7 Best Christmas Costumes For Adults This Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to party! Memorable parties need fun costumes and CostumeBox has all the Christmas costumes for adults that are needed to make these holidays truly spectacular. Whether you want an elf costume, Santa suit or a Christmas tree costume, we have tons of fabulous Christmas costume ideas!

Where to buy Christmas costumes

If you want to know where to buy Christmas costumes, you can’t go wrong with the CostumeBox vaults. We have so many awesome Christmas costume ideas, we are fit to bursting and can’t wait to share them all with you! So if you need costumes for a Christmas party or you just want to dress up and have some fun with family and friends, let’s take a look at seven of the best costume ideas for Christmas fun and frivolity!

How to make a Christmas costume

If you are into crafts, you can most probably make any costumes you need, so we’ll take a look at seven of the easiest DIY costumes to create at home and then we’ll see what Christmas costumes for adults we have in the CostumeBox vaults!

1. Christmas angels

angel costumes

Angels are indicative of the Christmas spirit and they are a beautiful costume to wear at Christmas. Your kids will love to see you dressing up as an angel over Christmas, and just think about the photo ops! For your angel costume, you need to start with a long white dress or nightgown and two wings made from white cardboard (you can also buy them online). Add some glitter and tinsel to the wings (you can also glue feathers on them), punch a hole into each wing and thread them with white ribbon to keep them together. Then bring the ends of the ribbons over your shoulders, across your chest and then tied behind your waist. Now you know how to make a Christmas costume for the holidays!

2. Santa’s elves

elf costume

An elf costume is easy to put together, particularly if you head to your local charity shop. Elves love wearing bright festive colours, so look for red, yellow or green leggings, trousers, t-shirts, waistcoats and socks. You also want an elf hat, which you can buy online for less than $20. Put it all together with some tinsel and red rosy cheeks and you have the perfect elf costume for Christmas!

3. Santa suit

santa costume

There are plenty of ideas online for a DIY Santa suit, but you can start with a red pair of track pants and a red dressing gown. Buy some faux fur from your local craft store and glue it to the hem of the robe, cuffs, collar and down the front of the robe. Cut off the track pants at mid-calf and add faux fur around the hems as well. Now you need a pair of black boots, a wide black belt with a silver buckle, a Santa hat and a long white beard. You can buy the white hair and beard from CostumeBox, as well as the wide Santa belt. There ends your Santa suit lesson!

4. Snowflake costume

Still looking for Christmas costumes for adults? There’s nothing like being a snowflake at Christmas for bringing gales of laughter from your mates. This is another easy costume to DIY at home because all you need is a very large piece of white cardboard from your craft shop. It needs to be large enough to go from your knees to above your head for about 30cm and be wider than your outstretched arms. With this cardboard on hand, grab some scissors and cut out a snowflake design so that it looks like a piece of lace. Make sure you have a hole towards the top for your face and two holes for your arms to poke through. Make two small holes around the waist area and run through some white ribbon that is tied behind your waist. Then stick your head and arms through the holes and you have the perfect snowflake costume! Another of our fabulously easy Christmas costume ideas!

5. Snowman costumes

For the ladies, all you need is a white tutu with attached long-sleeved scoop-necked top (easily bought online). Then glue three big black buttons or pompoms to the front, wear white stockings or leggings and you are nearly done. The crowning glory of your snowman suit is a top hat, which you can find online at CostumeBox or in a charity shop (or you can DIY a hat with black felt and cardboard). Still, need more inspiration to create your own Christmas costumes for adults?

6. Reindeer costume

reindeer costume

What about being a reindeer for a day? This costume will bring gales of laughter from everyone, but that’s what you want at Christmas! Start with a dark brown singlet and make two big eyes using black and white felt, gluing them onto the front of the singlet. Next, you need a big red ball for the nose, but you could cover a ball in red felt and then staple this felt to the singlet to keep it in place. Now you need the antlers, so for this, you need a light brown or beige long-sleeved t-shirt worn underneath the singlet, so that your arms become the antlers. Fill some light brown socks with odd material or anything that makes them firm and staple them to the outside of your arms (three on each arm should do it). When you wave your arms up and down, it looks like the antlers are moving! Dress your friend up in a Santa suit and wrap a harness around your neck and you are good to go!

7. Christmas tree costume

christmas-tree costume

For another very simple DIY costume, start with a dark green, long-sleeved t-shirt and glue tinsel all the way around from the hem to your chest. Run the same tinsel around your arms from wrists to shoulders, add some baubles and when you lift your arms above your head into a point – you look like a Christmas tree! We have lots of great Christmas costume ideas!

Christmas costume ideas from the CostumeBox vaults

If you don’t fancy making your own DIY Christmas costumes for adults, but want to know where to buy Christmas costumes, then check out the CostumeBox vaults. We have Santa suits, elf suits, Christmas tree costumes, gift package costumes, candy costumes, reindeer costumes and much more!


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