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10 Tips And Tricks To Turn Any Costume Into A Zombie Halloween Costume

Do you want to know how to make your own Zombie costume? The best Zombie costumes have lots and lots of blood, so your main focus needs to be on your makeup and how to make fake blood, gore and disgusting wounds! So let’s take a look at getting your makeup and blood perfected, then we can pull it all together with an awesome Zombie Halloween costume.

1. Fake Zombie Blood


The most disgusting fake blood has those little bits of gunk floating in it, so how do you get this scabby blood right? You need to mix corn or glucose syrup with a little water, dried onion flakes (for the scabs), red food colouring and cocoa. The more onion flakes you add, the more clumps your fake blood contains and the more grotesque it looks!

If you want really big chunks of sickening gore, add some cornflakes or bran flakes to the mix; if you just want normal looking blood, then leave out the water and onion flakes, and if you want very thin blood that can be sprayed, just use water and red food colouring.

2. Fake Zombie wounds


For really authentic disgusting wounds and ulcers, you need to use liquid latex (just like in the movies), but you can make a good approximation by using a corn starch mix. For this fake flesh, you need to combine corn starch with water, red food colouring and cocoa, mixing and adding more corn starch until you get the consistency of flesh you need. Then you can spread it on your skin and Zombie Halloween costume, add the gross fake blood and you are all set for a disgusting evening!

3. Fake Zombie guts


If you really want to gross everyone out at your party you can add a cauldron of fake guts to the table, but be careful because there might not be many guests left to enjoy the party! All you need to do is to pour the fake blood (the recipe with the dried onion flakes) into a bowl and then tip in the fake Zombie guts. It’s definitely believable!

4. Zombie Makeup


Start with white face paint, but not too thick, because you don’t want to look like a clown. Your white face paint needs to be light enough to show your natural skin colour, but still thick enough to make you look sickly dead! Next, add black around your eyes and along your cheeks to give you a hollowed, undead look, softening the edges with a damp sponge. You can use fake rubber wounds, liquid latex or the fake guts mix to create ulcerous scabs on your face to add even more authenticity to your costume. Last, buy some Mehron Tooth FX that is non-toxic and paint your teeth a rotten black colour! You are now ready to focus on creating the rest of your DIY zombie costume.

5. Zombie cheerleader costume


For this costume you will need a cheerleader costume, so find a really short dress or singlet and miniskirt in bright colours, although you can also use black and white if it’s easier to find. Next, you need knee-length socks and trainers, then put your hair up in pigtails or side bunches, grab your pom-poms, paint your zombie face, add some dripping blood and gore and you have the perfect gross zombie cheerleader costume!

6. Zombie bride costume


For a bride costume, you will either need to find an old bride’s dress in a charity shop or something equivalent, such as a white satin dress. You could even go for a black ensemble, but other colours are not going to work. If you can find a veil as well, that’s perfect, but you could also make one from netting bought at your local fabric shop and glued onto a headband. Finally, for an authentic zombie bride costume, you need to wear your hair long and scraggly or buy a wig, do your face makeup, and drip blood and gore over the dress. You can even include a wilted bouquet for added effect.

7. Zombie waitress costume


This costume needs a short miniskirt with a waitress apron tied around the waist. topped with a short-sleeved shirt in the same colour (dusky pink is a good look). You also need a perky waitress’s cap (like a fabric tiara) which you can easily buy online. Last, you need ripped blood strewn stockings, high heels, and a small tray. For a blistering ghoulish addition, glue a plastic dish to the tray and fill it with fake blood and guts!

8. Zombie clown costume


For a seriously sick Zombie clown, think of Pennywise in IT! You will need to create a clown costume using a pair of white baggy trousers and a long-sleeved shirt with ruffles around the neck. The ruffles are an important part because they remind people of the evil pennywise clown in IT! Use a hot glue gun to stick three red pom-poms down the front of the shirt, add your white clown face with plenty of gore and you have your own DIY zombie costume!

9. Boy’s Zombie costume


It shouldn’t be difficult to create a zombie costume for your young lad, because they most probably have plenty of dirty and ripped clothes in the wardrobe! So find some of your kid’s worst clothes, make them even dirtier and more ragged, paint his face to look like a zombie, add lots of blood and a few ulcerous sores and they will have the time of their lives in their boy’s zombie costume!

10. Girl’s Zombie costume


For your girl’s Zombie costume you can use old clothes, but it’s doubtful they will be as disgusting as the boys! So you might need to search the charity shops for a few items, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Focus on a shirt and a short skirt or tutu, aiming for a school girl or a dancer’s costume. With scraggly hair, lots of Zombie makeup and blood, your little girl will have a hoot as a Zombie at Halloween!


Now you know how to make your own zombie costume, you should have the best Halloween ever! If you need more inspiration, check out CostumeBox for even more gross ideas!


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