. The potato is passed to someone randomly in the circle and while the Irish music is playing, the potato is passed around the circle. When the music stops, the person holding the potato has to drink their glass empty. Then around it goes again! 

There are plenty more St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas online, you just have to search for them, but let’s check out our St Patrick’s Day decorations & crafts next.


  • St Patrick’s Day Decorations


CostumeBox has lots of accessories, tableware and party supplies for your party. We have lovely Irish shamrock party plates and drinking cups that will save the day, so you don’t have to wash up afterwards. Then we have all the St Patrick’s Day decorations you could ever want, including shamrock or rainbow table covers, lots of green plates, cutlery and cups, green or rainbow coloured balloons, shamrock banners, and green or rainbow hanging swirls. Then we have shamrock cut-outs, shamrock head boppers and hats, St Patrick’s Day flags, green or rainbow coloured wigs, green hair bows and trouser braces, green lipstick, and green bandannas. Whatever you need for your party, the vaults at CostumeBox are full to bursting!

Buffet table with St Patrick's Day themed food, drinks and decor


  • DIY St Patrick’s Day Party Decorations


If you want to spend the time creating your own DIY St Patrick’s Day party decorations, then we have lots of great ideas – check them out below. 

Leprechaun hats: You just need thin green cardboard from your craft store, and a glue gun. Cut out a tube for the hat and a circle for the brim, Glue them together with a few Shamrocks cut out of lighter green card and add a black band around the hat with a gold buckle glued to the front. If you staple the hat to a hair band, you can easily slip it onto your head. Don’t forget to make a Leprechaun hat for each of your guests. You can also do the same with rainbow coloured cardboard and create funny rainbow coloured hats.

Leprechaun placemats: If you are hosting a sit down dinner or even a stand-up snack type of party, you can create large dinner plate size Shamrock place mats. Just buy some green felt from your craft store, cut out a large Shamrock and that’s it! You can even cut out green Leprechaun hats and use them as placemats as well.

Shamrock banners: These banners or pennants look lovely hung across your walls. All you need is thin white cardboard from your craft store and cord to run them along. Simply cut out white triangles, glue some green ribbons and shamrock shapes to these triangles, make two holes in the triangle and thread them all onto a long piece of string or cord.

Rainbow balloons: Just buy a big bag of different coloured balloons, blow them all up and hang them around your home in big bunches. These are the easiest and cheapest St Patrick’s Day decorations & crafts ever!

Rainbow photo booth: Thread plastic table cloths or rainbow coloured nylon netting on a string and hang this at the top of one of your walls. Make sure that each tablecloth or nylon net is a different colour of the rainbow and that they hang close together, covering the wall. As the night wears on, you can take some amazing photos as everyone struts their stuff in front of the photo booth.

Green mug with green and gold beads and fake coins

If you want to host a party that’s remembered for years to come – check out the CostumeBox vault for everything to do with St Patrick’s Day Party Themes and decorations.

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