Stand-Out Racecourse Styling Tips & 10 Funny Melbourne Cup Outfits

Do you have your Melbourne Cup outfits ready for the race that stops a nation? That’s what Aussies call the Melbourne Cup held at the Flemington Racecourse on the first Tuesday in November! It’s the day when Australia holds its breath, makes a bet and parties in style!

To help you join the club and look the part for the day, we have some of the best Melbourne Cup fashion and costume ideas! With our tips, you will look the height of spring racing fashion, but with a unique twist! From hats and accessories to dresses and shoes for the ladies, and suits (even OppoSuits), shirts and separates for the gentlemen. We even take a look at funny outfits, including a horse costume and jockey costume for the truly insane partygoers! Everything is happening at CostumeBox this Melbourne Cup Day!

Stylish Melbourne Cup Outfits for ladies


If you want to be the height of fashion this Melbourne Cup Day and attract all the right attention you need to have fun with your outfit, whilst staying within the etiquette guidelines. So let’s take a look at these stylish fashion principles and then explore some of the more comedic and less-stylish, but equally fun Melbourne Cup costume ideas for the party-goers!

Melbourne Cup hat and fascinator ideas


The Melbourne Cup is all about hats and fascinators! What are fascinators? They are those striking millinery headpieces worn on the left side of the head and tilted slightly forwards, embellished with feathers, netting and glittery decorations. There are some fabulous fascinators available online, you just have to look! Whether you want a demure and minimalist headpiece or a floral extravagance, maybe silk and net hat with a large brim and adorned with feathers? When you match your fascinator with the perfect dress, you will be the belle of the ball!

Melbourne Cup dress ideas


With a flamboyant hat or fascinator, you might want your dress to be more demure so that you can make a statement with your headpiece. It’s a good idea to match the colours of your headpiece with your dress, but after that, you can go demure or extravagant, it’s up to you! So focus on vibrant colours with a hint of adventure and boldness, even going so far as to be considered daring or adventurous and playful. After all, the Melbourne Cup is all about taking risks and coming out on top, so it’s time to push the fashion stakes and make your mark!

Melbourne Cup shoe and handbag ideas

Shoes are a girl’s dream come true and you can go all out on selecting the most stylish and fashionable shoes for the day. One caveat, however (which no-one ever listens to!), is to wear shoes that are comfortable, because you will be on your feet all day. Another is to have heels that won’t sink into the grass. Unfortunately, no woman has ever believed that comfort and practicality should out-weigh fashion and style!

A few more Melbourne Cup costume ideas include matching the colour and style of your shoes to your headwear. So if your fascinator or hat is brightly coloured or extravagant and your dress more demure, then select shoes that are as colourful and vibrant as your headwear. On the other hand, if your dress is colourful and flamboyant and your headwear more demure, select a more modest colour and style for your shoes. You don’t want your hat or fascinator, dress and shoes to clash or your whole ensemble will be a fashion disaster!

Regarding your handbag, always opt for a small over the shoulder style or a clutch purse, either matching your shoes or in the same tonal range. Add a pair of Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s sunglasses and elbow-length silk gloves and you will be the fashion guru of the day!

Funny Melbourne Cup costume ideas for ladies


If you are the type of girl who thumbs her nose at fashion and wants to make her mark on Melbourne Cup Day, then a funny costume is just the ticket! We have lots of fabulous costumes for Melbourne Cup Day, but here are five that might suit your style on the day.

  1. Jockey costume: Every girl dreams of owning their own pony, so why not dress up as a jockey for the day? At CostumeBox, we have the perfect jockey costumes with hats and riding crops for ladies, adding an element of fun and frivolity to the day.
  2. Flapper costume: You can’t go past the 1920s flappers for fun, frivolity and serious attention to partying! We have a fabulous range of flapper costumes that will make your eyes pop! Anyone of these costumes will take the fashion stakes to the next level on Melbourne Cup Day, so don’t be shy, be awesome!
  3. Marge Simpson costume: Did someone say fun! If you want to go all out on Melbourne Cup Day, you can’t go wrong with a Marge Simpson costume! Just imagine tall blue hair that reaches to the heavens and a long-sleeved tubular dress in fetching lime green and yellow! Add orange shoes and a bauble necklace and you will be the belle of the day!

Stylish Melbourne Cup Outfits for gentlemen


For gentlemen, Melbourne Cup Day is an excuse to dress up and explore their inner fashion guru in a way that they wouldn’t consider at any other time. There are guidelines, however, because drab and boring business suits are a fashion disaster! If you want to make a statement at the racecourse, opt for a lightweight tailored suit that fits well, but doesn’t look structured and rigid. Light colours are the flavour of the day and your suit should drape comfortably, rather than be tight fitting. Separates are also an option for Melbourne Cup Day with a patterned blazer, white shirt and light or pastel coloured trousers.

You could also choose a trendy block colour for your blazer, matched with a tonal patterned shirt and block colour tie (highlighting the colour of your blazer) and light-coloured trousers. You don’t want any colour clashes with your ensemble, so opt for leather Oxfords or Loafers for your shoes. The final touch is a patterned pocket square that doesn’t clash with or match your tie but adds a certain elegance and vibrancy to your outfit.

Funny Melbourne Cup costume ideas for gentlemen


When a gang of men get together for a day at the races, they either dress to impress or go in the complete opposite direction! Funny costumes seem to attract men on Melbourne Cup Day, so let’s take a look at some comic examples from CostumeBox that will go down a treat on the day!

  1. OppoSuits: If you want a suit, but don’t want a boring business suit, then OppoSuits are the solution! These crazy suits are the opposite of boring and are worn by gentlemen who want to impress, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Whether patterned or plain, we have a vibrant collection of awesome OppoSuits ready for the discerning racegoer. We even have OppoSuit combinations that include short sleeve jackets and shorts!
  2. Jockey costume: How can you not dress up as a jockey on Melbourne Cup Day? At CostumeBox we have arranged of colourful outfits, making it easy for you to select the right jockey costume for an amazingly fun-filled day at the racecourse. 
  3. Horse costume: If you want a cool costume, you can’t get any more comic than dressing up as a horse! Our inflatable Ride ‘Em Cowboy costume is an absolute hoot, but you can always wear your suit matched with a horse mask, removing it when you need to impress someone at the bar!

If you need more inspiration for Melbourne Cup outfits this year, check out the mob at CostumeBox and look forward to a memorable day at the races!


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