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The Most Popular Halloween Costumes Ideas For 2019 [CostumeBox Prediction]

Are you searching for the most popular Halloween costumes for this year? Lots of people start thinking about their costumes as early as August, so it’s time you gave your outfit some serious thought! To give you a hand with your costume, here are the CostumeBox

Captain Marvel costume

captain marvel costume

The movie Captain Marvel was released in early 2019 and is based around a female alien warrior who is caught in an intergalactic battle between her race and the Skrulls. It’s all a bit complicated, but Captain Marvel is actually Carol Danvers, a US pilot presumed to have died in 1989 while testing an experimental engine that can fly at light-speed. She was captured by aliens, lost her memory, then regained her memory and becomes a superhero, saving the Earth from a Skrull invasion.

If you want to put together a Captain Marvel costume for this Halloween, you need lots of red and blue! It might be easier to start with an all-in-one blue bodysuit or a blue leotard with long sleeves and blue tights. You will also need knee-length red boots (check the op shops) or just glue some red material to your tights to look like boots (also do this from the elbow to the wrist). Then you want some sort of red and gold material covering your décolletage and the top of your shoulders. Add a red scarf around your waist and you are good to go!

90’s icon costumes

spice girls costume

If you lived through the 90s, do you remember some of the icons of this time? What about the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Dumb and Dumber, Thelma and Louise and Wayne’s World? You can most probably think of lots more 90’s icons that influenced you during that decade, so why not put together a 90’s icon costume? We predict that this is going to be one of the biggest Halloween costume ideas this year!

Depending on your icon, all you need is a mixture of halter neck tops, animal prints, miniskirts, wild hair, platform shoes and lots of crazy colours. You don’t even need to pick one icon, just create your own ensemble and run with it!

Wakanda costumes

wakanda costume

Wakanda is a fictional African country in the Marvel Comics and has been featured in the Avengers and Captain America. Early in its history, Wakanda was hit by a meteor made of the metal Vibranium, which has noise absorbing qualities. The country was hidden from outsiders, partly to keep this metal a secret, but also because it creates mutations. The people, however, also benefit from advanced technology due to this same metal, whilst also worshipping a number of different gods who originated from Egypt.

wakanda warrior costume

We predict that Wakanda costumes will be some of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2019! Male and female warriors tend to wear similar costumes consisting of a red overskirt and red long-sleeved top, and you want to add gold material to the shoulders and a red and gold tabard to hang from your waist down to your knees. Grab a spear and you have your very own Wakanda warrior costume!

Pennywise costume

It Pennywise costume

Do you like scary clowns? With the release of IT Chapter Two, Pennywise is going to be a real contender for the best Halloween costumes of all time! If you have no idea what we are talking about, IT is a movie that was first released in 1990 and based on a Stephen King book, whilst IT Chapter Two was recently released in September 2019. Pennywise is the main character in these movies and is an evil shape-shifting entity that preys on children in the form of a dancing clown.

Creating your own Pennywise costume is going to be fun! Pennywise has a very high forehead, so you need an orange wig adjusted to give that effect and then cover your forehead, face and neck in white face paint. Use red liquid lipstick to create the crazy clown lips and the streaks that extend from the sides of your mouth and over your eyes to your forehead. Then find an old white long-sleeved shirt with ruffles, white miniskirt or trousers, glue three large red pom-poms down the front of the shirt and carry a red balloon on a piece of string. With this fabulous scary IT costume, you will frighten everyone on Halloween!

ABBA costumes

abba costume

Anyone who lived through the 70’s must have listened to ABBA, a Swedish group that blasted their way from the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest to superstardom in a flash! Some of their best hits include Dancing Queen, The Winner Takes All, Mamma Mia and Fernando, but there are so many more! Their breakup was one of the saddest days of many fan’s lives, but with the continual hints at a reunion, CostumeBox predicts that ABBA costumes will be hot this year! Whether you are a guy or a gal, you can wear the same costumes this Halloween – just find a satin long-sleeved bodysuit with flares (think of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever) and wear a long blonde or brunette wig. Gals can also wear a miniskirt dress with long sleeves and flared cuffs, but whatever design you select, make it silky, bright and very 70s!

If you need more inspirational Halloween costume ideas, check us out at CostumeBox.


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