Superheroes vs Villains

<![CDATA[The battle of Superheroes vs Villains isn’t as simple as good vs evil anymore. This year’s major movies from both Marvel and DC explore the unchecked power of superheroes and make us wonder whether superheroes really do keep us safe.


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As Lex Luthor says in the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, “Do you know the oldest lie in America? It’s that power can be innocent.” This infographic breaks down the wreckage caused by superheroes as well as villains and shows that heroes aren’t innocent when it comes to inflicting damage on the cities they are supposed to protect. So when do superheroes become anti-heroes, or worse, villains?




With the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans of both superheroes have to ask themselves how much destruction a superhero can wreck in the pursuit of justice. Can a superhero go too far? Bruce Wayne obviously thinks so, and makes it his personal mission to put a stop to the Man of Steel before he wrecks further havoc on innocent civilians.



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Like Batman v Superman, Marvel’s forthcoming movie Captain America: Civil War sees superhero turn against superhero. The members of the Avengers squad are forced to take sides as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers come to blows over how much oversight the government should have over their actions. What if citizens now live in fear of the heroes who would protect them?


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Marvel’s highly-anticipated movie Suicide Squad is set to be released in Australian cinemas on 4 August. While the other movies make us wonder when a superhero becomes a villain, Suicide Squad takes a different angle — can the most nefarious supervillains in Marvel’s history actually be a force for good?


suicide squad



U.S. Intelligence Officer Amanda Waller turns to these highly dangerous miscreants to help the government with a secret Black Ops mission in exchange for a reduction on their prison sentences.


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So who really causes more destruction in the battle of heroes vs villains? Check out the stats on the biggest superhero blockbusters.

Heroes vs. Villains: Who Causes More Damage?]]>

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