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Don’t know what to Get A Harry Potter Fan? 10 Unforgettably Magical Harry Potter Gifts

Not sure what to get a Harry Potter fan for their birthday or Christmas? This is a no-brainer! There is a mass of Harry Potter merchandise on the market, most of which you can purchase quickly and easily online.

What to get a Harry Potter fan
What to get a Harry Potter fan?

If you still aren’t sure what to get a Harry Potter fan, here are 10 awesome Harry Potter gifts that will leave them spellbound and eager to hop on the next Hogwarts Express themselves!

1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Set: With a new jacket design that together displays a postal owl departing Hogwarts to deliver an important message, this is the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans. Presented in a magical travelling trunk, this set of seven books is ideal for the travelling wizard and are the perfect Harry Potter collectibles for fans of any age.

2. Hogwarts School Badge Wax Seals: This retro wax seal set is one of the most enchanting gifts for Harry Potter fans because they can actually create their own Hogwarts wax seal for all their mail! The stamp has a rosewood handle and copper head and comes in an exquisite presentation box.

3. Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle: Anyone who loves Harry Potter and jigsaws it will go into spasms for this puzzle – it must be one of the best Harry Potter presents ever! With 500 pieces s that will test even the most diehard fans, this is a great gift that keeps on giving!

Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle
Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle

4. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle: This is an awesome game for any Harry Potter fan. There are seven levels and you use spells, magical items and your allies to fight against the perils of dark magic. It gets harder as the game progresses, but you also gain more magical powers!

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Battle
Harry Potter – Hogwarts Battle

5. Golden Snitch Clock: This tiny Snitch Clock is one of the Harry Potter gifts that will delight all fans. Expertly crafted and lovingly detailed, it will take pride of place in any wizard’s study, bedroom or library.

6. Hogwarts Light Pendant: With a vintage brass finish and a perforated cut-out of Hogwarts Castle, any wizard will be proud to have this Hogwarts light pendant in their home, lighting the way to their magical kingdom.

7. Marauder’s Magical Mug: When this magical Mug gets warm the key to the Marauder’s map is revealed for all to see! Who wouldn’t want a magically enhanced mug!

Harry Potter - Marauders Magical Mug
Harry Potter – Marauders Magical Mug

8. Magical Coding Wand: Still wondering what to get a Harry Potter fan? Well, how about a magic wand? There are more than 70 coding challenges for would-be wizards who use the wand to learn to code and make magic happen on their tablet or computer!

9. Levitating Broom Pen: Another of the Harry Potter collectibles that make awesome Harry Potter presents for all Hogwarts fans. This pen (it actually is a pen) levitates in mid-air and is based on the original magical Nimbus 2000 broomstick. A must for all Potter fans.

10. Hogwarts Wizards Welcome Mat: To ensure that only other Wizards enter their castle (no Muggles allowed) Wizards must use this enchanted Harry Potter Wizards Welcome Door Mat. Another of the fabulous gifts for Harry Potter fans! Let the games begin!

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