Party Favours 101: Tips and Ideas For Making Party Favours For Kids and Adults

Party favours are those lovely little gifts you give to guests when they attend your party. They can be given to children at birthday parties or to adult guests at other celebrations, such as anniversaries, weddings, engagements, bridal showers or a party in your backyard. These gifts are either a memento of the event or a thank you for their attendance. 

If you are looking for popular party favour ideas, we have lots to share! These include party favours for kids and for adults, as well as personalised party favours. So let’s get started!

Packaging for your party favours

The packaging for your celebration favours will depend on the type of gifts that you give your guests. You can select little gift boxes or silky bags with a drawstring, but you can also opt for small mason jars, hankies tied with string and name labels, corked bottles, little painted buckets, tiny plant pots, and the list goes on. Just remember that your packaging needs to be fun, but it can also be elegant and sophisticated – it all depends on your personality!


Children’s party favour ideas

Party favours for kids are a wonderful idea and they are great fun to put together as well. The problem is knowing what to include in favour bags for a kid’s party, but we have you covered! You can just fill their gift boxes with chocolates or sweets, but before making a final decision, it’s best to check with the parents. Some of the kids might be diabetic or their parents don’t want them to eat too many sugary treats. So ask first, before making up these gift bags. 

Books are one of the best children’s party favour ideas, particularly if your themed birthday party has a line of published books. Good examples include Dr. Seuss, Peter Rabbit, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Three Little Pigs, Snow White, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter. Below you will find more examples of affordable party favours for kids.

kid reading book

Paint palettes: If your kid’s party has a craft flair or one of the party games included a painting activity, then giving each little guest their own paint palette to take home is a lovely idea. You can purchase these inexpensively online, customise them with their name, and tie a thank you note with a string around each palette.

Cotton candy: When you package coloured cotton candy in small clear bags and tie a name tag around each one, they make lovely and inexpensive gift favours for kids.

Caramel toffee apples: These are another affordable gift for your little guests, as caramel toffee apples can be made in big batches the day before the party. Make funny faces on each apple using fondant, pop in a stick and wrap in clear treat bags.

toffee apples

Fun photos: Create a themed photo booth and use a polaroid instant camera to take photos of each child dressed in their costumes in front of the props. You can either give these photos on their own as their thank-you gift or add them to one of our other party favour ideas. 

Pool party favours: Still not sure what to include in favour bags for your kid’s party? How about giving each child a pair of goggles, swim fins, floater toy or beach ball as a memento of the party. Add a pretty label tied with string with their name written on it and you have a host of practical and fun party gifts.

Flowers to plant at home: Give each child a little plant pot filled with potting mix, a bag of seeds, and those little kid’s gardening tools. When they go home they can plant their seeds and wait for it to grow or you can help each child plant their seeds before they leave.

flowers to plant at home

Adult party favours gift ideas 

Thinking of party favours for adults is just as easy as for kids because everyone loves a gift! 

  • Jars of homemade fudge: Most of us have a sweet tooth, so making your own fudge is a no-brainer. Add in a little brandy or liquor and you have a gift that everyone will be fighting over! Pop them in a pretty little open box and cover with clear film and you have the perfect take-home gift for your adult guests.
  • Homemade liquor cream: If you are hosting a dinner party, why not make a big batch of your favourite liquor ice cream? When everyone tells you how fabulous it is, they will love you, even more, when you give them a small tub to take home. You can even include a copy of the recipe and a little wooden spoon as well. Pop it into a small patterned paper gift bag and you have a very inexpensive, but high impact gift!
  • Cocktail kits: If you host a cocktail party, why not give each guest a cocktail glass, and a recipe for one of your fabulous cocktails, along with a few of the ingredients (not the alcohol!). Popped into a little paper carry bag, they will always remember your party!
  • Mini Champagne bottles: Another one of our fabulous party favour ideas is to give each guest a mini bottle of Champagne when they leave. Tie a bow or ribbon around the neck and everyone will leave with a smile on their face! 

Personalised party favours

A personalised gift is always appreciated because it means that you have put some serious thought into the gift. You can give the same personalised party favours to all the kids, for example, crayons or pencils with their names written on the side, candy jars with their names written on a pretty sticky label, or even customised colouring books with their name on the front (these can all be purchased online). 

For adults, you can give each guest a potted herb in a teacup and saucer. Just tie a small name tag to the cup’s handle along with instructions on how to care for their herb, and use them as place cards on the table! Using these few examples for inspiration, you should easily come up with your own personalised party favours for kids and adults.

lollies jar

Now you know what to include in favour bags for a kids party and for a more grown-up party, why not hop over to CostumeBox and check out our huge range of party favours, costumes, decorations and accessories for your party?


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