Best Costumes for a Day at the Cricket

Summer is here and we all know that means it’s the cricket season! Get your mates together and dress up for the ODI, test series or the T20! The atmosphere at the cricket is infectious, everyone is giddy with excitement, dressed up in green and gold in full support of their team or just dressing up for the fun of it. Mexican costumes, morphsuits, crazy hats alike there is nothing that looks out of place at the cricket. Whatever your attire choice, a true blue morphsuit or an aussie flag tattoo on your forehead, support your team and let your cheers be heard!

aus morphsuit



Find out all the dates for the cricket for 2015:

Commbank Test Series


Bupa Sheffield shield

New Zealand V Sri Lanka

South Africa V West Indies

Carlton Mid ODI Tri-Series


Womens National Cricket League

Toyota Futures League

ICC Cricket World Cup

 Ashes Tour of the British Isles

Womens Ashes 2015

Top Costume picks

Whatever you fancy to dress up as at the cricket, the options are endless. Get crazy in a neon morphsuit or wear a funky hat, you could even dress as a mexican mariachi band with your mates! If you don’t’ want to go all out on the costume, you can always opt for wigs and accessories or even paint your face in green and gold! Dressing up adds excitement to the game and there is no better way to cheer on your team than wearing your true blue pride! Here are the best costumes for a day at the cricket!

Morphsuits: These skin tight spandex costumes are all the rage, you can run, jump and do cartwheels in these costumes which is perfect for the animated supporter. Scare the crowd in a gorilla morphsuit or wear an aussie flag morphsuit, there are plenty of cool designs to choose from.

Wigs: Green or gold or rainbow, stand out in the crowd with an Afro wig!

Colours: Whichever team you are cheering on, wear it proudly, accessorise with coloured beaded necklaces, pom poms, sombreros. The crazier the better!

Character costumes: Dress up as Aussie icons or anything that tickles your fancy. Dress as the cooky lady Dame Edna, Crocodile Dundee, or even an aussie Bogan!

True Blue: Aussie Aussie Aussie! Let your chants be heard and dress in head to toe Blue, paint the flag on your face or simply stick on some Aussie flag tattoos.

Green and gold: The classic Aussie sports colours, choose from our special range of green and gold hats and accessories. Join the sea of green and gold at the next cricket match.



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