How To Plan A Movember Party: 5 Movember Party Ideas

What is Movember? Let’s start by asking whether you are interested in fundraising? Maybe you have considered participating in fundraising, but you aren’t sure where to start? Have you previously raised funds for a few charities and are looking for another worthy cause? Well, have you considered raising funds for Movember?

Let’s take a look at what Movember represents and then at some of the fabulous Movember party ideas to help you to organise your own event. Last, we will investigate all the Movember party supplies you need to pull off a memorable event!

What is Movember?


Movember is a fundraising event that lasts for the month of November every year and is a play on the words Moustache and November. It’s a worldwide event that raises awareness of men’s health problems, specifically prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Money is raised by sponsoring men to grow a moustache for the whole of November with the express aim of supporting both research and men’s health initiatives. In 2018, $29 million was raised in Australia, but we can do better this year! So if anyone asks you – what is Movember? You will know exactly what to say!

What is the Movember Foundation?

The Movember Foundation was founded in 2003 by Adam Garone, Travis Garone, Luke Slattery and Justin Coughlin in Melbourne, Australia. Its aim was to support men’s health by raising money for charity and they focused on one type of event  – growing moustaches. Three years later they became an official charity in Australia and are currently, the leading charity dedicated to raising awareness and funds for men’s health. The Movember Foundation’s mission is to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%, by the year 2030, and they have already funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects around the world.

How can you help support this charity?


If you want to support the Movember Foundation, you can simply donate to their charity or you can take part in their annual event. Finding sponsors at work is a great idea, particularly if you can get together with a group of other men and you all grow moustaches for Movember! Think of the money you can raise for this worthy charity! Your best option is to call a meeting of everyone at work and ask people to participate – the men growing moustaches and the ladies and their families sponsoring the event (even wearing fake moustaches!). Next, you need to contact as many people outside of work to sponsor all the participating men, because the more sponsors, the more money is raised.

Next you need to organise a few rules, because if the participants can’t shave during Movember, then surely they need to be clean-shaven on November 1st? What about people who want to participate, but don’t want to shave off their moustache on November 1st?  This problem is easily fixed by simply being a little flexible. 

For example, every participant needs to pay an entry fee, which can be as little as $20 (as this increases the money collected). For someone who doesn’t want to shave their moustache on November 1st and be clean-shaven at the start of Movember, you could ask them to pay $40. Another fundraising strategy is to set a goal for every participant, hoping they will go out of their way to find sponsors to reach this goal. For example, you could ask each participant to raise at least $100, and award a prize to the people who reach this goal and to the person who raises the most money.

Essentially, at the end of Movember, everyone gets together and has a party! This is where the moustaches are judged and eventually shaved off (unless the participant is too attached to their moustache). However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, because we need to look at the month-long arrangements that culminate in this fabulous Movember party.

Essentially, you need to put together some awesome Movember party ideas, but let’s start with the weekly catch-ups! In the true spirit of making every event the best party ever, it’s a fabulous idea for all participants and as many sponsors as possible to meet up at the end of every week during Movember. The purpose of these meetings is to keep everyone motivated, admiring all the moustaches grown so far, and ribbing those who aren’t doing so well, but it’s done with a friendly, party atmosphere.

These weekly mutual admiration events are a good excuse to meet at the local pub, club or restaurant and compare notes over a drink and a meal. It also helps to keep everyone engaged with Movember, both participants and sponsors, because after all, you want to raise as much money as possible! At the end of Movember however, it’s the big finale, so let’s take a look at how to organise this final event.

1. Organising your end of Movember bash


First of all, you are going to need a panel of judges, because there has to be a winner! You could find the winner by the ‘clap method’, but a panel of judges makes it much more exciting. So you need to arrange for these judges to be present on the final day for the judgement! None of the judges can be participants, but they all need to wear fake moustaches on the day in support of the participants. You can purchase a fake moustache set online from CostumeBox and there are plenty of fun options available.

Of course, there doesn’t have to be just one winner, you can have lots of fun categories! For example, there’s the pencil-thin moustache and the horseshoe moustache, as well as the gunslinger, pyramid, Hulk Hogan and handlebar moustaches. However, don’t forget to organise these categories at the beginning of Movember, so that all the participants can pick their category, although they can change it if their moustache doesn’t grow to plan. So now that you have the categories and judges organised, it’s time to organise the party!

2. Movember party supplies

movember-party supplies

Your Movember party supplies need to include food, drinks and even decorations – it all depends on how far you want to take your party and your budget. You can organise to have your party at a local club, pub or restaurant or hold it in the lunchroom at work. If you decide to host your own Movember party, then let’s take a look at the supplies you will need.

3. Movember party food 

Whilst the food for your Movember party needs to be manly, you can also include a few fun foods as well, particularly if there will be children at the party. So for example, you can cut out moustaches in coloured cardboard and slip them over plastic straws and then pop these straws into drinks, use moustache moulds to make fun chocolates, or cut slices of watermelon and sandwiches into moustaches using cookie cutters purchased online. 

You can cook cupcakes and use icing to add a chocolate moustache to each cake or bake an entire cake in the shape of a moustache! Once you have done all you can to create some fun moustache party foods, it’s time to provide some firm favourites, such as sausage rolls or meat pie finger foods, cheese platters, and even a BBQ with steaks, ribs and sausages. Another thought is to brew up some hot chocolate, covering the top of the hot chocolate with lashings of whipped cream – giving everyone a whipped cream moustache!

4. Movember party drinks

Of course, you can have the usual beer, wine and soft drink staples, but since Movember is all about men, maybe you need some manly drinks? Scotch, rum and brandy come to mind, but what about some cocktails? You could put together the Burt Reynolds made with spiced rum and butter ripple schnapps, Don’t Touch My Moustache that’s made with coconut rum, grenadine and pineapple juice or the Moustache Ride made with gin and coke!

Then you have whiskey cocktails, for example, the Manhattan with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters, the Old-Fashioned with whiskey, bitters, sugar and a slice of orange, or Whiskey Sour with whiskey, lemon juice and syrup. If you want to try your hand at rum cocktails, then try the Mojito with rum, mint, lime, sugar and soda, a Daiquiri with rum, lime juice and syrup or the Tiki made with light and dark rum, passion fruit, orange and lime juice, and syrup and grenadine. There are so many wonderful cocktails you can make, but these should give you enough inspiration to get you started!

5. Movember party decorations

Your Movember party supplies must include fake moustaches for everyone to wear (anyone who hasn’t grown a moustache for Movember), but also don’t forget to make or buy some carnival moustache drinking straws and moustache patterned balloons. Then you have your moustache cupcakes, moustache invitations and napkins, comic moustaches on a stick, and pennants of black moustaches hung around the room.

With all these Movember party ideas, you shouldn’t have any problems pulling together your own Movember party! Shop at CostumeBox for all your Movember party decorations


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