How to Host an Australia Day Party

<![CDATA[There’s nothing more Aussie than kicking back with a tinnie or two in the backyard with mates on Australia Day. Hosting an Australia Day party doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, in fact it would be unAustralian if it did.

australia day party

Turn on Triple J’s Hottest 100 and your entertainment is sorted. As for the rest, we’ve made it easy for you with our guide to hosting a true blue Aussie Day party.


Australia Day Food

Having a barbecue on Australia Day is a given, but you can’t forget the rest of our national cuisine. Tim Tams are an Aussie classic. Supersize the decliciousness with this Tim Tam Cake recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes.

tim tam cake


A pavlova is a must, and you can decorate it with whatever fruits you have on hand. Take it up a notch with this Australia Day pav from Cooker and a Looker.   australia day pavlova


Don’t forget the lamingtons! Put a twist on the traditional chocolate covered sponge with these cute Koala Cupcakes.

Koala Cupcake


Or keep it simple with some green and gold skewers made with kiwifruit and pineapple.



For the kids, these Koala in a Creek treats are a great dessert and so simple that the kids themselves can help out with the preparation.



Make sure you’re serving it up on plates and cups that are as Aussie as you are with our Australia Day party supplies.

australia day party supplies


1. Fresh Lime Dizzy Danglers Pack of 10

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4. Australia Day Paper Flag Picks Pack of 50

5. Australian Flag Green and Gold Balloons Pack of 25

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Australia Day Games

It doesn’t get more Aussie than a game of Backyard Cricket. Make sure you time your innings right so you’re ready when the snags are done!



The Thong Toss is another great Australia Day tradition. Who can throw their footwear the furthest? The rules are simple: anyone who refers to their thongs as ‘flip-flops’ is immediately disqualified.



Pay tribute to Australian history with a Three-Legged Convict Race. Get into pairs and tie your non-dominant legs together, then make a run for it like you’ve just escaped from jail.



If it’s just too hot for anything else, cool off with a backyard Water Fight.



Australia Day Merchandise

Make sure you’re decked out for the day with our range of Australia Day clothing and accessories. Check out this blog post for more great Australia Day costume ideas.


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7. Australian Flag Sunglasses

8. Yellow and Green Sombrero

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10. Australian Flag Satin Scarf

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12. Aussie Green and Gold Hair Chalk


Australia Day Party Venues

Deciding where to spend your Australia Day is serious business. Check out the weather forecast in advance so you’ll know how much cover you’ll need against the sun or rain.

You can’t beat a classic backyard bbq on Australia Day. It’s laidback and fuss free – exactly what being an Aussie is all about.


The beach is a great option for a hot day, but it’s a popular choice so be warned – you may have some company.


The local park combines fresh air with the scent of sizzling sausages – what more could you ask for? Celebrate in the great outdoors and don’t forget to slip, slop slap.


Water is the one thing that will guarantee your Australia Day party makes a splash. Find a spot by the lake, river, local pool or your friend’s house and keep your cool when the temperatures rise.



Australia Day Decorations

You can’t grow a gum tree overnight, but you can make you Australia Day decor look just as true blue with our Australia Day party decorations no matter where you’re celebrating.

australia day merchandise

1. Australian Outback Road Signs

2. Australian Swirl Decorations

3. Australian Paper Lantern Garland

4. Australian Street Sign Cutouts

5. Australia Flag

6. Australia Day Flag

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Check out our full range of Australia Day merchandise here and have a great Australia Day!


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