Light up the Night: Best Festival Costumes

Get your glow sticks out and get ready to dance the night away! Festival season is here and right around Australia musical festivals are bringing popular and niche acts from around the world to your doorstep. Electronic, Country, Indie and Blues, whichever genre you like to groove to it’s all happening this summer. Stand out from the crowd and wear a costume — it’s a guaranteed conversation starter and just plain awesome! Here are the top festivals to attend this summer and the best costumes to wear for a day at the festival.

Summer Festival Dates

Laneway Festival: 31 Jan, 1,6-8 Feb

Future Music: 28th Feb; 1, 7-9 March

Sugar Mountain: 24 Jan

Secret Garden Festival: 27-28 Feb

Soundwave: 21-22, 28 Feb, 3 March

Brunswick music Festival: 1-15 March

Byron Bay BluesFest: 2-6 April

West Coast Blues N roots: 29 March


Mythical Creatures

Take a trip into Alice’s Wonderland as a Rabid Rabbit or as a Mystical Mermaid . The stranger the better, so get creative, put on a unicorn mask and dance with the fairies at the next festival!

Best Festival Costumes

  1. Sea Siren Blue and Green Wig
  2. Unicorn Mask
  3. Goat Boy Headpiece
  4. Xotic Eyes Mermaid Kit
  5. Pan Goat Man Costume
  6. Rabid Rabbit
  7. Rainbow Fairy
  8. Wild Ivy Elf Womens Costume


Into the Wild

Festivals such as Byron Bay Blues Fest take place on the coast, which presents the perfect opportunity to get in touch with Mother Nature. Dress up as a Native American, Bohemian or Gypsy and become one with the earth. Accessorise with Flash tattoos which add an effortless Bohemian look to your outfit.

Best Festival Costumes

  1. Princess of the Jungle Womens Costume
  2. Wolf Warrior Womens Costume
  3. Indian Warrior Wig
  4. Blue Curved Long Lash
  5. Exotic Eyes Cheetah
  6. Sofia Jewelry Tattoo
  7. White Rose Flower Crown
  8. Yellow and Orange Headdress
  9. Cream Pink and Blue Flower Sugar Skull Mask


Light it Up

There is no better way to start a party than cracking alight a few glow sticks! You could even light up the night in a Glowing Pink Morphsuit or paint your face with some Fluorescent Makeup Crayons.

Best Festival Costumes

  1. Glow Stick Necklace Pack
  2. Fluorescent Makeup Crayons
  3. Orange Glow in the Dark Liquid Makeup
  4. Glow in the Dark Hair and Body Glitter
  5. White 5 piece Glow Stick Set
  6. Fantasy FX Skull Makeup
  7. Glow Skeleton Morphsuit
  8. Raver Morphsuit Adult Costume
  9. Pink Glow Adult Tuxedo Morphsuit
  10. Glow in the Dark Skeleton Jumpsuit Womens


Double Trouble

Everything is better in pairs! Dress up with your mates as the 90’s gang from Scooby Doo or everyone’s favourite superheroes of the 90’s, The Power Rangers. For a rockstar feel, you might even want to dress as KISS or for something a little more playful, dress up as the dream team from Mario Kart.

Best Festival Costumes

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple Costume
  2. KISS Mens Costume
  3. Toga Plus Size Costume
  4. Crayola Wisteria Tank Womens Costume
  5. Power Ranger Morphsuits


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