7 Wicked School Holiday Movie Character Costume Ideas

Do your kids get bored during the school holidays? How about organising a themed party based on the movies? I’d guess that you can come up with plenty of great movie character costume ideas that would be perfect for yourself, your partner and your kids, so why not give it a go? The kids will love it!

You can most probably put together something yourself quite easily, but if you are all out of movie star costumes, here are a few ideas that should quirk your interest.

Movie themed costumes

1. Harry Potter: One of the most iconic movies for kids all over the planet, all you really need to make this work is a long black robe and a wand! Add black trousers or a skirt, tie, dark shoes and a white shirt and you can create your own spells with a simple flourish.

Harry Potter - Movie Dress Up Ideas
Harry Potter – Movie Dress Up Ideas

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: To create one of the best movie dress up costumes ever – just find a long dark wig or braid your own hair, and add a moustache and shadow beard. Don’t forget the flouncy blouse, cut off jeans, tripod hat and a sword or pistol, and you can be swinging from the yardarms with the best of them!

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Movie Dress Up Ideas
Pirates Of The Caribbean – Movie Dress Up Ideas

3. Star Wars Jedi: All you need to join the illustrious Jedi ranks in one of these movie themed costumes is a long brown robe and trousers, cream coloured top, brown belt and a lightsaber. Pretty easy really!

Star Wars Jedi - Movie Dress Up Ideas
Star Wars Jedi – Movie Dress Up Ideas

80s movie costumes

4. Grease: Fancy one of these movie star costumes? How about Betty Rizzo, Frenchy, Sandy Olsson or Danny Zuko? Pink hair, pink girls jackets, black leggings and stilettos will do for the girls and a black jacket, t-shirt and pants will do for the guys. Oh – and don’t forget the flashy hair comb for the guys 80s coiffures and you will have the perfect 80s movie costumes.

Grease - Movie Dress Up Ideas
Grease – Movie Dress Up Ideas

5. Top Gun: Want to be Tom Cruise for a day? All you need for these movie star costumes is an olive coloured flight suit with a few flight badges and you are good to go. Don’t forget your Top Gun aviator sunglasses and you can team up with Goose and Maverick! Let’s not forget the girls who can put together a military green flight dress with their own aviator sunglasses.

Top Gun - Movie Dress Up Ideas
Top Gun – Movie Dress Up Ideas

6. Abba: Who can forget the fabulous years of Abba? If you love Muriel’s Wedding, Mamma Mia or just adore Abba, these 80s movie costumes are perfect for you! All you need is a pair of platform shoes or boots, flared trousers or a very short skirt, and an 80s frilled shirt or bikini top. A polyester catsuit would be perfect!

Abba - Movie Dress Up Ideas
Abba – Movie Dress Up Ideas

More movie fancy dress costumes

7. Batgirl and Batman: Want to be a superhero? Well try these movie themed costumes! All you need to be batman are black trousers, t-shirt, bat cape and batman headpiece. For the girls a short black dress (or short skirt and t-shirt), short black cape, bat mask, and long black boots or long socks and stilettos.

Batman - Movie Dress Up Ideas
Batman – Movie Dress Up Ideas

These seven movie dress up costumes are just the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty more movies that you can use as inspiration during the school holidays. Have a party or just a fun day with the kids!

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