Fantastical Fairy Party Ideas

<![CDATA[Lots of girls dream of being a fairy, living under a toadstool and flitting from flower to flower with her fairy friends. Make those dreams come true with a Garden Fairy Birthday Party where your daughter and her friends can enjoy their own magical kingdom in your backyard. There’s no need for spells or pixie dust with these fantastical fairy party ideas to help you plan a day of enchanting fairy fun.


Plan Your Party

Invite your daughter’s friends to your fairy grotto with these Garden Fairy Party Invitations, which come in a pack of 8 with envelopes included. Set an RSVP date so you have plenty of time to organise your party food, games and decor.

garden fairy party invitations

Make the most of a magical opportunity and ask her friends to dress up for more fairy fun! Don’t forget to mention that it’s fancy dress in the invitation.


fairy costumes

1. Springtime Fairy Girls Costume

2. Rosetta Fairy Tutu and Wings

3. Forest Fairy Girls Costume

4. Garden Fairy Girls Costume

5. Rainbow Fairy Girls Costume

6. Plum Pixie Girls Toddler Costume


Fairy Party Tableware

Set the scene for a fairy feast with our coordinating Garden Fairy party supplies.


1. Garden Fairy 18cm Party Plates Pack of 8

2. Garden Fairy 23cm Party Plates Pack of 8

3. Garden Fairy 266ml Party Cups Pack of 8

4. Garden Fairy Party Napkins Pack of 16

5. Garden Fairy Beverage Napkins Pack of 16

6. Garden Fairy Happy Birthday Napkins Pack of 16


Fairy Party Food & Drink

Make your little girl a castle for her fairy kingdom like this beautiful Fairy Castle Cake.

fairy castle cake


Add some candles so she can make a birthday wish.



You can’t have a fairy party without fairy bread! These Fairy Bread Rolls look a little more special than the traditional triangles and they’re just as easy to make. Take a couple of slices of white bread and spread a thin layer of butter or margarine on top. Add 100s & 1000s, then cut the bread into strips and roll them up. Easy!

fairy bread

Source: Flickr


These pink marshmallow and strawberry toadstools look adorable and fit perfectly with the fairy theme. Making them is easy with some white chocolate, pink food colouring, strawberries and marshmallows. Add the marshmallows to a wooden skewer first to keep everything in place. Just dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate and press them onto the top of the marshmallows.  If you like, you can add some greenery by tying a bow around the skewer with some ribbon.

fairy party food

Source: I Love Parties


Colourful, healthy and on-theme — these fruit wands tick all the boxes. Starfruit is the perfect shape for the top of the wands but if it’s not in season you can replace it with apple, honeydew melon or pineapple cut into the same shape.


Source: Daisy at Home


These pretty pastel macaroons would look right at home at a fairy party. They can be tricky to make from scratch so you may prefer to buy them from your local patisserie. If you’re up for a challenge, check out the recipe on Passion for Baking.


Source: Catch My Party


Make fruit look enticing with these beautiful kiwi lotus flowers. They’re the perfect size for snacking and they look great too.


Pink lemonade is the perfect treat for a fairy party. Using plastic goblets like the ones below will help avoid large servings and a sugar crash later on. Give the goblets some sparkle by coating the bases with craft glue and covering them with glitter.

pink lemonade

Source: Nest of Posies


Strawberry milk is a delicious alternative to soft drink and it looks great served in glass milk bottles with pink striped paper straws like the ones below.


Source: Brit + Co


Fairy Party Decorations

Our Garden Fairy party range includes decorations to bring some magic to your fairy grotto. Add some pretty pink streamers and fans for a fully coordinated look.


1. Garden Fairy Hanging Cut Out Decoration

2. Garden Fairy Metallic Happy Birthday Balloon

3. Classic Pink Dizzy Danglers Pack of 10

4. Classic Pink Fluffy Tissue Balls Pack of 3

5. Classic Pink Paper Fan

6. Pink Hanging Honeycomb Ball Decoration

7. Classic Pink Balloons Pack of 15


Fairy Party Games

Magical Treasure Hunt

Fill your garden with different kinds of trinkets and give each fairy a checklist of items to collect and small bag to put them in. These dainty organza bags can be found in two dollar shops and card shops. Check out your local craft shop for inexpensive goodies like small bells, glass pebbles, plastic bracelets, beads, fake jewels and charms.

fairy treasure huntSource: My Insanity


Toadstool Ring Toss

Buy a couple of plungers and paint the rubber part with red paint, then add white dots. Colour-code some looks of thin rope for your fairies to throw. Set the plungers up in your garden then see how close they can get to landing the loops on the plunger sticks.

fairy party game

Source: The Beesley Buzz


Dandelion Scoop

This game requires your guests to put on a blindfold and try to scoop as many cotton balls from one container to another in 30 seconds. Set out a large but shallow container for the game. You can add sand to the bottom to keep the container in place and put in other bits and pieces like bells and pebbles that will make a noise when they’re scooped up. Put an empty container within arm’s reach for the cotton balls to go into when they player scoops them up. Because the cotton balls are so light, it’s impossible to tell whether you’re scooping them up or not! Whoever manages to scoop out the greatest number of cotton balls wins the game.


Source: Lady Behind the Curtain


Musical Toadstools

This game works the same as musical chairs, only with toadstools. Make your own no-sew toadstool mats with these instructions.

mushroomsSource: Pinterest


Fairy Party Favours

Complement these Garden Fairy Party Hats and Lolly Bags with cute favours for your guests to take home.

fairy party favours

Your fairy party favours might include:

  • Glitter pots
  • Lollies
  • Semi-precious gemstones (available from Australian Geographic or natural health shops)
  • Bubbles
  • Magic (jelly) beans
  • Flower crowns
  • Fairy wands
  • Edible pixie dust


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