The Good Dinosaur Party Ideas

<![CDATA[The hit new Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur has captured the imaginations of children around the world by asking the question ‘What if dinosaurs never became extinct?’ Use this question as your guide for creating an awesome Good Dinosaur themed party for your child and their friends.


the good dinosaur themed party


Plan Your Party

Make sure all your child’s prehistoric pals can make it by sending out  The Good Dinosaur invitations in advance and setting an RSVP date so you know how many dinos you’ll be feeding.



If you’re hosting a dress up party. make sure you give your guests plenty of notice so they can plan the perfect primeval costume.


1. Dinosaur Boys Costume

2. Raptor Dinosaur Boys Toddler Costume

3. Dinosaur Hood and Tail Child Set

4. T Rex Dinosaur Boys Toddler Costume


Party Tableware

Set the scene for your prehistoric party with our officially licensed The Good Dinosaur party supplies including plates, cups, napkins and tablecovers.



1. The Good Dinosaur 23cm Party Plates Pack of 8

2. The Good Dinosaur Party Cups Pack of 8

3. The Good Dinosaur 18cm Party Plates Pack of 8

4. The Good Dinosaur Lunch Napkins Pack of 16

5. The Good Dinosaur Plastic Tablecover

6. The Good Dinosaur Beverage Napkins Pack of 16


Party Food

The highlight of any party is the cake, so make yours a memorable one with this fantastic recipe for The Good Dinosaur Cake.



Make a delicious dinosaur dessert with some chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos with this recipe from Glorious Treats.

the good dinosaur snacks


For a healthy snack, put together some veggie cups with carrot sticks, cucumber, lettuce and apple slices so your guests can be herbivores like Arlo.

the good dinosaur party food


For a sweet treat, these Arlo’s Foot Cookies are fun to make and taste great. Get the recipe from Thrifty Jinxy.

arlo cookies


Party Decorations

Decorate your party with characters from the movie to give your theme a fully-coordinated look.


1. The Good Dinosaur Swirl Decorations Pack of 12

2. The Good Dinosaur Jumbo Letter Banner 3m

3. The Good Dinosaur Foil Balloons Bouquet Pack of 5


Party Games

Dinosaur Dig

This activity is double the fun – your kids get to make the bones and hide them, then their friends get to find them. Making the bones is easy with a simple mix of flour, water and salt. Follow the instructions from Kitchen Floor Crafts and be as creative as you like — you can make teeth, backbones, skulls, claws and more.


Bury the bones in some bark (available from Garden Centres) like The Little Umbrella or in your sandpit if you have one. Add potted ferns and rocks to give it the feel of a real archaeological dig.


Dinosaur Egg Hunt

These plastic dino eggs are widely available online and make great prizes for a Good Dinosaur themed party. Hide the eggs around your garden and let your party guests find them — and the surprise inside! This idea was inspired by Tonya from Soiree Event Design.

the good dinosaur party ideas


Dinosaur Balloon Pop

Place a couple of lollies inside each balloon before you inflate them, then arrange them in the shape of Arlo like Sarah did.

Balloon Pop2

Grab 2 packets of our Fresh Lime Latex Balloons and attach them to a blue tablecover, then let the kids take turns to throw darts at the balloons and claim the lollies from the ones they pop!


Party Favours

Before your guests leave, give them something to remember your awesome party by. Our The Good Dinosaur Party Favour Pack of 48 for 8 makes it easy with six different types of favours for each guest.

1. The Good Dinosaur Lolly Bags Pack of 8

2. The Good Dinosaur Party Blowers Pack of 8

3. The Good Dinosaur Tattoos Pack of 16

4. The Good Dinosaur Party Favour Pack of 48 for 8


Add a DIY touch to your favour bags with these awesome Hatching Dinosaur Eggs that make a great take-home gift. All you need is baking soda, water and some baby dinosaurs, then your guests can hatch their egg at home with a little bit of vinegar.


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