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Love Is In The Air: 5 Cute Valentine’s Day Party Ideas To Woo Your Loved One

Are you looking for a few Valentine’s Day Party Ideas? Sometimes coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day party can be stretching yourself a bit too far – but don’t worry, because we have you covered! Everything from Valentine’s day decoration ideas and where to buy Valentine’s day decorations, as well as five really cute party ideas for adults. 

Before we dive into celebrating Valentine’s Day, however, let’s check out what it’s all about, because you might be surprised at the origins of this love-struck day of romantic revelry!

What is Valentine’s Day?

What is Valentine’s Day? Well today, Valentine’s Day is a day when we show our love for the special person in our life. Historically, however, it’s a lot more complicated and starts in the time of Emperor Claudius II who in his wisdom, banned marriage because he decided that married men didn’t make good soldiers. It was something about not wanting to get killed and leave their family without a husband and father, which is fair enough from a soldier’s point of view.

As you can imagine, this went down like a tonne of bricks with the priesthood and so a priest named Valentine continued to marry people in secret. Claudius threw him in jail where the priest promptly fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. On February 14th, he was put to death, but not before sending her a final love letter signed – from your Valentine – and that’s where it all started! So when someone asks you – What is Valentine’s Day? – you can share this tragic, but heart-warming story with them.

So let’s look at some fabulous party ideas and Valentine’s Day decorations to help you to host the party of the year!


Valentine’s Day party ideas

Most of us give our loved ones a gift for Valentine’s Day or even splurge on a romantic dinner. Some of us, however, want to crank it up with a fabulous celebration, inviting all our friends over for an evening of fun and frivolity! If you are in the latter category but need some creative party ideas, here are five that should set you right.

  1. Card Games: An evening spent playing cards might not sound like a fun-filled romantic night, but when you invite all your male and female single friends it can get hilarious! There are lots of games you can play, but one called ‘ Who Should I Be With?’ can be found easily online and as its name suggests, is designed to bring fun into deciding on your perfect partner. 
  2. Arts and Crafts: Not everyone is into Arts and Crafts, but with a mixed group of men and women, pairing them up can produce some exciting results! Making bath bombs, Valentine’s Day cards, perfumed candles or flower arranging, can help your friends meet new people and even a special someone on Valentine’s Day! You can generally find all Valentine’s day party supplies you need at a craft store or online.
  1. Outdoor BBQ: In Australia, we are lucky enough to have great weather in February, so why not invite all your single friends around and give them the opportunity to mingle at your BBQ? Arrange chairs around an open firepit, give everyone marshmallows to toast and wait for the fireworks to arrive!
  2. Truth or Dare Dinner Party: If you want a bunch of your friends to mingle and get to know one another, then Truth or Dare is a great start! Who is the most beautiful person they know? Which famous person would they date? What is the most annoying habit ever? An evening spent revealing your true self can be empowering and the first step on the way to a romantic discovery!

  1. Lover’s Line-Up: For this party idea you need to invite couples only because it’s all about how well they know each other. You need a list of questions to ask each partner who will then write their answers on a slip of paper. The trick is for each partner to guess their partner’s answers and the one with the most correct guesses wins!

Valentine’s Day decoration ideas 

With love in the air, it’s time to decorate your home or office for Valentine’s Day. So here are 10 Valentine’s Day decorations that should put everyone in a romantic mood.

  1. Red or pink roses in a glass vase sprinkled with sugary sweet conversations hearts (the sweets we ate as kids!).
  1. Create a Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath and hang it on your front door to welcome your guests.
  2. Valentine’s Day confetti balloons in white, red and pink can be hung around the patio or indoors.
  3. Serve treats, chocolates or even appetisers in heart-shaped servings bowls, which you can easily find online and are lovely Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for your party.
valentines appetisers
  1. Pink, red and white candles provide a lovely romantic ambience to your evening dinner party or you could bake cupcakes with red, white and pink icing for your BBQ.
  2. Hang heart-shaped garlands along the walls or patio and lay a runner along the table covered in red hearts.
  3. Red, white and pink are the colours for your themed Valentine’s Day party and can be used for tableware, Valentine’s Day decorations, guest invitations and even the desserts!
  4. Use your craft skills to create a wall mural of red and pink long-stemmed roses in the dining room where you host your party. If you are short on time, this is one of the quickest and easiest Valentine’s Day decoration ideas on our list!
  5. Purchase a heart-shaped pinata online, hang it up on the patio and your guests will have great fun whacking it to release all the Valentine’s Day treats!
  6.  Co-opt your red Christmas decorations and use them as a centrepiece in a glass vase for the middle of your dining room table. Add a few lighted candles and you have all Valentine’s day party supplies you need for an awesome party! 

Where to buy Valentine’s day decorations


You can purchase most of your Valentine’s Day decorations and party supplies from CostumeBox! We have everything you need to host the perfect romantic party for Valentine’s day this year. Check us out!


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