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7 Magical Disney Christmas Gift Ideas For Hardcore Disney Fans

Are you searching for Disney Christmas gift ideas? Kids, both big and small, love Disney, so anything that is stamped with a Disney theme will go down a treat! If you can’t indulge your kids with a holiday to Disney World quite yet, we have 7 fabulous Disney gift ideas for kids and everyone else who loves Disney!

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We have lots of ideas for the best Disney presents and stocking fillers that will bring a smile to every kid’s face this Christmas. They are all very affordable and can even be purchased online to make your shopping a breeze. So let’s get started with our awesome list of Disney gifts!

1. Disney gifts – Mickey Mouse Google Home Mini

google home mini

Do you have Google Home Mini or are you thinking of getting one for Christmas? It’s a voice-controlled speaker that can play music, answer trivia questions, control smart home devices, add items to a shopping list, set timers, locate your smartphone, play a video or create appointments on your calendar. It’s a great alternative to Google Home, because it’s cheaper, and is an easy way to introduce your family to the world of smart gadgets. The Mickey Mouse Google Home Mini is one of the best Disney gifts and is sure to delight your kids this Christmas. It comes with a red base stand and Mickey Mouse ears, so it resembles Mickey Mouse and looks fabulous!

2. Disney gifts for girls – Minnie Mouse girl’s handbag

minnie handbag

One of the perfect Disney gifts for girls (big or little), this genuine leather handbag looks like Minnie Mouse! It’s a very upmarket version of Minnie Mouse however, that’s loaded with style. It’s a canteen-style handbag crafted with a mix of black leather and faux leather. One side features a picture of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse kissing on a cream background and the other side features an artistic depiction of Minnie Mouse’s face in black and red. Faux leather Minnie Mouse ears attached to the top of the bag, zippered closure and long cross-body straps complete this funky, but enchanting Minnie Mouse handbag. If you are looking for Disney Christmas gift ideas, this has to be on your list!

3. Best Disney presents – Everything I need to know I learned from a Disney Little Golden Book


For someone who loves Disney and reading, this is the ideal book! It’s also perfect for anyone who seems to have lost the magic in their life and could do with a little top up! Reading this book brings a childlike wonder back into your and turns your frown upside down! Geared more towards adult Disney fans who need an extra bit of sparkle in their lives, this book is one of the best Disney presents for adults, providing many inspirational stories, as well as being a book that can be handed down through the generations. Everything I need to know I learned from a Disney Little Golden Book – check it out today because it makes a fabulous stocking filler!

4. Disney princess gift set – Tara Toy Necklace Activity


Every little princess will jump for joy with this fabulous Disney Princess Gift Set, perfect for making their own necklaces! It comes with enough beads and charms to make five unique necklaces and they are very easy to create. Designed for 3 years and over, the beads and charms are slid onto the silicon strands, and your little one can mix and match the beads and charms to create lots of different designs. Everything is stored neatly away in the carry box, so none of the beads or charms can become lost. There are also 10 different designs: Princess, Barbie, Frozen 2, JoJo, Minnie Mouse, My Little Pony, Spirit, Sunny Day, Sweetimals, and Trolls. Kids will have oodles of fun with this Disney Princess Gift Set – check it out!

5. Disney gifts for girls – Beauty and the Beast Earrings


For girls with pierced ears, these fabulous Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Earrings are the perfect stocking filler. This Beauty and the beast stud even has a beautiful red rose that makes wonderful Disney gifts for girls! These Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Earrings are adorable and will make any little girl’s Christmas and Disney dreams come true!

6. Disney gift ideas for kids & adults – Short-sleeved Disney t-shirts

T-shirts are always a great gift for Christmas and there are plenty of awesome options available online. Made from preshrunk 100% cotton, check out the lovely Lion King t-shirt or the Frozen t-shirt, both available in a large range of sizes, so that everyone can have their very own Disney t-shirt – one the best Disney gift ideas for kids and adults this Christmas. These official Disney t-shirts make the perfect Disney gifts for girls and boys! There’s even a Moana t-shirt, Mickey Mouse t-shirt, Aristocrats, Cinderella and a Goofy t-shirt. So many wonderful choices!

7. Disney Christmas gift ideas – Lion King Monopoly Game


Looking for even more Disney Christmas gift ideas? Why not buy a gift for all the family this Christmas? Everyone loves Monopoly, so it’s the perfect gift, but what makes it even better is it’s a Lion King Monopoly game! For Disney lovers, this is the ultimate game this Christmas and should be on your list of awesome Disney gift ideas for kids – keeping everyone happy and occupied for hours on end. Players move around the Monopoly board, buying Prime Land properties, and following Simba’s exciting journey. It’s perfect for ages 8 and up, and comes with a Pride Rock Music Unit and six token characters from the Lion King – the kids can choose which character from the Lion King they want to be in the game (Timon, Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Pumbaa or Scar). So isn’t it time your family got together this Christmas and celebrated this enchanting Disney movie with a wonderful game of Lion King Monopoly?

Do you need more Disney gift ideas for kids? Why not treat your kids to their very own Disney character costume this Christmas? Check out the fabulous range of Disney costumes and Disney gifts at CostumeBox and make your little one’s dreams come true!


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