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10 Cute Baby Shower Ideas, Games and Decorations for Mothers-To-Be

Are you wondering how to throw a baby shower party? If you have been asked to organise a baby shower for a friend, relative or work colleague, your first step is usually to decide on a theme. This isn’t absolutely necessary, however, but a theme can help you to pull all your baby shower ideas together on the day.

It's a boy - Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Ideas

Once you have selected the theme, you need to start thinking about the type of baby shower decorations you will need, as well as a few games to play. Also, you need to think about your budget, because most people don’t have an endless supply of cash to spend on organising a baby shower. So to help you save money, we will focus our ideas on how to decorate for a baby shower on a budget, giving you lots of fabulous suggestions! This is going to be a wonderful baby shower for the radiant mum-to-be, whilst also staying well within your budget.

Deciding on a girl’s theme

The most popular baby shower ideas for girls are usually based on a Princess Disney theme, but you can also go for a floral, woodland or rainbow themes, Minnie Mouse or unicorns are also cute ideas, but so are high tea or day spa themes (the last one is for the mum-to-be!).

It's a girl - Baby Shower Ideas
It’s a girl! – Baby Shower Ideas

Deciding on a boy’s theme

Baby shower themes for boys can be based on nautical themes, cowboys, space adventures, robots or Lego, even Spiderman or any of the Marvel characters, as well as a circus or clown theme.

It's a boy! - Baby Shower Ideas
It’s a boy! – Baby Shower Ideas

Gender-neutral baby shower themes

If you don’t know the gender of the baby yet, then you need a gender-neutral theme. Good options include a glamping theme, woodland animals, baby ducklings, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit.

Gender-Neutral Decorations - Baby Shower Ideas
Gender-Neutral Decorations – Baby Shower Ideas

How to decorate for a baby shower on a budget

You can avoid the expense of hiring a hall, restaurant or hotel for the baby shower by decorating a room inside your home, even on the patio or in the garden. So if you are on a budget, here are five ideas for baby shower decorations that won’t break the bank.

Baby Shower Decorations - Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Decorations – Baby Shower Ideas
  1. Welcome sign: One of the nicest baby shower ideas is to stand an easel outside the main entrance with a poster sign welcoming guests to the baby shower. The poster needs to match your theme, but you shouldn’t have any problems finding a suitable design online and getting it printed at Officeworks.
  2. Custom backdrops: You can either design your own custom backdrop or source one online and hang it behind the dessert table for everyone to see! Make sure that the design goes along with your chosen theme and since they often cost around $50, you have a very affordable start to your baby shower.
  3. Themed cupcakes: Home-made cupcakes make lovely baby shower decorations and look even more adorable when they are designed to match the baby shower theme. All it takes is the right colour icing and little flags on top for a lovely nautical theme, then there’s glitter for a princess theme, large dots for a Lego theme and rainbow colours for a rainbow theme, etc.
  4. Lots of balloons and streamers:  You can opt for regular balloons, matching the colours to your chosen theme, but you can also go one step further with metallic balloons that form letters. These alphabet balloons are very affordable and can be purchased online to spell out the baby’s name or a simple ‘welcome’ to everyone.
  5. Ready-to-pop station: Cover a table with a themed tablecloth and load it up with lots of fresh popcorn and bottles of fizzy pop. Add a ‘Ready to Pop’ or a ‘Poppin Station’ sign on the wall behind the table and throw in a few balloons and you have a very affordable and pretty decorative table for the baby shower.

What are good baby shower games?

Now that you know how to decorate for a baby shower on a budget, it’s time to think of a few great games, based on a baby shower theme, that everyone can play. So if you are still wondering ‘what are good baby shower games?’ – here are five ideas that you might like to try and are easy to put together, either a few days ahead or even on the day.

  1. Don’t say baby: This must be one of the most difficult and funniest baby shower games because no-one can say the word baby during the entire baby shower! Everyone is given a nappy pin as they arrive and whenever someone hears the word  ‘baby’ they can take the pin from the offender. The person with the most pins at the end of the bay shower wins the game and a prize.
  2. Pin the baby on the mommy: Based on the game ‘Pin the donkey’, all you need is a life-size picture of the mother-to-be and a baby cut-out for each guest. Blindfolded, each guest must try to pin the baby on the ‘mommy bump’, and the closest one is the winner.
  3. Who’s the baby? Ask each guest to send you a picture of themselves as a baby and then everyone must guess which photo belongs to which guest. This is definitely one of the baby shower games that can have everyone in gales of laughter!
  4. Guess the baby food: Purchase as many jars of different baby food as guests and cover up the labels. Each guest needs to taste the baby food and list out the ingredients; the guest with the most correct ingredients wins!
  5. Name the baby songs: Go round the circle asking each guest to name a song that includes the word ‘baby’. There will be some arguments along the way and some laughter, but the first guest who can’t name a song has to leave the game and then it keeps going until the winner is left.

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