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Best Lego Party Ideas: The Ultimate Lego DC Batman Birthday Party

Looking for Lego party ideas for your kid’s next birthday? There are so many different Lego themes you can come up with for their birthday, but if your little boy loves Batman and they love Lego – they will be uber excited with an ultimate Lego DC Batman Party!

Have you have taken your kids to see the 2017 Lego Batman movie yet? Then you will know how cool this theme is going to be for their birthday party! To make it even more exciting, you could even show a Batman movie on a big screen during the party and with your little superhero dressed up in his own Lego Batman costume, everyone will have loads of fun!

Putting together one of these parties isn’t going to be difficult, which is great if you have more than one child who wants their very own Lego party. So let’s take a look at some of the Batman Lego party ideas, Lego party activities and Lego party supplies you can pull together quickly, as well as how to make a Lego Batman costume, which is absolutely essential for a successful birthday party.

Lego Collection

Batman Lego decorations

The colour for your themed Batman Lego party is going to be yellow and black, so it’s time to source as many decorations in these colours as possible. Yellow and black balloons, streamers, crepe paper and even tablecloths, party plates and drink cups are all up for grabs.

You can even design some yellow and black invitations with a picture of batman on the front or even write the invite on the back of a cardboard batman mask. If you want to go over the top, you can even include a few black and yellow Lego blocks with each invitation to increase the drama! There are plenty of resources and templates online for Lego party invitations, there’s even a Lego font that can be downloaded from the internet if you want to print your own invitations.

lego batman movie costume
Lego Batman Movie Costume

Other DIY Lego party supplies include yellow disposable cups that you can adorn with pictures of Lego Batman or alternatively, draw a Batman face with a permanent marker on the cups. There are also Batman bunting or pennants that you can create by gluing Batman pictures onto cardboard flags threaded onto string and hung up across the patio. You can even make small cardboard batman faces for your guests, with two holes for the eyes and one for the mouth, tied with string around the back of their heads, and stack them in boxes made from Lego blocks.

In fact, you can make lots of shallow Lego boxes to hold batman cupcakes on the table, Lego pop drinks (cover the poppers with coloured paper and draw the Lego brick design on each box), even a big Batman Lego birthday cake in yellow and black that looks like a big Lego block. Once you start thinking about this themed party, you will be surprised at how many Batman Lego party ideas you can come up with yourself and how easy they are to create.

Batman Lego party activities

No party is complete without games and activities, so here are a few Batman Lego party activities and games that will keep all the party guests entertained for hours on end.

Lego Batman Party
Lego Batman Party
  1. Pin the mask on Batman: This is an easy game to create for your Batman Lego party because all you need to do is to either glue a big picture of Lego Batman to a poster size piece of cardboard or draw one yourself and hang it on a wall. Then cut out small batman masks that the kids can stick as close as possible to Batman’s face on the poster, while they are blindfolded. The one that pins their batman closest wins!
  2. Pin the spot on the Lego block: A variation of the above game, just attach a poster-size sheet of yellow cardboard to the wall with six round saucer shapes outlined to make it look like a Lego block. Give each blindfolded child the same size yellow saucer shape cut out of cardboard and get them to try and pin it on one of the equivalent shapes on the Lego block. The one that comes the closest to matching the circles wins!
  3. How many Lego blocks in the jar: Fill a large jar or even a bucket with Lego blocks and get the kids to guess how many blocks are in the jar. Don’t forget to have special gifts for all the winners!
  4. Batman Lego building game: Give each child a stack of Batman Lego blocks and give them a set time to be creative! You will need to have lots of Lego blocks on hand, but it will be worth it!
  5. Lego memory game: Label as many Lego pieces as you can find and attach them to a Lego board, give the kids five minutes to memorise as many of the pieces as they can, then remove the board and see who can remember the most pieces.

How to make a Lego Batman costume

You need a rectangular cardboard box that your child will fit inside, cutting out two holes for arms on either side and a hole at the top for the head. If you are good at DIY you can also cut the sides of the body to give the Lego batman costume a slanted appearance and stick them back together again with glue, but don’t worry if that’s too difficult. 

Next, you need to cut a body size hole in the bottom of the box so your child can get into the box. Spray the entire box with black paint, wait for it to dry and then paint a thick yellow belt around the base of the box. Next, using grey paint and a thin brush, draw the outline of abdominal muscles on the front of the box, and either paint the Batman logo on the chest area or find one online and print it out. All you need to complete your child’s Lego batman costume is a black cape attached to the shoulders of the box and a Batman mask. 

Now you know how to make a Lego Batman costume!

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