7 Tips for a Hassle Free Pumpkin Carving Party

A pumpkin carving party is a fun Halloween event for the whole family, but throwing one for the first time can be a little bit daunting.

So here are our 7 tips for a hassle-free pumpkin carving party.

1. Set up your messy area.

Pumpkin carving is not always a clean affair and you want to make sure that your designated splash zone is protected. We recommend using a pumpkin carving tablecloth made from plastic and taking it outside if little kids are involved.


2. Plan your tools.

No one wants to cut the top off their pumpkin and then spend 15 minutes looking for the washable marker. Getting a couple of kits will help the day to go smoothly and guarantee you have everything you need.


3. Stencils and decorating kits.

These are the best friends of first-time carvers. They help take away the stress of coming up with an idea on the day and helps kids stay on track.


4. You don’t have to provide the pumpkins.

BYO pumpkin parties are less stressful and allow all of your guests to choose their own. That being said it never hurts to have 1 or 2 spare pumpkins in case of mishaps.


5. Don’t limit your creativity or your guests.

Who says you have to carve an orange pumpkin? Any type of pumpkin, gourd or squash can be carved and in Australia, there are lots of sizes and colours to choose from.


6. Not every pumpkin needs to be carved.

Kids are just as happy painting or covering pumpkins in glitter and googly eyes as they are carving one. A pumpkin finishing station with paint and things to stick on like eyes is a great option for smaller children and a good splash of red paint can hide a multitude of mistakes on a carved pumpkin.





7. Turn up the spooky tunes and have fun!

Always supervise children closely while carving pumpkins.

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