True Blue Costumes for Your Australia Day Party

<![CDATA[Whether you’re spending the day at the cricket, at the beach or around a barbie, there’s one way to tell if your mates are fair dinkum legends or a bunch of drongos – their commitment to their Australia Day clothing.


Australian Flag Sombrero

Show your dedication to the nation by suiting up in a Morphsuit or Traxedo. If you’re always wanted to give streaking a crack (so to speak) but haven’t stockpiled enough sunscreen for your sensitive bits, these Morphsuits are the closest you can legally get to wandering around in the nuddy. Let it all hang out in a skintight suit, but maybe don’t get too close to the bbq.


1. Aussie Sport Supporter Adult Costume

2. Australian Flag Morphsuit Adult Costume

3. Green Morphsuit Adult Costume

4. Yellow Morphsuit Adult Costume

5. Australian Traxedo Mens Costume


Pay tribute to our unique but often deadly fauna and check off the ‘slip’ part of slip, slop, slap. It’s the perfect excuse for behaving like an animal at your mate’s Australia Day party.


1. Rompin Roo Infants Costume

2. Kangaroo Adult Costume

3. Crocodile Mens Costume

4. Kangaroo Boxer Mens Costume


While your own experiences abroad may be legendary in their own right, chances are you’re not quite as well-known as these international artists. These famous faces are up there with wheat, meat and minerals as our country’s most prized exports, at least until Gina Rinheart finds a way to frack for talent.


1. Kylie Popstar Womens Costume

2. Crocodile Hunter Mens Costume

3. Olivia Newton John Lets Get Physical Womens Costume

4. Dame Edna Purple Wig

5. Pink and Clear Vintage Cat Eye Glasses

6. Richie Benaud Style Short Grey Wig

7. Ned Kelly Mask


If you’re heading to the beach for Australia Day like any good Aussie should, keep it simple with our bonza accessories to save you doing the full Monty in the sand.


1. Green and Gold Light Up Noodle Hat

2. Australian Flag Contact Lenses and Case

3. Australian Wristband Favours Pack of 4

4. Aussie Sweatband with Hair

5. Green and Gold Cowboy Hat

6. Australian Flag 1.5m

7. Australian Flag Sunglasses

8. Yellow and Green Sombrero

9. Plastic Green and Yellow Mohawk

10. Australian Flag Satin Scarf

11. Aussie Aussie Aussie Green Satin Scarf

12. Australian Flag Car Flags


If that’s not enough, check out our full range of Australia Day costumes, accessories and party supplies here.]]>

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