4 Egg-cellent Easter Wreaths for Creative Classrooms

Get the kids involved in some Easter crafts and decorate your classroom for Easter at the same time with these 8 Eggcellent Easter Wreaths. These wreaths are an ideal classroom activity as the holidays as inch closer and the Easter excitement builds.

1. Watercolour Coffee Filter Wreath


This easy wreath by Creative Cain Cabin looks very effective and it’s budget-friendly too. Coffee filter papers can be bought from the supermarket and only cost a few dollars, then all you need is a foam wreath and some paint. Use watercolour paints to get the look in the tutorial or make use of the regular paint you have on hand for colour that pops.

2. Paper Daffodil Wreath


All you need for this beautiful Paper Daffodil Wreath from Classic Play is white and yellow paper, cotton buds, some yellow food dye and a foam wreath. This project is a little more involved but the kids will love seeing the flowers take shape as they cut out the shapes, dye the cotton buds for the centres and glue them all together.

3. Pom Pom Wreath

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Spend an afternoon making pom poms as a class, then glue them onto a foam wreath. Making pom poms is great for practising fine motor skills. Have a look at the Hobbycraft tutorial below. Hint: instead of the pom pom makers used in the video, just cut out some cardboard in the same shape using these templates.

4. Pine Cone Flower Wreath


This is another wreath you can make together as a class. Each student can decorate their pinecone in whatever colours they like. It’s sure to brighten up the classroom and you can keep it up year-round too. Take a look at the how-to guide at TheWhoot.

Looking for more eggciting Easter craft ideas? Check out our Easy Easter Hat How-To to get your kids ready for the parade, or celebrate Easter without the eye-rolling with our Activities for Older Kids.

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