Fintastic Ways to Throw a Fun Finding Dory Party

<![CDATA[Our favourite forgetful fish is back in the new movie Finding Dory, which is coming out in just a few short weeks. The movie will also see the return of beloved characters Nemo and Marlin as well as some new faces (and voices) as Dory tries to find her family.



Aussies get to see this awesome new Pixar film from the 16th of June — a whole day before the rest of the world, which is a great reason to celebrate with a Finding Dory party!


Party Food

Plenty of tasty reef-reshments will help your guests to just keep swimming like Dory.

These turtle cupcakes look just like Squirt and they taste as sweet as they look!

Source: C’mon Get Crafty

Who could resist these dolphin bananas swimming in blueberries? This snack ticks all the boxes: healthy, easy and fun! Tip: sprinkle orange juice or soda water on the bottom of the banana to avoid the exposed part of the fruit going brown.

Source: Popsugar

Your dolphins will feel right at home in these Finding Dory treat cups.

431594-doryfavourSource: CostumeBox

Peach the pink starfish was one of the, well… stars of finding Nemo and we’re hoping she’ll pop up with the rest of the tank gang in the sequel. Serve up these starfish sand-wiches on a beach of crumbled up digestive biscuits.

Source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

Make a great centrepiece for your table and provide a delicious healthy snack at the same time with this rockmelon puffer fish that looks just like Bloat from the original tank gang in Finding Nemo.

Source: Moments with the Montanos and Twirling Betty

These grape seaweed skewers are another great way of making your party food look mouth-watering.

grape seaweed kebabsSource: Indulgy

These crab croissants are almost to cute to eat. Cut little triangles out of the ends of the croissants to make the claws, attach pitted olives on toothpicks to make up the eyes, and you can use slices of radish, shaved ham or cabanossi for the smile.

Source: Catch My Party

Hank the Octopus is a new character from the movie who helps Dory in her quest to reunite with her family in Monterrey, California. This capsicum octopus is a creative way to present bite-sized pieces to dip in hummus.

octopus dipSource: Pinterest

Swimming is thirsty work, so give your guests a delicious fruit punch to help them cool off.

Dory-fruit-punchSource: Mom on the Side


Finding Dory Party Supplies

Your catering is sure to go swimmingly with this coordinating range of Finding Dory tableware.


1. Finding Dory 18cm Square Party Plates Pack of 8

2. Finding Dory 23cm Square Party Plates Pack of 8

3. Finding Dory Tablecover

4. Finding Dory 266ml Party Cups Pack of 8

5. Finding Dory Lunch Napkins Pack of 16

6. Finding Dory Treat Cups Pack of 8

7. Finding Dory Postcard Invitations Pack of 8


Party Games

Make sure your party stays afloat with these fun games and activities for your guests.


Bobbing for Dory

Use this Disney printable to cut out sponges in the shape of Dory, Nemo, Peach and Pearl. Put them in a paddling pool and let your guests try to scoop them up with aquarium nets. Up the stakes by marking the underside of some of the fish to indicate that they’ve caught a prize, or let them take home the fish they catch as party favours.

fishSource: Disney Family

Buried Treasure

From finding Dory to finding treasure, hiding small toys, glass stones or other treasures in the sand is a great on-theme activity, especially if you can find some Dory toys to hide. If you don’t have a sandpit, a cheap inflatable swimming pool makes a great substitute and you can reuse it again during the summer months.

buried treasure gameSource: Dinner at the Zoo

Spoon Race

As fans will remember, the final scenes of Finding Nemo showed the tank gang tied up in plastic bags, taking their chance to escape across the road to the sea as their tank in the dentist’s office was being cleaned. Now your guests can help Dory, Nemo and their friends reach the ocean safely with a twist on the classic egg and spoon race. Buy some mini plastic fish online and place them inside a water balloons. Players can then race each other to see who can get their fish safely from the dentist’s office to the ocean (or one end of the backyard to the other).

spoon-racesSource: Create Craft Love

Pin the Fin on Nemo

Dory’s best friend came out of his egg with one fin bigger than the other due to a crack in the egg’s shell while he was growing. This version of pin the tail on the donkey comes with a pair of cardboard goggles to use as a blindfold and 8 fin stickers with space for your contestant’s names so you can see who gets the closest to Nemo’s big fin.

16szgam922Source: CostumeBox

Find Dory

Kids will love getting their hands into this ocean of wobbly gelatin and feeling around for plastic figurines of Dory and her friends. All you need to make the mixture is gelatine, food colouring and water. See how it’s done at No Time for Flash Cards.

finding dory party gameSource: No Time for Flash Cards


Finding Dory Party Decorations

Turn your party venue into Dory’s undersea world with these party decorating ideas.


Use green crepe paper streamers to create instant seaweed by taping the streamers at the bottom, twisting them and taping them again at the top.

seaweedSource: Overworked Supermom

Turn your drinks dispenser into a scuba diver with just a pair of goggles!

snorkelSource: Pinterest

Dive into our great range of licensed Finding Dory party supplies to coordinate your party décor.

finding dory party decorations

1. Finding Dory Honeycomb Decorations Pack of 3

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4. Finding Dory Balloons Pack of 6

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7. Finding Dory Balloon Weight

8. Finding Dory Table Decorating Kit

9. Finding Dory Scene Setter


Party Favours

Your guests may not be as forgetful as Dory, but they’ll still appreciate having something to remember your party by!

1. Finding Dory Temporary Tattoos Pack of 16

2. Finding Dory Lolly Bags Pack of 8

3. Finding Dory Party Hats Pack of 8

4. Finding Dory Bouncy Balls Pack of 6

5. Finding Dory Pencils Pack of 12

6. Finding Dory Visor

7. Finding Dory Mini Bubbles Pack of 12


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