The Uglier The Better! Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters [2019]

Have you always wanted an ugly Christmas sweater? Of course not! On the other hand, maybe your best friend or sibling could do with a funny Christmas sweater this year, so long as it’s pretty ugly as well! Just thinking of all the gifts you need to buy can be stressful as Christmas draws nearer, but buying sweaters is easy! 

Don’t worry about where to find Christmas sweaters right now, because we will get to that very shortly. Let’s think about something else first, and that’s why you might want an ugly sweater yourself this Christmas. It’s doubtful that a lack of fashion sense is the reason why you would want one of these sweaters, more likely it’s because you have been invited to an ugly sweater party and have no idea what to wear!

In Australia, we don’t wear sweaters very often, only those people who live in weird cold places like Tasmania or the highlands need to wear sweaters. So basically, most of us are sweater novices. Well, that’s all about to change! You no longer need to worry about what to wear to ugly sweater Christmas party, because we’ve got your back! 


Whether you want to buy an ugly or funny Christmas sweater for yourself or as an awesome gift for a friend or relative, we know where to find Christmas sweaters that are fabulously ugly and affordable. We also know how to make an ugly Christmas sweater, so if you are a whizz with the knitting needles or love DIY craft, we have you covered! 

Let’s move along, because time is getting short, and Christmas is coming! Here are five of the ugliest Christmas sweaters on the planet!

Where to buy an ugly Christmas sweater online


You can find just about anything online and after a quick search we didn’t come up empty-handed! We found lots of ugly sweaters that will be perfect as gifts or to wear to an ugly sweater party. Here are ten of the worst ones we found!

  1. T-Rexmas sweater: This polyester sweater is perfect as a gift or an ugly sweater party. The red and green colour scheme features a roaring T-Rex popping out of the jumper with dinosaur theme background. Add a T-Rex mask to your T-Rexmas Sweater and you have a really ugly and funny Christmas sweater! Available in a wide range of sizes, suitable for just about everyone.
  2. Women’s Christmas sweater: This Christmas tree sweater that will literally blind you with its ugliness. It’s a Christmas sweater that will light up women’s eyes!  This green sweater features a Christmas tree dress decorated with cats. Available in lots of sizes, this is the ultimate in ugly sweaters! So if you were wondering where to find Christmas sweaters, CostumeBox is the place to go
  3. Let’s get “Blitzen” reindeer sweater: Some things just keep getting better and better and this sweater ticks all the ugly boxes! Bright green with festive snowflakes and patterns around the sleeves, the cherry on top of the cake are the two reindeers cheers-ing, to add a bit of spice to your party. If you want ugly and tacky, then this is the sweater for you!
  4. Stuffed Moose sweater: OK. We thought we had scraped the barrel, but then we found a stuffed Moose sweater! Not for the faint-hearted, this ugly Christmas sweater is a lovely mix of red and white (very festive), but with the head of a Moose sticking out the front and the rear of a Moose sticking out the back. So it’s a 3D sweater! It sort of reminds us of the alien bursting out of someone’s chest, but more squeegee and furry. Shipping is cheap from the US and delivery is 7 to 12 days.

How to make an ugly Christmas sweater


If you can knit fast, then you can rustle up your own ugly Christmas sweater, and there are plenty of crazy patterns available online. On the other hand, if you can’t tell one end of a knitting needle from the other, but you still want to know how to make an ugly Christmas sweater  – here are three DIY ideas that can be whipped up in a day!

  1. Gaudy tinsel sweater: Dig out your oldest sweater, grab a glue gun and a whole swag of tinsel and get gluing! You want to cover the entire sweater in tinsel, even adding a few festive bows for good measure. If you don’t have an old sweater, just pop into your local charity store and you can pick one up for a few dollars.
  2. Tacky reindeer sweater: An old red sweater is perfect for this design, but you also need brown and beige coloured felt. Cut out the face of a reindeer in the brown felt and the antlers in the beige felt. Glue these to the front of the sweater, add a pair of eyes from the craft shop and a red bauble for the nose. Glue bits of tinsel, baubles and bows over the rest of the sweater and you have your very own ugly, but funny Christmas sweater!
  3. Christmas stocking sweater: Using an old green sweater, glue red tinsel in the shape of a stocking on the front with white tinsel for the cuff of the stocking. Add more red tinsel around the neck, hem and cuffs of the sweater and you have turned yourself into a gaudy Christmas stocking!

Now you know what to wear to ugly sweater Christmas party check out the festive ugly sweaters collection at CostumeBox because we have plenty of ideas for Christmas party costumes!


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