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Reading Is My Secret Power: Top 10 Best Book Week Costumes for GIRLS [2019]

Are you looking forward to creating some fun book week costumes for girls? This is the perfect time for kids and their parents to indulge themselves in lots of different book themes, creating a variety of exciting girls costumes. Book week offers parents the ideal opportunity to share their children’s hopes and dreams and create some of their favourite characters.

So if you have a little girl who loves reading and you are searching for creative book week ideas for girls, why not hone your DIY skills? There’s plenty of characters to choose from, including  Harry Potter costumes, Alice in wonderland costumes, Princess costumes, Dorothy wizard of oz costumes, Pippi Longstocking and the list goes on!

So grab your needle and thread (or glue gun if you prefer), and check out this fabulous selection of book week costumes for girls.

Book Week for Girls
Book Week for Girls

1. Pirates of the Caribbean costume

The first of our book week ideas for girls is a pirate costume. Does your daughter love Pirates of the Caribbean or even Treasure Island and dream of being a girl pirate?  If so, there are many different directions you can take with this character, but one option is to combine black leggings and knee-high boots with a long-sleeved t-shirt or blouse, waistcoat and pirates hat. Oh and don’t forget the sword – every girl pirate needs a trusty sword!

Pirate girl costume
Pirate girl costume

2. Alice in wonderland costume

Every little girl wants to be Alice and fall down a magical rabbit hole into a fantasy world! This Alice in Wonderland costume is pretty simple to pull together because all you need is a light blue, knee-length dress with a rounded collar and short puffy sleeves. Cover this with a white pinafore and combine it with white tights and black shoes and you have a perfect ‘down the rabbit hole’ costume for your little girl.

Alice in Wonderland costume
Alice in Wonderland costume

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory costume

Does your daughter imagine herself as Veruca Salt who ‘won’ a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? All you need is a bright red, above the knee dress with long sleeves, a white rounded collar, black buttons down the front and a loose black belt. Top it off with black leggings and shoes, and don’t forget the golden ticket!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Veruca Salt costume
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Veruca Salt costume

4. Princess costumes

Princess costumes are everywhere, from The Little Mermaid to Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast – every little girl wants to be a princess! You can get really creative and put together one of these Disney princess costumes or you can just opt for a generic princess! The easiest way to pull this costume together is to team a pretty pink ballet tutu with a darker pink cloak, white ballet tights and a lovely little tiara.

Princess costume
Princess costume

5. Harry Potter costume

What little girl wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry for a day? These book week costumes for girls are very simple to make because all you need is a long flowing full-length black cloak/dress (one that doesn’t open in the front) with long sleeves, a Hogwarts emblem on the chest and a red lined hood. Match it with a red and yellow striped tie, white shirt, black trousers, shoes and a wand, and you have your own Hogwarts student ready for their first magic lesson. However, if all you have is an old black tutor’s cloak that opens down the front, then team it with a grey knee-length pleated skirt, grey long-sleeved jumper and socks, black shoes, white blouse and tie and you are good to go!

Harry Potter - Hermione costume
Harry Potter – Hermione costume

6. Pippi Longstocking costume

If your daughter has read any of the Pippi Longstocking adventures, she will be so excited to create this costume! It’s really easy because all you need is a pair of knee-high, non-matching brightly coloured socks, sleeveless yellow dress (or denim shorts with a bib attached and lime green short-sleeved t-shirt) and a Pippi Longstocking wig. Phew! Who knew book week ideas for girls could be so exciting!

Pippi Longstocking costume
Pippi Longstocking costume

7. Dorothy Wizard of Oz costumes

Have you considered a Dorothy wizard of Oz costume? If your daughter has fallen in love with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, then it’s time to tap your red shoes together and get sewing! All you need is a blue and white gingham pinafore dress, a short-sleeved white blouse with a high neck, small picnic basket for Toto and Dorothy’s fabulous red shoes. Your daughter will be in seventh heaven or as Dorothy famously said  – Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

The Wizard of Oz - Dorothy costume
The Wizard of Oz – Dorothy costume

8. Mary Poppins costume

Can your daughter say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? With the remake of the Mary Poppins movie recently, lots of little girls want to be Mary Poppins! There are a few costumes to choose from, but you might find that the clothes she wears when she floats down from the roof are the easiest. For this costume, you need a long dark skirt and tight-fitting, long-sleeved jacket, white blouse, red tie, Mary Poppins hat, black shoes and of course, a dark coloured umbrella. This is a costume that is practically perfect in every way!

Mary Poppins costume
Mary Poppins costume

9. The Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen costume

Since the Hunger Games have become an iconic trilogy, most little girls dream of being the heroine Katniss Everdeen. This is another example of how easy it is to pull together girls costumes for book week because all you need is a tan coloured jacket and matching boots, black leggings and t-shirt, braided hair and a bow!

The Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen costume
The Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen costume

10. Little Red Riding Hood costume

If your daughter loves fairy tales, she might like to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood for Book Week. This means that you need to find a red cloak and hood with matching the knee-length red skirt, white or black short-sleeved blouse, black shoes, white socks and a little picnic basket. Ringlets are also good!

Little Red Riding Hood costume
Little Red Riding Hood costume

If you need help pulling together Alice in wonderland costumes, Princess costumes, Dorothy wizard of Oz costumes or any of the other costumes above, check out the fabulous range at Costume Box.

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