Six Tips For Your Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration

With St. Pat’s falling on a Sunday this year, it’s suffice to say that we’ve really lucked out.

Saint Patrick’s Day (lovingly known as St. Pat’s) celebrates the life of Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, and has become a cultural occasion enjoyed worldwide. A day where the Irish, expats and just about everyone else gather together in celtic pubs for a day of drinking and dancing alike.

But why get lost in the hustle and bustle of the streets when you can turn your own backyard into an old world tavern?

Here are six tips for a St. Pat’s celebration at home that will leave even the leprechauns green with envy:

Come In Costume

Green is the colour of choice for Saint Patrick’s Day so make sure you greet your guests accordingly. The colour has long been paraded patriotically in Ireland, featuring in the national flag and in the flags of many Irish revolutionary movements. It’s also the colour of the shamrock, known worldwide as the symbol of Ireland.
So whether it’s in a morphsuit or as a leprechaun, pay homage to the homeland this St. Pat’s by going green. Who knows, it might even bring you some luck!

two women and two men dressed in festive green colours and leprechaun hats decorated with shamrocks. One man is riding a leprechaun.
Just a few of CostumeBox’s awesome St Patrick’s Day costumes!

Dazzle With Decor

Green decorations and shamrock cutouts are the obvious choice for Saint Patrick’s Day decorations, but don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. St. Pat’s celebrations are usually held at Irish pubs so why not create a traditional tavern of your own?

Wooden backdrops and old beer cutouts are a good place to start, and if you’re feeling particularly festive, hang a few Irish flags up too.

Theme Your Tableware

When it comes to tableware, you have a unique opportunity to keep in with the theme whilst showcasing some green.

Matching plates, napkins and cups in any shade of green will compliment the darker, rustic look of a traditional tavern and bring a point of difference to your party decor. Throw on a themed table cover and finish off the look by sprinkling some shamrock shaped confetti or the lucky coins of a leprechaun around the table for a subtle St. Pat’s touch.  

Go Green!

Have A Food Affair

Considering you’ll be missing out on the pub grub, you’ll have to create your own. Irish food is known for being hearty so go with some sweet soda bread and classic colcannon for a start and then move on to crowd-pleasers such as traditional Irish stew or shepherd’s pie for the mains. If you’re feeling particularly generous (or indulgent), serve up some chocolate stout cupcakes for dessert. Remember to leave some room for drinks though!

Tuck right in.

Don’t Forget The Drinks

While it’d be a crime to not indulge in a guilty Guinness or two this St. Pat’s, consider serving up some other traditional drinks to help create a more authentic atmosphere. Start off with some Irish Hammer shooters using Irish Mist Liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream and work your way towards the infamous Irish Coffee. For a lighter, dairy-free option, try a traditional Whiskey Sour using Jameson’s Irish Whiskey.

Need non-alcoholic options? Try Basil Lemonade or Green Punch.

Delish Irish drinks!

Get Into Some Irish Games

Like all good celebrations, there should be plenty of entertainment. Include any one of these Saint Patrick’s Day games for a bit of humour and humiliation all rolled up into one!

Pot of Gold

To test your friends hand-eye coordination, play a game of Pot of Gold. To play, tape a large square on the ground, place an empty pot of gold in the middle and hand out leprechaun coins in even numbers. Whoever gets the most coins in, wins.

Shamrock Scramble

To test your friend’s rhythm or lack of, play the Shamrock Scramble. To play, place four shamrock cutouts in each corner of the room, play Irish music, and when the music stops, run to your closest shamrock. Whoever’s last to a shamrock is out. Rounds repeat until one player remains.  

Lucky Leprechaun Bingo

To test your friend’s luck, play a game of Lucky Leprechaun Bingo. To play, create bingo cards and write LUCKY across the top. In the other squares, put phrases or symbols associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. Make sure every bingo card is in a different order.

In a leprechaun hat, shuffle different squares with these same phrases and symbols on them. Pull the squares, one at a time, and call them out. Each time someone has a matching square, get them to mark it with a piece of shamrock confetti. Whoever is first to reach 5, calls out “LUCKY!” and wins. Because what’s a pub party without a good game of bingo?

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