How to Throw A Circus Party for Your Little Ringmaster

Roll Up! Roll Up! Are you searching for fun circus party ideas for your child’s next birthday? Kid’s love a circus theme party, but if you are stuck for ideas, don’t worry, because we have you covered. Below you will find lots of great ideas for organising the best circus party ever –  from circus decorations and games to activities and clown costumes. So if you want to know what to wear to a circus theme party, read on!

How to Throw A Circus Party
How to Throw A Circus Party?

Organise the circus tent

If you have settled on a circus theme party, your first step is to organise the tent. Depending on the size of your home and the weather, you might set up one large room inside as a circus ‘tent’ or you might go the whole hog and erect a large tent in the garden. 

This doesn’t have to be a real circus tent, it can simply be a large camping tent that is decorated to look like a circus inside. You can also ask your friends for the loan of a portable gazebo or even a marque, as it’s likely that someone has something that will suit a circus theme. Don’t stress out about the tent, just use whatever you can afford and fit into your garden, because it’s all about the decorations!

Circus Tent - How to Throw A Circus Party
Circus Tent – How to Throw A Circus Party

7 Fun circus decorations

1. Balloons: These must be the easiest of all our circus party ideas because you can’t have a circus party without lots of balloons! Red and white are popular circus colours, but any colours will do. Tie different coloured balloons onto a long piece of string and hang them from the ceiling or wind them around the uprights of the tent or gazebo. You can also tie them into groups of two, three, four or more and tie them around doorways, table legs, fences or the entrance to the circus tent.

2. Paper chains: Use coloured paper to make paper chains and cut crepe paper into long strips that can be hung from windows or doorways (these are easy to DIY and you will find lots of instructions on YouTube).

3. Clown posters: You shouldn’t have any problems sourcing pictures of clowns, circus performers and even fun cartoons, all of which can be blown up to poster size at your local Officeworks. Hang these around the walls for an instant circus party feel!

4. Backdrops: Another great way to ramp up the circus feel is to paint a large red and white circus tent onto an old sheet and hang this along one side of a gazebo, garage wall or tent. It also makes the ideal backdrop for some very happy birthday photos.

5. Paper plates: Some circus party ideas are very simple, for example attaching red and white paper plates to a wall as circus decorations (using blue tack) or arranging then into words, for example ‘Welcome’ or ‘World’s Best Circus’.

6. Pennants: If you are into DIY, you can also make pennants to string onto banners. Red and white are good options, alternating these colours along the banner. Basically, all you need is coloured paper and string, but you can find plenty of DIY videos on YouTube.

7. Signs: How about a crossroad sign with the words ‘food’ pointing in one direction, ‘games’ in another, ‘face painting’ in another and ‘clowns’ in yet another? All you need is a piece of timber for the upright part, and spray paint and cardboard to make the arrows. You can even get away without the timber by attaching the painted arrows to the upright of a gazebo or tent pole.

7 Great circus theme party games and activities for kids

Kids playing games at circus
Kids playing games at circus

1. Three-legged race: Everyone loves a three-legged race, but if it’s a hot day, you can make it even more exciting by turning the sprinkler on!

2. Circus trains: Find cardboard boxes that each child can stand inside with the top and bottom removed. Help each child to colour the outside of the box and add streamers, stickers or glitter, and when ready, they can wear the ‘carriages’ and run around like a train shouting ‘toot ‘toot’.

3. Clown pies: These will be a huge hit with your kids! All you need are lots of paper plates covered in whipped cream. Have one of the dads sit in a chair in the garden, and see which child can hit him in the face with a whipped cream pie!

4. Highwire: Throw a light blue sheet on the ground to look like the sky and then balance a long piece of timber on one or two bricks at either end. The kids can then pretend to be highwire tightrope walkers, walking along the timber without falling off.

5. Musical hoops: Just like musical chairs, but with hoops laid on the floor instead of chairs. You can cover the rings in colourful crepe paper and the last one left in the last ring is the winner!

6. Clowns on the wall: Make cardboard cut-outs of a painted clown’s smiling face with a hole for the mouth. Hang them along the side of an open gazebo and the kids can throw tennis balls through the open mouths of the clowns.

7. Balloon shot: Tie lots of balloons onto pieces of string and hang them horizontally or vertically onto a wall. The kids can them be blindfolded, aimed in the right direction and try to hit as many balloons as they can with darts. You might want to drape some sheets along the sides to keep the darts safely contained in one area!

Don’t know what to wear to a circus theme party?

If you want to know how to throw a circus party, then you can’t forget the costumes! Clown costumes are the easiest costumes to create, but there are endless circus dress up ideas on the internet. Think about top hats for the ringmaster, red coats, big colourful wigs for a clown, strong men costumes and even face painting on the day. Learning how to make a clown costume will make the day even more fun and exciting!

Clown Costume - How to Throw A Circus Party
Clown Costume – How to Throw A Circus Party

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