A Right Royal British Bake Off

<![CDATA[Each year at CostumeBox we look forward to going all out for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. This event is organised by the Cancer Council to raise funds for research, prevention, treatment and support for cancer sufferers.



Nobody does tea like the British, so we decided to deck out our meeting room with the Union Jack and hold a Great British Bake Off. british-bake-off


The competition was embraced with relish, resulting in a spread that would make even the most stiff of upper lips quiver with anticipation.



All kinds of sweet and savoury treats were up for sale, including classic British fare like cucumber sandwiches, jam drop biscuits, pork pies, and flapjacks.



In order to judge the dishes fairly, we all made sure to sample as many as we could.



They used to say the sun never sets on the British Empire, and it felt like the sun would never set on our feasting with so many delicious treats to go around.



The winners of our Bake Off were Jeremy with his traditional pork pies and Evan with her Welsh scones, with Kong’s Earl Grey tea cake the runner-up.



We’re proud to announce that our Biggest Morning Tea Bake Off raised $250 for the Cancer Council.



The Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser continues until the end of June, so check out their website for details on how to get involved as well as some great fundraising ideas.



Happy baking and God save the Queen!


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