Top 7 Dress Up Ideas for the Rugby 7s

<![CDATA[It’s only a few days until the Sydney 7s kicks off and we can’t wait for the games to begin. The Allianz Stadium will play host to 16 international teams who will face off in a series of action-packed matches over the 6th and 7th of February. So if you’ve been lucky enough to grab tickets to the event, make sure you get on board with the fancy dress theme for the series, Go Global! In honour of the Sydney 7s, we’ve put together our top 7 dress up ideas for the Rugby 7s.


7. Minion Madness

Make some mischief as a cheeky yellow evil-doer.


1. Despicable Me Dave the Minion Mens Costume

2. Bob the Minion Mens Costume

3. Minion Womens Costume

4. Kevin the Minion Mens Costume


6. Rock On

Bring some Stone Age style to the stadium as the famous Flintstone family.


1. Flintstones Fred Flintstone Mens Costume

2. Wilma Flintstone Womens Costume

3. Flintstones Barney Rubble Mens Costume

4. Flintstones Bamm Bamm Mens Plus Size Costume


5. Looney Tunes

What’s up, Doc? This Wascally Wabbit and his friends make a classic dress up idea.


1. Tweety Pie Adult Costume

2. Bugs Bunny Adult Costume

3. Looney Tunes Taz Adult Costume


4. Get Some Air

Blow up the competition with these inflatable costumes – and no, you won’t blow away if it gets windy!


1. Inflatable Sumo Suit with Fan

2. Star Wars Inflatable Tauntaun Costume

3. Ghostbuster Inflatable Slimer Costume

4. Star Wars Jabba the Hut Inflatable Costume


3. It’s the Muppets!

Another cartoon classic – it’s easy being green with Kermit and friends.


1. Disney Kermit Mens Costume

2. Disney The Muppets Fozzie Bear Costume

3. Disney The Muppets Animal Mens Costume

4. Disney The Muppets Gonzo Mens Costume

5. Disney Miss Piggy Deluxe Womens Costume


2. Star Wars

When your team needs that last-minute try, you’ll be glad you can use the Force to get them over the line!


1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Deluxe Mens Costume

2. Star Wars Clone Wars Han Solo Deluxe Mens Costume

3. Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Mens Costume

4. Star Wars Deluxe Princess Leia Womens Costume

5. Star Wars Jedi Robe Deluxe Adult Robe


1. Sevens Superheroes

Assemble the Avengers at Allianz Stadium for a look that will intimidate your foes.


1. Avengers 2 Iron Man Deluxe Mens Costume

2. Avengers 2 Black Widow Womens Costume

3. Avengers 2 Deluxe Thor Mens Costume

4. Avengers 2 Hulk Deluxe Mens Costume

5. Captain America Mens Costume


Check out all our great Rugby 7s costumes and accessories here!]]>

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