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What is a Gatsby Party? Party Like a Gatsby with a Mind Blowing Great Gatsby Themed Party

If you are hosting a major party for your family and friends, even a corporate event, have you run out of ideas? Well, what about a themed party using 1920s party decorations? A Great Gatsby themed party might be just the ticket for your big night out! It will WOW all your guests and give everyone a totally different type of evening, one that they will always remember and talk about!

Great Gatsby Mask
Great Gatsby Mask

What is a Gatsby party?

In 1925, American author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a now iconic book called ‘The Great Gatsby’. It’s underlying theme was based in the 1920s, before the great depression about thwarted love between a man and a woman.

A Great Gatsby themed party is very popular with both hosts and guests, most probably because the Roaring Twenties was a time of excess, wild parties, loud music and naughty behaviour. Fitzgerald’s novel has quite literally, become the face of the Roaring Twenties.

Just imagine the Twenties Flappers (young women who embraced a new lifestyle based on freedom; pushing political, sexual and economic boundaries), as they invented and embraced the new risqué fashions of the Twenties, threw wild parties with bright lights, art deco backdrops, and lots and lots of very loud Jazz, cocktails and swing dancing!

This type of lively atmosphere makes an awesome themed party, so let’s take a look at the Gatsby party decorations you will need to pull this event off with ease.

1920s Great Gatsby Party
1920s Great Gatsby Party

How to decorate for a great Gatsby party

The focus of your Gatsby decorations will be to recreate the dynamic and energetic ambiance of a 1920s party. So you will need lots of 1920s party decorations, but don’t forget that swing dancing played a large part in these parties, so you will need space for a party dance floor.

If you have a large budget for your party (maybe it’s a corporate event?), then event spaces that have an early 20th century vibe and an art deco influence make the perfect backdrop for your Gatsby themed party.

Consider hotels, bars, dance halls or even ballrooms, any space where art deco is prominent and you can create the atmosphere of a speakeasy during and after the prohibition era.

When selecting Gatsby party decorations, such as furniture and the interior designs, you will need to focus on the colours gold, black and silver, as well as vintage lamps, leather, feathers, lots of champagne, stained glass and modernist shapes. Anything representative of the 1920s flappers and art deco era needs to be luxurious, decadent and totally wild!

Black, Gold and White Gatsby Themed Decoration
Black, Gold & White Gatsby Themed Decoration

Mix some Mint Julips (bourbon, mint, sugar, water and ice), Gin Rickies (gin, lime juice and seltzer), Corpse Revivers (cognac, brandy and sweet vermouth) and doff some champagne, and you will have the makings of a spectacular and decadent 1920s Gatsby party!

Consider tracking down modernist posters of the 1920s, and using leather travel trunks as props, along with art deco glass sculptures, hanging beads, ostrich feathers, fountains and luxurious drapery. Of course, a speakeasy styled bar will be the icing on the cake!

Whilst your choice of Gatsby decorations will be heavily influenced by art deco, if you are hosting your themed party at home, you will most probably focus more on the costumes than the décor. A few well-chosen pieces of furniture and accessories however, can make a huge difference to the ambiance of your party.

Gatsby Decorations
Gatsby Decorations

It’s a great idea to check out the 2013 movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ (starring Leonardo DiCaprio), as this will give you plenty of inspiration for your party’s décor and costumes.

Great Gatsby Movie
Great Gatsby Movie

Now you know how to decorate for a great Gatsby party, you can find all the best Gatsby costumes at CostumeBox, Australia’s #1 for Costumes and Fun!

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