DIY Frozen Zombie Halloween Costume

Zombie costumes are set to be one of this year’s biggest trends, so standing out from the hordes of the undead at Halloween can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together a DIY Frozen Zombie Kit that lets your daughter make the trend her own by giving Frozen a frightening twist. Elsa and Anna have come down with more than just a little frostbite…

Zombie Elsa and Anna

Step 1

Ask your daughter whether she would like to be a Zombie Elsa or Zombie Anna. Select the costume kit and it’ll be in your letterbox before she can sing ‘Let It Go’! Each kit contains a licensed Anna or Elsa costume, a zombie makeup kit and a bottle of zombie black blood spray.

Elsa Flat Lay-1

Step 2

Once your costume arrives, try it on to make sure you’ve got the right size. Then the fun can begin! Using a pair of scissors, cut the bottom of the dress into jagged strips. Do the same for the ends of the sleeves to give the dress a distressed look. You can also give Elsa’s cape the tattered treatment.

Elsa Cut-4

Step 3

Place some newspaper or plastic over your workspace to catch any mess. Lay the costume flat on the newspaper and use the black blood spray to cover the dress in drips and splatters. Remember, neither Elsa or Anna would give in to a zombie without a fight, so the messier the dress looks, the better! This step works best if you spray the blood on both the front and the back, but leave a few hours in between for the blood to dry.


Step 4

Now that you’ve zombified the dress, it’s time to zombify your daughter. The Zombie Makeup kit contains everything you need to make the look complete: zombie flesh, 3 blood capsules, and a palette of grey, black, green, red and white face makeup as well as 2 applicator sponges and a brush.

Follow the instructions on the back of the pack or check out our zombie hair and makeup tutorial below.

Trick or treat!


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