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A Guide To Cool Stars Wars Gifts For Christmas [2019]

Are you searching for unique gifts this Christmas? Something different and a little quirky that will make everyone’s eyes light up? Well, how about a selection of cool Star Wars gifts? If any of your friends or relatives love this movie franchise, then they will be over the moon with our selection of Star Wars Christmas gifts. So let’s get this party started and may the force be with you!

1. Black series wing pilot helmet

Black series wing pilot helmet

This very realistic collector’s edition Poe Dameron X-Wing pilot helmet is sure to thrill all Star Wars lovers! Inspired by the Last Jedi, the Black Series wing pilot helmet even plays realistic battle sounds and operation communications with a surround sound experience. Wearing this helmet, kids and adults can imagine themselves soaring into battle with the resistance. Flip down the polarising visor and use the speech projector to command your units in battle! This is the first of our gift ideas for Star Wars fans and it’s awesome!

2. Star Wars BB-8

Star Wars BB-8

If you are searching for Star Wars gifts, this is the cutest little robot in the whole movie franchise! Created to a 1/6scale and standing just under 11 cm in height the Star Wars BB-8 comes with multiple accessories including a claw, lighter and bolt spinner. It can also keep itself upright, and its eyes light up. Any fan will love to add BB-8 to their Star Wars memorabilia this Christmas.

3. Rey figurine Star Wars collection

Rey figurine Star Wars collection

This Rey Pop figurine makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection! Heralding from thirty years after the Battle of Endor, new heroes awaken to bring order to the Force, and one of the newest characters is Rey, a survivor of the harsh desert world known as Jakku. Along with BB-8, she battles the dark forces to help strengthen the force and win peace for the First Order. This classic figurine Star Wars collection is a great find!

4. Death Star watch

Death Star watch

This limited edition Citizen watch uses the Death Star as the background to the dial and its luminous green design actually glows in the dark. As one of the most practical of our gift ideas for Star Wars fans, this is a high-quality watch with eco-drive technology, powered by light not batteries. With a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, this Death Star watch is the ideal gift for all Star Wars fans this Christmas.

5. Star Wars desk lamp

Star Wars desk lamp

This officially licensed Star Wars memorabilia is a fabulous practical gift for die-hard fans. It does herald from the USA so you will need an international plug adapter to make it work here, but it’s worth it! Standing 40cm high and with a sturdy base, this Star Wars desk lamp will look fabulous on a desk or bedside table. Another one of our cool Star Wars gifts!

6. R2-D2 skate or bike helmet kit

R2-D2 skate or bike helmet kit

Designed for kids aged between 3 to 5 years of age, the R2-D2 helmet comes with Darth Vader knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. It’s ideal for bikes, scooters or skateboards, and not only keeps your kids safe but is also the height of Star Wars fashion! If your child is a big Star Wars fan, then this R2-D2 helmet set will go down a treat this Christmas.

7. Funko POP! Yoda collectable figure

Funko POP! Yoda collectable figure

If your friend, relative or child collects Star Wars memorabilia, then this Yoda figurine Star Wars collection makes the perfect stocking filler. Standing at just under 10cm tall, this Yoda bobblehead looks awesome on a shelf, desk or bedside table. Lots of kids and adults are Funko POP! collectors and this cute little Yoda bobblehead is one of our favourite Star Wars Christmas gifts.

8. Littlebits Star Wars droid inventor kit

Littlebits Star Wars droid inventor kit

Give your kids an education in building and coding with this littlebits Star Wars droid kit. It comes with a complete droid kit including all electronic blocks, droid parts, 9V battery and a free app. Your kids get to make their own missions and can even give the droid a personality. It requires a smart device, either an iPhone (iOS10 and above) or an Android to control the droid, and it’s easy enough for kids to put together themselves. You can’t get better than these Star Wars gifts for making Christmas the best ever!

9. X-Wing book and 3D model kit

X-Wing book and 3D model kit

If your big or little kid loves building their own models then this X-Wing kit is right up their alley. It’s a DIY paintable, customisable and collectable wooden toy model based on the Stars Wars movies. Once complete, your child has a freestanding wood model of an X-Wing fighter jet that will make them the envy of their friends!

10. Philips special edition BB-8 shaver

BB-8 Shaving Machine

Need more Star Wars gifts? Well, if your man needs a new shaver this Christmas, then the Philips SSW5700/07 electronic wet and dry shaver ticks all the boxes. It’s a special edition BB-8 shaver with rounded edges for a smoother finish, 27 rotating blades to cut hair from all angles and gives 50 minutes of continuous shaving time. It also comes with a click-on trimmer for moustaches and sideburns. The Philips BB-8 shaver makes a wonderful stocking filler for Christmas and is one of the most unusual Star Wars Christmas gifts!

11. XBOX Star Wars JEDI Fallen order


This deluxe edition of JEDI The Fallen Order is an immersive and combative fantasy game for all XBOX and Star Wars fans. As a fallen Padawan on the run from the evil Empire, you must complete your training before your plan to revive the Jedi order is discovered. Fight your way through ancient forests, wind scraped rocks and haunted jungles to escape and plot your revenge!

12. Blu-ray Star Wars complete movies

Blu-ray Star Wars complete movies

Every Star Wars fan would love to get their hands on the complete set of all 6 Star Wars movies! With over 40 hours of non-stop Star Wars epic action in stunning HD and the purest digital sound in the galaxy – this is the ultimate in Star Wars memorabilia. Get busy with the popcorn, turn off the lights and may the force be with you!


If you need even more gift ideas for Star Wars fans to check out our selection of Starwars gifts online, or why not give them the gift of a Star Wars costume? Check out the vaults at CostumeBox for some of the best Star Wars costumes in the galaxy!


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