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Unforgettable Christmas Party Ideas: Where To Buy Christmas Decorations?

If you are searching for Christmas party ideas then you can’t forget all the beautiful Christmas decorations that will bring your home to life over the holidays. To start you on your decorating journey, you need to know where to buy Christmas decorations and then what decorations to buy, but you also need to know when do you put Christmas decorations up?

However lavish or simple your decorating style, we will answer all your questions about decorating for Christmas, including table decorations and outdoor Christmas decorations. So let’s get started!

When do you put Christmas decorations up?

When do you put Christmas decorations up

Traditionally, the Christmas tree is put up at the beginning of Advent, which is the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Some people, however, like to put their decorations up on the first day of December, others 12 days before Christmas (the 12 days of Christmas?) and even others wait until Christmas Eve.

When do you take down your Christmas decorations?

Some people take them down as early as Boxing Day, whilst others wait until January 1st. Yet others wait until 12 days after Christmas because the Feast of Epiphany marks the official end of Christmas. There’s no hard and fast rule about taking down Christmas decorations, so it’s really up to you, just don’t leave it too long!

Where to buy Christmas decorations?

There are endless places where you can buy Christmas decorations, including at CostumeBox. You can also buy decorations at lots of online websites, as well as stores at your local shopping centre. You can also make your own DIY decorations. Many people not only decorate the inside of their homes, but they also buy outdoor Christmas decorations. Sometimes these are for their back patio and alfresco areas, but they can often be used to create fabulous Christmas scenes in their front yards. Christmas table decorations are also another good buy, as a beautifully styled table is perfect for Christmas lunch with family and friends.

Indoor Christmas decorations 

DIY candelabra: This is a very easy and creative way to create a beautiful Christmas display inside your home. You need to fill three long-stemmed wine glasses with Christmas baubles, and they can be the same colours or different colours. Then turn them upside down on top of a round dinner-sized plate mirror. Place a lit wide base candle on the upturned base of each candle and you have a wonderful Christmas decoration that’s reflected around the room.

Christmas ribbons: Buy lots of wide red ribbon from your local craft shop and cut it into 1 m or 1.5 m lengths. Wrap each strip of ribbon around the back of your dining chairs, tying a big bow on the backs. The ribbons can then drape down the chair backs, bringing everything together, even if your chairs don’t match! You can also use gold, silver or white ribbons if these suit your décor better. When you are searching for Christmas party ideas, sometimes the simple options are best!


Christmas chandeliers: If you have a large and ornate chandelier in your dining room, why not give it some Christmas glamour? You can use ribbons, tinsel and baubles to create a wreath-like decoration with beautiful baubles dangling underneath and above the table. Place some red Poinsettias in pots around the room and you have a very simple, but sophisticated decorating idea.

Christmas table decorations

Christmas table decorations

Black and gold themes: Gold cutlery, gold candlesticks and gold baubles scattered around the table, highlighted with black serviettes and dinnerware is an elegant way to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. You could also use white and gold plate ware, if black is too dominating, and just use the black accents for the serviettes and name cards. Tying gold or even white ribbons around the chairs and wrapping them in big bows (as described above) is also another simple way to create wonderful Christmas table decorations.

wite-and-gold christmas themes

Winter wonderland themes: There’s nothing quite like white to make you feel all Christmassy! So what about a white theme for your table? A white tablecloth with gold accents, gold cutlery, white plate ware, white candles, serviettes and roses on the table will create a calming ambience that is not only creative but the height of sophistication. This theme is also worth remembering when you are looking for high-end Christmas party ideas!

Crimson delight themes: Whilst you might not want your entire table crimson, it’s a wonderful accent colour for your Christmas table. Start with a pure white linen tablecloth, topped with white and crimson striped placemats, placing a crimson plate at each setting, followed by a pure white plate on top. Tie each white serviette in a crimson ribbon and place crimson roses as your centrepiece with a few white, gold and crimson baubles floating freely on the table. Christmas decorations don’t come any easier than this!

crimson tableware

Outdoor Christmas decorations

Porch decorations: Festooning your front porch with festive decorations is a wonderful way to welcome guests to your home. Use just one colour theme for a sophisticated ambience, whether that’s red and green, gold, silver or white. Dress up a Christmas tree to one side of your front door, add a wreath to the door, and a collection of lanterns on the other side for a lovely welcoming Christmas display.

Porch decorations wreath

Patio decorations: Wrap the upright poles of your patio in tinsel, string fairy lights under the patio roof, and a golden wreath on the door. Consider setting up a roaring fire pit and roasting marshmallows (even if it is 30 degrees!), and set your outdoor dining table with beautiful Christmas decorations. Truly an outdoor wonderland for Christmas!

Front lawn decorations: For your front garden extravaganza you can go simple with strings of fairy lights and leave it like that. On the other hand, you can go really crazy and put up reindeers, Christmas trees and a Santa in his sleigh. Another great idea is kangaroos and koalas in the snow with Santa on his sleigh and a few reindeer dotted around. There are so many different outdoor Christmas decorations that you won’t have any problems creating a wonderful display for everyone in your neighbourhood this year!

Front lawn decorations

Now you know where to buy Christmas decorations, don’t forget to check out CostumeBox for lots of fabulous Christmas costumes, decorations and Christmas party ideas!


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