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Bored on School Holidays? Let’s Play Dress Ups with Fortnite Costumes for Kids

Have your kids been pestering you about Fortnite costumes? If you have kids, it’s a fair bet that they at least know about the Fortnight game, if not actively play it at home. So if your kids are bored when they are not playing games on the computer, why not look into putting together a Fortnite party?

This isn’t a party where they play video games, it’s just an excuse for everyone with kids to get together and give them something else to do! So if you want to know more about your Fortnite dress-up options or you have no idea why your kids keep ranting on about their Fortnite skin costume… read on!

What is a Fortnite Skin Costume?

These are the personas worn by characters in the Fortnight game, which can be obtained by either using V-Bucks (an in-game currency earned by completing missions) or by advancing through the tiers, but they can also be bought from promoters of the game. There are five different Fortnite skin costume categories: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. The top 5 skins are currently: Raven, Skull Trooper, Red Knight, Raptor and Brite Bomber.

Fornite Charaters - Fortnite Dress Up
Fornite Charaters – Fortnite Dress Up

Fortnite Costumes for Kid‘s parties

As you can imagine, the Fortnite costumes your kids are going to want are the skins, so you will need to come up with a way to create these costumes! Let’s take a look at the top five skins to give you some idea of the costumes you’ll need to create.

Raven: Also known as the Brooding Master of the Dark Skies, Raven is a Legendary skin. It’s one of the most popular male Fortnite costumes in Fortnite Battle Royale (one of the games). You will need a cool black leather outfit with raven feathers on the shoulders and hips, a full face hood and glowing purple eyes.

Raven Skin - Fortnite Dress Up
Raven Skin – Fortnite Dress Up

Skull Trooper: This is an Epic skin and is simply a black and white skeleton costume with a military flair. It should be fairly easy to put together because all you need is a black jumpsuit with a white skeleton painted on the front. Better yet, check out our range of skeleton costumes to use as your base and build your Skull Trooper costume from there! Adding a military arms holster or utility belt might do the trick.

Skull Trooper Skin - Fortnite Dress Up
Skull Trooper Skin – Fortnite Dress Up

Red Knight: The Red Menace of Anarchy Acres is one of the Legendary skins in the Fortnite game. You will need a black leotard or black skinny jeans and long sleeved skinny top, but with patches of blood red over the upper chest, gloves, lower abdomen, knees and feet. You also need a full red and black face mask (or you could even grab our Knight Gamer Mask and paint the front panel red with our craft supplies!) and red glowing eyes.

Red Knight Skin - Fortnite Dress Up
Red Knight Skin – Fortnite Dress Up

Raptor: Another of the Legendary skins, Raptor is a Royale Air Force Test Pilot. It’s not too difficult to put together, you just need a brown leather bomber style jacket, yellow gloves and yellow knitted full face beanie, headphones, jeans and backpack.

Raptor Skin - Fortnite Dress Up
Raptor Skin – Fortnite Dress Up

Brite Bomber: The only female skin to make the top 5, Brite Bomber is one of the Rare skins. For this Fortnite dress up idea, you need a tight blue skinsuit with a white area across the chest that displays a picture of a unicorn. Don’t forget the pink hair, purple goggles and purple gloves.

Brite Bomber Skin - Fortnite Dress Up
Brite Bomber Skin – Fortnite Dress Up

Which Fortnite costume is good for Halloween?

Skull Trooper of course! This is the best of the Fortnite costumes for kids for Halloween night festivities!For a great range of Fortnite dress up costumes, check out the range at CostumeBox today!


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