Mad as a Hatter Makeup Tutorial

<![CDATA[If the anticipation for Alice Through the Looking Glass almost drove you mad, we’ve got the perfect makeup tutorial for you. Thanks to the wonderful AngieCle, here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving Johnny Depp’s weird and wonderful character from the new Alice in Wonderland sequel.




You will need:

White face paint (AngieCle uses Mehron Clown White Lite Make Up)
White eye pencil or liner (AngieCle uses NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk Lait)
Blue eyeshadow (AngieCle uses Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in Blue Crush)
Orange eyeshadow
(AngieCle uses Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in Tequilla Sunrise)
Purple eyeshadow (AngieCle uses the purple shade from the Morphe 35P Palette)
Pink eyeshadow (AngieCle uses the Jelly shade from the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette)
Hot pink lipliner (AngieCle uses Napoleon Perdis Lip Liner in Haute Pink)
Hot pink lipstick (AngieCle uses Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick- Raspberry)
Lash glue (AngieCle uses Ardell Lash Glue)
Orange wig


1. Create a base layer with the white clown face makeup. Don’t worry about making this layer completely opaque or perfect.

mad hatter makeup step 1



2. Apply a white base to your eyelids so the colours will stand out. Apply all the way up to your eyelids and around the lower lashline. Set the base with a white eyeshadow.

mad hatter makeup step 2


3. Fill in your brows with orange eyeshadow. This will provide the base for the orange eyebrow hair you will stick on later.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 3


4. Apply blue eyeshadow to one eye from the lashline to the brows. Keep building the colour until it looks opaque. Take the colour all the way out to the ends of your eyebrows and aim for a full, even coverage. Blend out the edges of the eyeshadow to get rid of any harsh lines.

mad hatter makeup step 4


5. Repeat the process with your other eye, this time using purple eyeshadow.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 5


6. Using an eyeliner brush, apply the white clown makeup you used in Step 1 to line your top lashes. Set the liner with white eyeshadow.

mad hatter makeup step 6


7. Apply bright pink eyeshadow to your lower lashline, then blend the colour down to the hollow under your eyes and outwards to meet the edges of your blue and purple eyeshadow. Build up the colour until you get an opaque look.

mad hatter makeup step 7


8. Using the same pink eyeshadow, contour your nose by starting just under the corner of your brow and taking the line down the edge of your nose. Build up the colour by applying the shadow then blending so the line does not become too stark.

mad hatter makeup step 8


9. Do the same on the other side of your nose.

mad hatter makeup step 9


10. Paint your upper lashes with the white clown makeup from Step 1. Use an angled brush to apply the makeup to the top and bottom of your lashes to coat them fully.

mad hatter makeup step 10


11. Use a thin eyeliner brush to paint your lower lashes onto your lashline using the same white clown makeup. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfectly neat as it will add to the Mad Hatter’s crazed look.

mad hatter makeup step 11


12. Line your lower waterline with white eyeliner to finish off the eyes.

mad hatter makeup step 12


13. Using the pink eyeshadow, begin your pink contouring by filling in your temple and blending the colour out to get rid of any harsh lines.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 13


14. Contour your cheekbones by creating a line with the pink eyeshadow using a fluffy blending brush. Extend the contour under the cheekbones towards the lower jaw and build up the colour, making sure you blend it in at the same time.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 14


15. Line your lips with a bright pink lip liner, then fill them in with a bright pink lipstick.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 15


16. To create the eyebrows, AngieCle chopped off small pieces from the underside of her wig and glued them together using eyelash glue. To attach the eyebrows, apply eyelash glue to the ends and hold them in place until the glue sets.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 16


17. Once the glue is completely dry, go over your brows again with the orange eyeshadow you used in Step 3 so that the false eyebrows blend in with your natural ones. Take the colour all the way into the false brows to create a natural colour transition.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 17


18. If you like, you can trim the ends of the brows to tidy them up.

mad hatter makeup tutorial step 18


Disappear down the rabbit hole with AngieCle’s full tutorial and follow us on Instagram for more makeup madness!


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