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<![CDATA[When it comes to planning a celebration, the folks at Party Affairs get an A+, so with Book Week fast approaching we’ve asked them which teachers’ costumes deserve top marks this year.


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One of the most important days in a teacher’s year is Book Week, and choosing which character to dress up as! As lovers of literature, it’s only expected for teachers to absolutely love Book Week and turn themselves into their favourite fictional characters. Book Week commences on the 20th of August and runs until the 26th of August. It’s a week long festival run by the Children’s Book Council of Australia every year to illustrate the importance of literature in kids’ lives.




This year marks the 71st Anniversary of Book Week, we’re excited to celebrate that Aussie cheer with the theme of Australia: Story Country. As a teacher, it can be daunting picking what costume to wear, so let us help you decide by going through our top picks for the most popular Book Week themes.

Alice In Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s fantasy fairytale is a topsy-turvy theme guaranteed to make an impression. Perhaps a group of teachers could recreate the story by picking a few characters from this classic story.

Women’s Costumes

Queen of Hearts

Get the royal treatment you’ve always dreamed of and command the class with a Queen of Hearts costume. We absolutely love this Elite Queen of Hearts Deluxe Women’s Costume. It’s a stunning regal gown with a heart sewn into the chest, puff black sleeves with lace cuffs and a skirt in velvet with an inset gold and red heart design and a black peplum. A full petticoat is included to be worn underneath, complete with a hoop insert to give the gown maximum volume. A choker and sequinned heart tiara are included. Fabulously dramatic! This costume is perfect if you are willing to re-wear the costume or keep it in your collection if you’re a fanatic of the story!deluxe-queen-of-hearts-adult-costume Alternatively, for something a bit more dramatic, you could go all out with the official Disney Red Queen of Hearts costume, for $108.99. If you’re a fan of  Tim Burton’s Red Queen, this costume is for you. An ornate dress designed right from the movie wardrobe, it has a gold, red and blue dress with heart motifs, lace, pearl and ‘jewel’ decorations on the bodice and a built in petticoat to give the dress volume. The dress has an attached high collar, puff sleeves leading to floaty cuffs and will turn you into a right royal! The signature vibrant curly Red Queen wig has a crown built in. rubies-alice-in-wonderland-red-queen-12008385-0-1395670222000Just add face-paint like the model in the photo, which you can purchase for just $30. Perhaps all the teachers can pitch in and use it together? For a costume a little more wallet friendly that still makes a serious impression, the Disney Queen of Hearts Women’s Costume for $82 is a steal. Wear this mixed fabric costume with its different patterned dress featuring a high collar, puff sleeves and a peplum effect overskirt. The outfit comes with a small crown headpiece.  Disney-Queen-of-hearts-womens-costumeTo complete the look we recommend adding the Black and White Opaque Striped Thigh Highs with Heart Print (for the Queen of Hearts touch) to your dress. If you have some red or black high heel pumps at home, you’re ready to step through the looking glass!geringelte-kniestruempfe-herz-music-legs-01If you’re looking for something quite simple, this Queen Of Hearts Card Women’s Costume featuring a playing card tunic with a crown could be a winner for you. It retails for $39.99 and it’s super easy to wear with some white sneakers.sec-16586

Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes it’s fun to be the star. Alice herself is also a fun costume idea. This signature Alice Women’s Costume is a classic blue dress with apron overlay has puff sleeves and a lace frill along the bottom. The dress easily slips over the head and attaches behind the neck with a small patch of velcro. The dress retails for $78.99.2012_Calif101_001Finish off the look with white opaque tights, CostumeBox stocks a pair of white tights for $8.99, better yet, they can be re used for next year’s Book Week or for your own fancy dress parties! If you don’t have any black pumps at home, you can also purchase these black stiletto shoes for $59.99.plepr50-b-stillIf you want to put your own spin on the classic Alice costume, this Sassy Alice Costume could be a perfect for you for $94.99. Pair it with black pumps and you are prepared!costume-carnevale-halloween-alice-nel-paese-delle-meraviglie-disney-sexy-donnaIf you want to go all out but weren’t blessed with blonde hair, you can purchase an Alice in Wonderland wig for $29.99. This long straight blonde wig features a full front fringe and an attached black ribbon headband. Wear a wig cap underneath to keep your own hair under wraps and for extra comfort.70802-wonderland

If a Mad Hatter costume is more up your alley, although traditionally a male character, CostumeBox has female ones too! This costume retails for $97.99 and includes a yellow jacket with an attached vest, shirt, pocket watch and a green skirt with ruffle hem. The high collar is attached to the multicoloured polka dot bow tie. You can purchase the Mad Hatter Women’s Costume and an elaborate green hat to complete the look like the one pictured here. If you want to replicate this exact look, the hot pink tights can be purchased from CostumeBox as well, and we recommend adding some black sneakers or lace up boots that you have lying around the house.  41HjKjGzmZL._SY445_

Men’s Costumes

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is arguably the most popular fictional character for men to dress up as. With the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie coming soon, Johnny Depp has made this character’s appearance crazy cool. If you’re a Mad Hatter fanatic, this officially licensed Disney replica of Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderland character is for you. This 3 piece outfit features the Mad Hatter’s signature jacket, ornate buttons, a sewing spool screen printed sash, faux vest patterned Allsorts bowtie, and ribbons hanging from the pockets and sleeves. An orange wig with attached hat and striped pants complete the look. All of this can be yours for $108.99. The make up is a must, you can find white make up for $20.99, and you can also go all out and add green contact lenses for $39.99.MadHatter_Mens1If you’re looking for something a little different, this colourful mismatched Mad Hatter ensemble retails for $79.99 and features a beige jacket with purple sleeves tall top hat green bow tie and elasticated pants. The entire costume includes the jacket, pants, bowtie and hat. All you need is a white shirt to go underneath.


If your own wardrobe is mad enough already, just add the luxe Mad Hatter Deluxe Purple Velvet Hat which you can buy for $59.99.

2342p-hatterEnjoy your trip down the rabbit hole!


Australia: Story Country

To celebrate the Australia: Story Country theme, CostumeBox has a range of Australian animal costumes that are inspired by the outback! There’s nothing better than putting on a cosy animal costume in the cold of winter and showing off some patriotic spirit! Animal costumes can also be unisex, there’s no rules to follow! Here are our top picks to celebrate the Australia: Story Country theme.

The Kangaroo

This kangaroo body suit retails for $49.99. It features a soft, deluxe two toned material in saddle brown and soft apricot. The attached hood features a kangaroo head and full face including ears, two friendly deep brown eyes, nose and mouth. The front of the jumpsuit has a pouch attached to the front with an attached small joey head inside. The costume is equipped with a full zipper on the front for easy accessibility. bakan-roo

The Koala

The koala jumpsuit also retails for $49.99 and is so cosy and cute! This jumpsuit features plush grey and white material with an attached hood. This hood features furry koala ears, nose, mouth and friendly brown eyes. There’s a full zipper at front for easy accessibility.


The Boxing Kangaroo

Ok, this is for all you tough male teachers, however, we bet we’ll have some lovely female teachers giving you a run for your money. This fun costume features a jumpsuit with an attached tail red and yellow shorts with ‘G’Day Sport’ on the knee. The costume has red boxing gloves and a separate kangaroo head piece. You can purchase the kangaroo costume for $69.99.35320-boxer

The Frog

If you’re a fan of being green, the frog is for you. The frog costume features a bodysuit with attached webbed hands and padded belly. A headpiece with eyes and a hole for the face is also included, as well as webbed shoe covers to go over the feet. Hop to it! The costume retails for $89.99.


Wizard Of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is another classic theme that is so fun to celebrate and remind the kids of some great fantasy literature they may not have heard of yet! Like Alice in Wonderland, if a group of teachers want to dress up together and represent the entire Wizard of Oz clan to follow the yellow brick road together, you can find some complementary costumes! We’ve decided to omit the Wicked Witch costume so no young children get scared! Read on for our top picks.

Women’s Costumes


Dorothy is arguably the most famous character from The Wizard of Oz to dress up as. For a teacher, our best pick is the Dorothy Kansas Sweetie Costume which retails for $81.99. This costume features a gorgeous knee length gingham dress in pale blue and white with red satin ribbon trims. The separate white apron is also trimmed in red piping. Add a petticoat for extra fullness.


Alternatively, this Dorothy Women’s Costume for $63.99 includes the iconic blue and white gingham dress with attached white blouse and lace trim on the hem. Also included are the adorable blue and white hairbows. There are plus size options for this exact costume.



No Dorothy is complete without her red sequinned shoes, which retail for $71.99. These shoes are definitely out there, but are worth the purchase as you can keep them for other fancy dress parties or just for a night out on the town!



If you don’t have brown hair or feel like going all out, CostumeBox also have Dorothy wigs available for purchase. They retail for $39.99 and are a worthy purchase as you can re-use them!



Glinda the Good Witch

Another top costume pick would be Glinda the Witch! This gorgeous costume features a light pink dress with puff sleeves and silver glitter details. Also included is the crown, it’s everything you need to make a witchy impression. You can purchase the costume for $103.99. If you feel like going all out, the Glinda Aubun wig can be purchased for $40.99!



Men’s Costumes

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

How ironic that this character wants a brain in the story, but in real life is teaching children! This beloved character is a great one to have fun with and represent! This Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume includes a printed shirt, pants with boot covers and a character headpiece with attached hat. This one is one of our top picks as you get the entire costume for $72.99, without needing to purchase any extra accessories. scarecrow-mens-costume

The Tin Man

The man searching for a heart, this is one the kids would love to see! The costume consists of a silver coloured jumpsuit with matching funnel headpiece and thankfully, it’s a lot lighter than tin! You can purchase the Tin Man costume here for $77.99. We recommend adding the axe to your costume for $10.99, it’s a fun accessory to match the costume!


The Cowardly Lion

This beloved character that finds courage is a favourite kids would love. This complete outfit features a lion suit with headpiece and mane. The Lion is one of our top picks as it is the entire costume, sans the face paint of course and because what kids wouldn’t love having a lion they can actually talk to around for a day! You can purchase the Cowardly Lion costume for $83.99. Complete this outfit with some black sneakers and tiger make up, which you can purchase for $15.99.



Fairytales, something we grew up loving as kids and couldn’t get enough of, to something that’s always nice to reminisce and feel a bit of nostalgia for as an adult. From Harry Potter to Snow White or Prince Charming, our top picks have you covered with costume ideas for Book Week! We bet you’ll be the favourite teacher now!

Women’s Costumes

Snow White

The iconic Disney Snow White costume is a must have for Disney lovers! This stunning Snow White Womens Costume will transform you into a fairytale princess. The instantly recognisable dress features a detachable red satin look cape, blue velour bodice, stand up collar with red and pale blue satin puff sleeves and bright yellow satin look skirt. The costume also includes a black wig with separate red bow headband and little red satin drawstring handbag. You can purchase this piece from CostumeBox for $97.99! A bargain if you ask us, this costume will last for years to come, Snow White will never go out of style.



Be the fairest of them all with this stunning Snow White costume that’s a little more wallet friendly! This classic costume retails for $66.99. It includes a long length dress with a deep blue velveteen bodice accented with gold trim, red and gold puffed sleeves, white stand-up collar, long yellow skirt and a red hair ribbon.


If you want to go all out and relive your childhood fantasies, we recommend adding Snow White’s hairdo to your look! The wig is available from CostumeBox for $26.99. It’s a great piece that can also be re-worn for later Book Weeks or a dress up party!



To pay tribute to a new Disney classic, this stunning costume is based on the original costume Angelina Jolie wore in Maleficent. It includes a beautiful black dress with winged arms and the amazing character headpiece. You can purchase the Maleficent costume for $99.99. Don’t forget to complete the look with some ruby red lips. This is one of our top picks for something a little more on the dark side, without scaring the kids too much!

Everyone wants to be play the villain at least once in their lives. Our pick is dressing up as a beautiful Wicked Queen! Looks really can kill. This phenomenal costume is not for the faint hearted! Featuring a full length long sleeved gown in silver and regal purple with lace overlaid bodice and central insert. Silver peplum sweeping hemline and ruffled neckline and cuffs add to the drama. The dress zips up at the rear and includes a separate elasticated waist petticoat. Complete with a sequinned crown and jewel and lace choker, you sure will make a statement. You can purchase this entire costume for $244.99.


Men’s Costumes

Harry Potter

One of the most famous characters, even theme parks replicate the Harry Potter world. For a male teacher, we recommend being a wizard for the day! The Harry Potter Deluxe Robe Adult Costume retails for $81.99. The costume is comprised of a thick felt-finish robe in black with burgundy trim and hood-lining. Although this is ideal for dressing up as Harry Potter, the robe can actually be worn for women to dress up as Hermione, Ron or any other Gryffindor student!


To go with the robe and complete Harry the look, add the signature Harry glasses for $7.99, the Gryffindor tie for $13.99 and scarf for $15.99!






What young boy doesn’t fantasise about being a king? Make your childhood dreams come true with this Noble King Deluxe Mens Costume, which you can purchase from CostumeBox for $249.99. The costume includes a blue velvet tunic with chain-mail style sleeves and faux-leather gauntlets, a burgundy velvet look cape with faux fur trim, belt, a jewelled gold vinyl crown and brown boot covers. Taking care of the peasants or that pesky Robin Hood will be a breeze in this costume. It’s one of our top picks as it can definitely be re-used and kept for years to come, recycled for Book Week or as a good excuse to throw a royal fancy dress party! Now to find your queen.


Captain Hook

Re-live your days of loving and hating Captain Hook by dressing up as him this Book Week! Featuring a dark red jacket with ruffle neck and cuffs, sash, three quarter pants and hat with feather, this costume is a steal for $81.99, particularly as you can re-use it in the future. To complete the look, you need a moustache and hook! You can find them both here on CostumeBox. A hook will set you back $4 and the moustache, which most definitely will gather a lot of giggles from the kids, will cost $10.


Prince Charming

Last but certainly not least, Prince Charming. Who hasn’t wanted to be this character?! The one who triumphs all! An undoubtedly charming costume, it has all you need to be a prince, no extra accessories needed. It features a white military styled jacket with attached epaulets in black and gold as well as a pair of burgundy slacks, a gold jacquard sash, a military belt and a star medal! Like the other costumes, we pick this one as it has all you need to be a Prince Charming in the one costume, and is so easy to re-use!



We hope our top picks have given you some inspiration this Book Week! CostumeBox also has a range of plus wear costumes. You can view their entire range of teachers’ Book Week costume ideas for more inspiration.]]>

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