Be Your Own Superhero for Book Week

Book Week is the perfect time to let your little boy or girl bring their favourite fictional character to life. Superheroes have a knack for capturing kids’ imaginations and fuelling hours of make-believe play where they too can save the world.


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Nearly all superheroes we now see on the big screen originated as comic books, so we think they well and truly qualify for a spot in the Book Week parade. Comic books and graphic novels are increasingly getting the recognition they deserve as legitimate forms of literature, with renowned children’s writers such as Neil Gaiman using the medium to stimulate young readers visually as well as delight them with words. If you’re still unconvinced, you can read what teachers and librarians have to say on the topic of movie superheroes at Book Week in our previous blog post.

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Whether your child is a fan of Marvel or DC, or just loves running around causing havoc in a cape, we have all their favourite characters and the accessories to match. Here are our picks for the best kids’ superhero costumes for this year’s Book Week.


Girls Superhero Costumes

Superheroes aren’t just for boys anymore — girls are grabbing their own capes and getting in on the fun too! From classic characters like Wonder Woman and Supergirl to newcomers like Black Widow, we’ve got plenty of tough girls who don’t take any nonsense. If your daughter isn’t into traditional Book Week costumes like fairytale princesses, superheroes are a great choice for a girl who eschews prissiness and prefers to spend recess kicking butt.

girls superhero book week costumes

1. Wonder Woman Deluxe Girls Costume

2. Black Widow Deluxe Girls Costume

3. Iron Man Girls Costume

4. Batgirl Girls Costume

5. Supergirl Deluxe Girls Costume


Boys Superhero Costumes

Using your son’s favourite superhero is a great way to get him excited about Book Week. He’ll be up, up and away the morning of the Book Parade and eager to save the world from evil before the first bell. He and his friends can finally determine who the ultimate superhero is in the lunchtime arena. Who has the best superpowers? Would Superman’s utility belt stand up against Thor’s hammer?

boys1. Man of Steel Superman Muscle Chest Boys Costume

2. Batman Dark Knight Premium Boys Costume

3. Iron Man Age of Ultron Deluxe Boys Costume

4. Thor Premium Boys Costume

5. Ultimate Deluxe Spiderman Boys Costume


For more great Book Week costume ideas, check out our mega-post here, or take a look at our full range of Book Week costumes here.

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