Making Headlines on May the 4th

<![CDATA[Every day is Star Wars Day at CostumeBox, so when the Manly Daily wanted to see how the locals celebrate May the 4th, they came to us.



Only a fool arrives at a morning meeting unarmed.



Lightsaber training is just part of the job for our HR manager Prue, who puts Ryo through her paces. Prue wears our Star Wars Deluxe EP7 Rey Womens Costume.



Manly Daily photographer Phillip Rogers captures the action on camera.



Bronte wields the force of creativity in our region of cyberspace. She wears the Star Wars Princess Leia Sexy Womens Costume.



Stormtrooper Ryo puts her Imperial training to use, stopping at nothing to source the latest costumes and party supplies for our customers. She wears the Stormtrooper Womens Costume.



Like Yoda, Ed is wise but difficult to understand. He’s wearing the Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume.


5670c005ccb2a9b90a88bed3ae4325caPhoto by Phillip Rogers

What’s a decades-long civil war between friends?


59539c24dc86748f56b4fd86992a0b4fPhoto by Phillip Rogers

Protecting the galaxy from overpriced fancy dress costumes and expensive shipping.


4a10dbab94db89c51bf7fca47f8fd14bPhoto by Phillip Rogers

We can’t levitate like Yoda yet, but we’ll keep practicing!


Check out the online edition of the article, and May the Fourth be with you!



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