It’s Good To Be Bad: Top 7 Disney Villain Costumes For This Halloween

How do you combine your excitement for Halloween parties with your secret love of Disney movies? It’s a no-brainer! Disney female villains! Make yourself a fabulous costume for Halloween using one of the Disney villains as your inspiration and create a killer outfit that will leave everyone drooling with envy!

1. Maleficent costume


The original Maleficent was the evil fairy godmother in Disney’s 1959 animated movie “Sleeping Beauty”, but she was reinvented to star in her own Disney movie “Maleficent”, starring Angelina Jolie in 2014. The plot is all about good overcoming evil, with Maleficent fighting to save her realm from being overthrown by an aggressive King in a neighbouring realm.

We won’t spoil the ending for you by telling you any more of the story, so let’s focus on your Maleficent costume! The easiest way to pull this costume together is to start with a black evening dress with long sleeves and a scoop neck. Make your fairy godmother wings by gluing purple silky material between your arms and the sides of your dress, so when you lift your arms you reveal your wings. To complete your outfit you need a Maleficent headdress, and your easiest option is to buy one online (they are easy to find).

2. Snow White’s evil queen costume


Known simply as the “Evil Queen” or the “Wicked Queen” (although her real name is Queen Grimhilde) this character first appeared in Disney’s 1937 movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. She is the stepmother of Princess Snow White and is a cruel, cold and extremely vain Queen who becomes villainously envious that Snow White has grown to be prettier than herself.

At number two on our list of Disney villains, the Evil Queen is a fabulous character for your Halloween costume and won’t take long to pull together. You need a long purple dress with a gold sash around the waist and a black cloak, preferably with a red lining (you can glue red silky material inside the cloak). The hardest part will be the crown, which you can either make out of cardboard and gold paint or buy online.

3. Ursula costume


If you love the Little Mermaid movie (released in 1989), you can’t have forgotten Ursula the villainous sea witch who was banished from Atlantica, but vowed to get her revenge and become the ruler of all the ocean! To achieve her goal she tricks Princess Ariel into trading her voice for human legs, but must win the love of Prince Eric within three days, otherwise, she will be bound to Ursula forever!

For your villainous Ursula costume, you need a knee-length black or purple evening dress, elbow-length gloves in the same colour and a white wig (you can wear your hair up or down). Last you need to recreate the octopus legs and the easiest way to do this is to use a hot glue gun and attach long strips of purple material to the hem of your dress.

4. Cruella de Vil costume


Remember the 1961 Disney movie “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”? Well, Cruella de Vil is the evil, pampered and glamorous London heiress who steals a litter of black and white puppies to sell their skin to the fur trade. The parents of the puppies must do their best to save their litter and thwart the evil villainess!

For your Cruella de Vil costume, you need to start with a white fur coat if you can! If not, don’t worry, just focus on finding a slinky black dress and red elbow-length slinky gloves. Find some dalmatian print fabric and turn it into a scarf around your neck and then source a telescopic cigarette holder online. You need a white wig, but spray paint the right half black – and you have your very own evil Cruella de Vil outfit for Halloween!

5. Queen of Hearts costume


This must be one of the best Disney female villains to play because the Queen of Hearts is a foul-mouthed Queen who flies into tempestuous rages at the drop of a hat! She is the ruler of the magical lands in the 1951 Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland” and is famous for saying “Off with their heads!”.

For your Halloween costume, you need a long black dress with puff sleeves. Next, you need enough red material to create an overskirt that opens in the front. Glue this to the waistband of the dress and then in the opening down the front of the skirt glue some red and white hearts (you can also glue some hearts on the bodice of the dress). Last, you need a gold crown and a sceptre and you are ready to execute as many malcontents are you like!

6. Cinderella’s wicked stepmother costume

Released in 1950, Cinderella tells the story of an evil stepmother and two jealous stepsisters who treat the beautiful Cinderella like a slave. Yearning to go to the Ball, a fairy godmother magically helps Cinderella attend the Ball, where the prince falls in love with her, but the magic disappears at midnight.

Your wicked stepmother costume needs to be based on a ballgown with a bustle and long sleeves, but with puffy shoulders. It can be in any colour, but bright colours are best. You also need your hair up and pulled into a big imposing bun on top of your head, put a grumpy look on your face and you will have one of the best Disney villain costumes at the party!

7. Mother Gothel costume


Tangled was one of the big hits of 2010 and Mother Gothel was the evil witch who keeps Princess Rapunzel locked in a tower because her hair has the power to provide eternal youth. Locking her away allows the witch to use this power to keep herself looking young, but Rapunzel escapes with the help of a Prince.  

Your Mother Gothel costume is pretty simple because you just need a long dark red dress with long flowing sleeves, scooped neck and a gold belt with tassel around your waist. Long curly hair is needed, so you can finish with a wig if needed.


Using our list of Disney villains as your inspiration, you shouldn’t have any problems creating your own killer outfits for Halloween. If you do need more creative ideas, however, check out CostumeBox for oodles of excitingly evil Disney villain costumes!


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