Easy Easter Hat How-To: Prepare for the Parade in 5 Quick Steps

The Easter Hat parade doesn’t have to be a headache. It’s a fun opportunity to get crafty with your kids and come up with something they’ll enjoy showing off in the playground. Our tutorial makes it easy to create an eggcellent Easter Hat using our range of DIY Bonnet supplies.

You Will Need:

easter confetti, grass shred, pink mini eggs, two white rabbits, yellow chenille chicks and a white felt hat

Step 1

Glue the Easter Grass or Easter Shred to the top of the hat and press it down firmly to fix it in place. We used a hot glue gun for this project, but we recommend regular craft glue for younger kids.

hand holding glue gun above a white felt top hat

Trim the stray ends of grass or shred that poke out around the top of the hat to neaten up the grass.

hand trimming green grass shred with scissors on top of a white felt top hat

Step 2

Arrange the chicks and mini eggs in an alternating pattern around the brim of the hat. Glue each of them down one by one so that they are all secure.

white felt top hat with green grass shred on top and hand placing chenille chicks and pink eggs around hat brim

Step 3

Once the glue on the top of the hat is dry, stick the two rabbits to the grass on the top of your hat.

hand gluing white rabbit to top of white felt hat with green grass shred

You can add some chicks and eggs to the top of the hat too.

hand placing chenille chick next to two white rabbits on top of white felt hat with green grass shred

Step 4

Next, use your Easter stickers and place the stickers around the sides of the hat. Then, apply a thin layer of glue in certain areas and sprinkle your colourful confetti on the glue, section by section.

hand using craft glue around sides of easter hat and sticking confetti on

Step 5

For the finishing touch, sprinkle any remaining confetti over the top of your hat.

hand sprinkling extra confetti to top of easter hat

Now you can admire your handiwork while you wait for the glue to dry. Enjoy the parade!

white felt easter hat with two white bunnies, three chenille chicks and green grass shred on top, confetti around sides and chenille chicks and eggs around the brim

Here’s some more Easter hat inspiration!

Give your Easter Hat an Aussie twist with this seasonal take on the iconic cork hat. Using real Easter Eggs may attract flies rather than keeping them away, so we recommend using our mini glitter eggs, and you won’t have to worry about them melting mid-parade.

boy wearing green glitter hat with two yellow chicks and hanging easter eggs as corks
Source: Kidspot


Get started on this nifty Easter Cork Hat idea by shopping our great range of Glitter Top Hats here including Gold, Silver, Pink and more coloured Glitter Top Hats!



And then get your hands on some of our Mini Glitter Easter Eggs in assorted colours to use as the “corks”.

These colourful hats look very impressive and all you need is a top hat and some tissue paper. Our plastic top hats make an ideal base for a crafty flower arrangement and making the flowers couldn’t be easier thanks to this simple tutorial by Hey Let’s Make Stuff.


two men wearing top hats covered in pink, yellow, purple and red tissue paper flowers
Source: Easyday



two shiny black plastic super tall top hats
CostumeBox: Black Plastic Super High Topper Hat


Baby chicks will put a spring in anyone’s step! Add chenille chicks or bunnies to a basic bonnet for a quick and easy Easter parade fix.

girl wearing easter bonnet featuring tissue paper flowers, chenille chicks and bunny
Source: Squidoo


girl wearing straw easter hat with pink flowers, glitter eggs, chenille chicks and felt chick in egg at the front
Source: At Home With Ali


This next interesting design by Polka Dots and Parties is actually a gift box inspired by The Mad Hatter. What could be more appropriate for an Easter Parade than a bunny wearing a hat?

checkered top hat with bunny ears, king and queen of hearts cards and a red paper flower
Source: Polka Dots and Parties


Recreate this mad look with our Top Hat with Bunny Ears. Just add cards!


blue headband with purple fabric top hat with red checkered ribbon and attached white bunny ears
CostumeBox: Bunny Top Hat and Ears


Too old for the Easter parade? Take a look at our top activities for older kids this Easter.


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