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What To Wear To Australia Day Party: 7 Iconic Australia Day Costumes

Wondering what to wear to an Australia Day party? Maybe you have been invited to a party or are hosting your own fabulous event for the day and you are looking for dress-up ideas for Australia Day? Well, Australia Day is a national holiday held every year on the 26th of January. It’s when all Aussies come together to celebrate the landing of the First Fleet in Sydney Cove in 1788. So we party!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a beach party, picnic in the park or a pool party in your garden, an Australia Day costume is one of the best ways to celebrate this glorious day. So let’s look at seven ideas for making your own DIY costume. 

1. Baywatch costume


Baywatch first hit our screens in 1989 but was such a flop it went to syndication after the first season. It later became one of the most loved shows on the planet and the rest is history! Aussies love Baywatch, maybe because it’s based around lifeguards who are such an important part of our own culture in Australia. So if you need a few dress-up ideas for Australia Day, then a Baywatch costume is perfect, particularly if it’s a hot day and you are on the beach or at a pool party. 

For your DIY Baywatch costume, you need to focus on the colour red. For the gals, you want an itsy bitsy red bikini or a full costume, and for the guys, you want red board shorts or briefs and a red jacket. You can purchase Baywatch costumes from our CostumeBox vaults, as well as the red inflatable float prop. Don’t forget your red whistle and red inflatable float prop!

2. Crocodile Dundee costume

The original Crocodile Dundee movie was released in 1986 and was an instant success. This movie has now become an iconic representation of Australia, and the famous line ‘that’s not a knife – this is a knife’ has attained godlike status around the world! If you want to know what to wear to an Australia Day party, then Crocodile Dundee will make you king for the day!

For your costume, you need calf or brown coloured trousers, shirt and vest, brown cowboy boots and a Crocodile Dundee hat (we have a stock of these hats in the CostumeBox vaults). You also need a big hunting or Bowie knife if you really want to bring to life one of our most awesome Australia Day themed costumes. Stock up on plenty of Crocodile Dundee colloquialisms and some Aussie twang and you will be the most popular guy at the party.

3. Kangaroo costume


Another one of our fabulous dress up ideas for Australia Day is as an Aussie kangaroo. This famous marsupial is indigenous to Australia and there are four different species of Kangaroo here: red kangaroos (the biggest kangaroos), eastern grey kangaroos (second biggest), western grey kangaroos, and the antilopine kangaroo or wallaby (antilopine because its fur is similar to antelopes).

Your DIY kangaroo costume can be as simple as brown trousers and a long-sleeved brown t-shirt. You can purchase a kangaroo mask and tail from the CostumeBox vaults. If you want to bring out your inner creativity, then you need a sewing machine and a lot of brown velours or faux fur material (don’t forget to make a pouch in front). 

4. Koala costume


Still, wondering what to wear to an Australia Day party? Well, what about a koala costume? Just like kangaroos, these lovely koalas are also marsupials and are closely related to wombats. With their habitat continually under threat, wearing a koala costume might be your way of supporting the cause to protect these fabulous indigenous Aussies! 

Just as for the kangaroo costume, you can go a few different ways with your koala costume. You can either wear grey trousers and a long-sleeved grey shirt or t-shirt with a koala mask (the mask is available from CostumeBox) or you can grab your trusty sewing machine, plenty of grey velours or faux fur material and create your own unique koala costume. 

5. Pink Flamingo costume


Another fabulous and hilarious Australia Day costume is a pink flamingo. We’re not sure why Aussies are so mad about pink flamingos, maybe it’s because we love to hate them! It could also be because a couple of million years ago flamingos actually lived in Australia, feeding on vast inland lakes that have since dried up. Aussies do love the underdogs!

For your fabulous flamingo costume, you are going to have to dredge up all your creativity! Bright pink is the order of the day, so a pink dress or tutu will do. Add one of CostumeBox’s flamingo hats and you have a good approximation of a pink flamingo! You can also buy some pink feathers and glue them on your pink dress if you really want to WOW everyone with your Australia Day costume!

6. Big banana costume

Aussies love their big fruits and the big banana is one of our favourites. Our affinity with bananas is most probably because we grow so many of them here, but also because they make awesome Australia Day themed costumes!

So for your banana costume, you will need lots of yellow material, sewn into a tube with a white lining. Cut the top part of the tube so it looks like you have peeled the banana (with the white lining showing), and attach a white short-sleeved t-shirt, so you can actually wear the costume.

7. Aussie prawn costume


Aussies absolutely love their prawns and that’s no exaggeration, so why not an Aussie prawn for your Australia Day costume? You will probably get loads of jokes about throwing you on the barbie, but it’s a fun way to celebrate Australia Day with your friends. 

For your Aussie prawn costume, you need pink or orange material. Your best approach is to make a tube out of the material from your neck down to your thighs, joining the top and bottom edges, leaving from for your head, arms and legs. Next, you want to make a prawn tail that can be sewn or glued to the rear of the costume and a prawn hat with black eyes attached.

Now you know what to wear to an Australia Day party, if you need any more help, check out the CostumeBox vaults for more fun ideas for Australia Day themed costumes.


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