Spiderman Suits Over the Years: A History of Spidey’s Costumes

First published in 1962 as a cartoon superhero in the Amazing Fantasy magazine, Spiderman has become a cult hero to kids all around the world. If your kid is Spiderman mad and has a birthday coming up soon, you’ll need to know how to make a Spiderman costume for kids really fast!

Before you start, however, there have been significant changes in the Spiderman suits over the years, so you need to bone up on these changes, before deciding on which spandex Spiderman costume to make. As we reminisce about the changes to Spidey’s costumes over the years, let’s also look at some of the movies that have sparked his iconic status.

Spiderman Far from Home
Spiderman Far from Home

How many Spiderman movies are there?

Have you ever wondered how many Spiderman movies are there? Your kid most probably knows, but there have been eight movies, featuring Spiderman so far.

  1. Spider-Man (2002)
  2. Spider-Man 2 (2004)
  3. Spider-Man 3 (2007)
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
  5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
  6. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
  7. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
  8. Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

How many Spiderman suits are there?

Before you learn how to make a Spiderman costume for kids, you need to know that Spiderman has had a lot of suits! Some estimate that there are 28 PS4 Spidey suits and up to 40 in total – between the comic magazine adventures, PS4 and the eight movies. Let’s take a look at some of the more memorable of these suits.

The earliest iteration of Spiderman was in 1962 when he appeared in the comic adventure ‘The Wrestler’. This was when Peter Parker, who had just found his awesome abilities, entered a fighting contest to win $100. He wore light blue trousers, a long-sleeved white polo and a scarf to hide his face. Finding that this costume didn’t hit the mark, Peter designed a better outfit, which became the basis for all the subsequent Spiderman suits over the years

This early spandex Spiderman costume was very similar to many other iterations with the only difference being navy coloured arms and legs, a fairly large spider on the chest and a spider web running between his upper arms and his chest. Oh, and this was the first time he had his web-shooters!

The next iteration of Spidey’s costume came in 1966, which is when the classic suit appeared. The webbing under his arms became smaller and eventually disappeared, the navy colour changed to a lighter blue and the spider emblem on his chest became noticeably smaller as well.

1966 Spiderman
1966 Spiderman

One-off Spiderman costumes

There have been a few one-off Spiderman suits over the years, and we saw one of these in 1971 when Spiderman grew four extra arms. He had become fed up with being Spiderman, so created a serum that he thought would remove his powers. Instead, it made him even more like a spider with eight arms!

1971 Spiderman
1971 Spiderman

Black Spiderman costume

In 1984, we saw the Black Spiderman suit for the first time. It happened when his Spidey suit was damaged on another planet and to replace it, Parker bonded with a symbiote that created the Black suit. Since the Black suit could be changed into any other clothing and it had an endless supply of webbing, Peter liked this suit, but not the symbiote. When he finally got rid of this suit, it bonded with Eddie Brock and he became the new supervillain Venom.

1984 Spiderman

Captain Universe costume

In 1989, a lab accident resulted in Peter Parker being bonded with the Enigma Force, which transformed him into Captain Universe with even more superpowers! This spandex Spiderman costume was white from the chest down with navy and blue above, but with a navy face mask and the classic red spider design on his chin.

1989 Spiderman
1989 Spiderman

Armoured suit costume

In 1993, Spiderman wore an armoured suit that he designed to fight a group called the ‘New Enforcers’, and whilst it was used only once, it has become a firm favourite with fans. This armoured suit has grey protective boots up to the knees, grey chest, arm and face coverings, and black jodhpur like leggings.

1993 Spiderman
1993 Spiderman

Scarlet suit costume

In 1994, the Scarlet Spider suit appeared, worn by Spidey’s clone, Ben Reilly. It was a red bodysuit with a blue hoodie, large white eyes on a red face mask, and grey belt and wrist band web-shooters.

1994 Spiderman
1994 Spiderman

Return to the classic design

In 1996, when Peter Parker retired briefly, Ben Reilly became Spiderman, designing his own costume that whilst being very similar to Peter Parker’s suit, reverted back to the navy leggings, red upper torso with a large spider motif on the chest, navy arms, red face mask and very large white eyes. There were a number of different one-off Spidey costumes over the next few years, but in 2002, Peter Parker reverted back to his classic design for the first Spider-Man movie.

1996 Spiderman
1996 Spiderman

Spiderman homecoming costume

In 2017 the Spiderman homecoming costume is based on this classic design and whilst the costume has been redesigned for the 2019 movie, it is still heavily based on the classic suit of the 60s.

Current Spiderman
Current Spiderman

How to make a Spiderman costume for kids

It’s easy to make a Spiderman homecoming costume because it’s just a variation on the classic design. All you need are blue leggings and a red long-sleeved t-shirt, knee-length red socks, red gloves and a red face mask. You can use a black permanent marker to draw the spider webs on the socks, t-shirt and face mask, and you have the perfect Spidey costume for your kids.

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