7 Hot Insider Tips for Hosting The Perfect Disney Themed Party

What better way to celebrate your kid’s birthday than with a Disney themed party? Want to bring a smile to your child’s face? Just ask them which Disney characters to dress up, as for a party and they will be bouncing all over the house with excitement!

Let’s look at creating a Disney themed party for young children first and then at how to host a teen Disney party – who will love it, just as much as if they were still little kids.

1. Choose your kid’s favourite Disney dress up party theme

There are so many fabulous Disney movies and characters, but your child will always have their favourites. You might already know which theme your child will pick (maybe they love their Tinkerbell costume or their Snow White costume?), but it’s worth reminding yourself of what’s popular with kids today anyway.

Below you will find the 10 most popular Disney movies (ranked by IMDb):

All disney characters - Disney themed party
All disney characters – Disney themed party

2. Don’t over plan!

Designing a Disney dress up party is going to be an exciting time in your child’s life, so always get them involved in the planning, as they will be full of great ideas! Remember however, not to over plan, because kids like to be spontaneous and have fun – it’s one of their charms!

3. Design age-appropriate activities

Not sure of the right activities for your party? Once all the kids are dressed in their costumes, whether that’s a Tinkerbell costume, Snow White costume, Little Mermaid or other Disney character, they will have fun doing anything, just keep the games short and sweet!

Pin the tail on Eeyore - Disney Themed Party
Pin the tail on Eeyore – Disney Themed Party

4. Accept help!

Don’t try and do everything yourself, because you will become exhausted; if people volunteer their help, then accept it. Even ask for help from the other moms, particularly with the menu, food preparation and cleaning up afterwards.

5. Create

Kids love getting a little gift at parties and they will love it even more if these gifts are based on a Disney theme. So if you are into DIY crafts, think about making themed face masks tied at the back with string, little girl’s silk purses, Mickey Mouse ears, stickers, headbands and even Disney inspired chocolates!

Disney Gift Bags - Disney Themed Party
Disney Gift Bags – Disney Themed Party

6. Get creative with Disney themed food

This will depend on the theme for your Disney dress up party, but for a Princess theme, you might think about the following pink inspired foods: pink popcorn, simple sandwiches cut into the shape of a crown, strawberry smoothies or milkshakes, pink cupcakes with glitter sprinkles, decorated biscuits and a fabulous princess Birthday cake.

Disney Princesses - Disney Themed Party
Disney Princesses – Disney Themed Party

7. How to host a teen Disney party

Want to know how to host a teen Disney party? Well, it depends on the age of your teenagers, because you might want to keep an eye on anyone sneaking in alcohol! For young teenagers however, this shouldn’t be a problem and all you need to do is keep a parental eye on everyone who attends your teenager’s Disney themed party.

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