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Having a Halloween Party? Scare Your Friends With These 7 Halloween Decoration Ideas

We have always been fascinated by creepy things, which is why we love collecting Halloween party ideas and sharing them with friends. If you have the same fascination with things that go bump in the night and are ready to host your own Halloween party this year, you are going to need the very best, creepiest and scariest Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween originated in the northern hemisphere (mainly Ireland and the UK) with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (2000 years ago), where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. They believed that the boundary between life and death became blurred the day before their New Year (November 1st) and ghosts once again walked the earth.

The reason that the ancient Celts wore masks when they left their homes on the night before their New Year was to make the ghosts believe that they were fellow spirits and would leave them alone. Much later, Pope Gregory III (in the eighth century) made November 1st All Saints Day, so the evening of October 31st became known as All Hallows Eve, morphing into Halloween over the centuries. With all of that history under our belts, it’s time to put together some really creepy Halloween haunted house decorations for your party! Here are the creepiest, most spine-chilling, hair-raising and macabre Halloween ideas that will make your party the most memorable ever!

1. Halloween props – scary spiders

spider props

Your party is going to be at night and your house is going to be dark – because that makes it even scarier! This means that you can put together some really scary Halloween props that would never be believable during the daylight hours and on any other day, but Halloween. Scary pretend spiders are one of the most spine-chilling props you can use because just about everyone jumps a mile when they see a big spider crawling over the wall. So buy some pretend spiders in different sizes and glue them to the walls, pot plants, chairs and anywhere someone is going to notice them – then wait for the screams!

2. Halloween decoration ideas – welcoming snake wreathes

Snakes are another scary subject for most people, so instead of a lovely holly wreath hung on your front door at Christmas, create a wreath of snakes and spiders! This is fairly easy to put together, because all you need is the basic wreath shape that can be found at any hobby or craft store (you can also make your own out of pliable twigs), lots of rubber snakes and spiders, along with some hot glue. Wind the snakes around the wreath, weaving them in and out, glue a few spiders onto the wreath for extra scariness and hang it on your door! You can even use some fishing line and hang a few spiders from the bottom of the wreath, so they look as if they are climbing up towards the snakes.

3. Halloween party decorations – fire pumpkins

halloween party decorations fire pumpkins

These pumpkins make a great addition to your party decorations and look awesome in a fireplace or firepit. They can also be stacked up inside to look like fire because they don’t actually have any fire inside them! You will need six or seven hollow pumpkins in a range of sizes, tea lights or a string of battery-powered lights, and a sharp knife. The knife is to carve flickering flames into the sides of the pumpkins so that when you place the tea lights or battery-powered lights inside them, it looks like flickering firelight.

4. Halloween haunted house decorations – cobwebs and flying bats

halloween haunted house decorations spiders and bats

Pick an area of your home, maybe one or two windows near the drinks cabinet and create a scary backdrop of cobwebs, bats and spiders that everyone will need to stand near to get their drinks. You will need cobwebs, plastic bats and spiders, and then all you need is to get creative!  First place the cobwebs over the windows, blinds or curtains, then attach the flying bats and spiders and you will have one of the best DIY Halloween decorations ever!

5. Halloween party ideas – ravens and a haunted forest

halloween party ideas ravens haunted forest

Making your guests walk through a haunted forest before they enter your home is a really creepy idea, but it’s worth it! You will need about a dozen large hollow pumpkins, carved with scary faces and positioned at the entrance to your home. Next, cut some long thin branches or twigs (about 2 metres in length and without any leaves, so they look extra creepy), and poke them into the pumpkins to keep them anchored. To put the finishing touches on these easy DIY Halloween decorations, you need to perch large black ravens on the twigs and on the floor, so people need to step around the ravens and the forest of twigs to enter your home (you can purchase artificial ravens online cheaply).

6. Halloween decorations – skeletons in cages

halloween decorations skeletons in cages

There’s nothing quite like scaring the life out of your guests and neighbours for making the perfect Halloween party! You want a pole for hanging flower baskets or you could even use the washing line! Each cage needs two laundry baskets sprayed with black paint to make them look like iron cages. You also need one skeleton for each cage (you can buy these cheaply online) and some winding wire or plastic cable ties. Place a skeleton inside one laundry basket, upend the other basket and tie the two baskets together to create a cage. This basket can be hung in the back garden if you are entertaining outside, on the back patio or at the front door!

7. Halloween party props – cauldrons of witch’s brews

halloween party props witch cauldron

Every party needs a cauldron of witch’s brew to keep everyone in the mood, but your brew is going to be creepy and scary! You need a shallow bowl of dry ice to give your witch’s brew the right level of creepiness, but place your cauldron of witch’s brew (whatever concoction you have created) on top of the dry ice, so that as it submerges, it creates clouds of mist around the witch’s brew.

For more inspirational Halloween party decorations, costumes and ideas, check out the crazy team at CostumeBox!


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