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Frozen Party Ideas: How To Plan A Frozen Themed Party

Are you searching for Frozen party ideas? The animated movie Frozen, released in 2013 by Walt Disney Pictures, is a musical fantasy film that won two Academy Awards and is loved by children worldwide. Just thinking of this movie brings to mind the now-famous song Let It Go, which actually won a Grammy Award!

So it’s no surprise that your kids love this movie, leaving you struggling to find out how to plan a Frozen themed party! Well, don’t worry, because we have everything you need! From lots of ideas to create a Frozen costume for your child to how to make Frozen party decorations and even where to buy Frozen party supplies. So let’s get started right away!

How to plan a Frozen themed party


We have lots of Frozen party ideas ready and waiting for you, starting with the invitations, then moving onto selecting the right costume for your child. Next, we look at Frozen party decorations, then games that will entertain the kids, and lastly where to buy your Frozen party supplies.

Cool Frozen invitations


Every party begins with the invitations, and if you are good with crafts, you might decide to create your own Frozen inspired invitations. All you need to do is to select one character or a scene from the movie and use it for the design of the invitations, photocopying the same design onto multiple invitations. You can also create invitations in the shape of a snowflake or Olaf the snowman! If you aren’t very good at crafts or simply don’t have the time (or enthusiasm!), then you can purchase Frozen invitations online or in the stores. An example of an online store that sells these invitations is Etsy, but you can always check out Big W in your local shopping centre. Purchased options are very inexpensive and may be exactly what you need!

Fabulous ideas for a Frozen costume

Fabulous ideas for a Frozen costume

Obviously, the most well-known characters in Frozen are Princess Elsa of Arandelle and Olaf the animated snowman. Princess Elsa has magic powers that let her create and control ice and snow, whilst Olaf is an innocent and friendly snowman who accompanies Princess Elsa on her adventures. There are plenty of other lovable characters, all perfect for your kid’s Frozen costume at their party. So if you like DIY projects, let’s take a look at how you can put together some of these wonderful costumes!

Princess Elsa costume

Princess Elsa costume

For your Princess Elsa costume, you will need a few metres of material in ice blue. Your first option is to buy some silk and lace in ice blue and create a long-sleeved dress with a train. If that sounds totally OTT for you, then consider an ice blue colour tutu topped with a puffy-sleeved white top. Adding some glittery sparkle to the top and tutu will give you a very good copy of a Princess Elsa gown.

Of course, if you really don’t have the time or enthusiasm to design your own Princess Elsa costume, you can explore the options at CostumeBox. We have a number of different Princess Elsa gowns, so you will easily find one that suits your little girl, as well as a Princess Elsa wig! Let it Go and enjoy yourself!

Olaf the snowman costume

Olaf the snowman costume

This might be your very first snowman costume! We don’t see many snowmen in Australia, but Olaf is the exception! To create this wonderful costume you will need lots of white material! The best strategy is to start with white trousers because the top part of the costume will take a bit more work. For the top of the snowman, you will need to make a big padded white roll around the tummy and one around the chest. A white waistcoat that’s too big for your child might be a good starting point because then you can glue the padding inside the waistcoat.

Add three big black buttons down the front and find a long-sleeved black t-shirt to wear under the vest and you are nearly there! The last part of your Olaf costume is to create the head, which can be as simple as an orange carrot shape attached to their nose and tied with a string behind their head, along with three sticks glued to a headband (if you have seen images of Olaf – you know what we mean!). However, if the mere thought of all this work makes you go weak at the knees, then it’s CostumeBox to the rescue! We can make light work of your child’s Frozen costume!

Princess Anna costume

Princess Anna costume

Princess Anna of Arendelle is the younger sister of Princess Elsa, who sets out to save her sister when she exiles herself after accidentally sending Arandelle into an eternal winter. Whilst Elsa is usually portrayed in ice blue, her sister Anna is generally seen in darker blues, greens and pink or purple. This colour palette gives you lots of options for where to start with your DIY costume, but essentially you want a pretty evening dress and cloak or a tutu dress. Think about dark-blue for the dress and pink or purple for the cloak or you could opt for a brown dress and purple cloak. There are also some fabulous options for a Princess Anna costume at CostumeBox because we have some of the best Frozen party ideas!

Kristoff the Iceman

Kristoff the Iceman

Kristoff is an ice harvester who lives with his reindeer called Sven, and despite liking his solitary lifestyle, he helps Princess Anna find her sister (Princess Elsa) when she exiles herself. For a Kristoff costume you need to focus on earthy brown – brown boots, ¾ trousers, waistcoat and a long-sleeved t-shirt. You can most probably source most of these items in your local charity shop, otherwise – guess what! CostumeBox has the perfect Kristoff costume in their Frozen collection, just waiting for your little boy!

How to make Frozen party decorations

How to make Frozen party decorations

Now that you have your child’s costume organised, it’s time to turn your head towards the Frozen party decorations you will need to create an authentic rendition of the Kingdom of Arandelle. No party is complete without some fabulous decorations, so knowing how to make Frozen party decorations is going to make your party truly memorable! 

The whole idea of a Frozen party is to create an ice cave or ice palace, so focus on ice blue and white as your primary colours. You can cover the food table with an ice blue tablecloth (CostumeBox also has a lovely Frozen table cover), and lay it with white or light blue plates, goblets (or Frozen paper cups from CostumeBox), and silver coloured cutlery. You can even hang a Frozen scene setter on one of the walls and take photos of each child in front of this scene, giving the photos to each child as mementos when they leave at the end of the party.

frozen landscape

Hang Frozen swirl decorations from the ceiling, string ice blue and white coloured balloons around the room, and spray fake snow on some of these balloons, and give each child a Frozen party hat to wear. Then there’s glitter decorations that can be strung across the room, frosty hanging fan decorations, paper lanterns, pennant banners, snowflake cutouts and snowflake garlands. There are so many ideas for Frozen party decorations that you won’t have any difficulties pulling it all together for your child’s party!

What about games for your Frozen party?

frozen olaf party game ideas

No party is complete without games to keep the kids entertained, but how do you create Frozen party games? It’s easy! Let’s take a look at three simple Frozen party ideas that will give you the inspiration to create your own Frozen inspired games.

Pin the nose on Olaf


Just the same as ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, you need a big picture of Olaf without his carrot nose, and then blindfolds for the kids and carrot noses that can be pinned onto Olaf. The kids will have lots of fun trying to pin the carrot nose on Olaf!

Snowball treasure hunt


Just like an Easter egg hunt, you can hide snowballs (wads of cotton balls or golf balls) around the house or garden. Give each child a little basket and let them loose to find as many of these snowballs as they can. The child who collects the most snowballs wins a prize.

Splat the snowballs


The aim of this game is for each child to stomp on everyone else’s snowballs while protecting their own snowball. The snowballs are white balloons tied with a piece of string to their ankle, so you can imagine how much fun they will have trying to stomp all the other snowballs! The winner has the one remaining intact snowball.

Where to buy Frozen party supplies

Where to buy Frozen party supplies

Now you know how to plan a Frozen themed party, you also need to know where to buy Frozen party supplies!

Never fear, because CostumeBox has you covered! We have everything you need to create the perfect Frozen themed party for your child, including costumes, tableware and decorations! Make it happen and enjoy the smile of your child’s face when you pull it off!


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