Host an Australia Day Party

It’s no secret Australians love to party and Australia Day is the perfect excuse to hold a good ol’ backyard BBQ. Invite over a few mates and get into the true blue Aussie spirit this Australia Day. Make it a dress up occasion or deck out your party scene with Aussie print party supplies.  Crack open a few beers, sear a few steaks and finish off with a classic fruity pavlova. Here are a few tips on hosting the ultimate Australia Day party.



Depending on the scale of your party you might like to hire a beach house up the coast for a nice weekend getaway or you could plan a picnic at the park. But nothing beats a classic Australian backyard barbecue. Decorate your party in green and gold and pump up a kangaroo inflatable and throw it in the pool. Anything goes this Australia day, just sit back and relax and cool off the summer heat with a few cold ones.



A fun dress up theme for Australia day is Australian Icons, this could be any array of iconic Australian celebrities, politicians, animals, products and the list goes on. Some of our favourites are Dame Edna, Steve Irwin, John Howard, Vegemite, or the Southern Cross. The crazier and the funnier the better so pile on the accessories and face paint, get creative with costume designs or pick out an Aussie gem from our range.




  1. Dame Edna Pink Glasses
  2. Richard Benaud Short Grey Wig
  3. Croc Dundee Hat
  4. Australia Flag Moustache Tattoos
  5. Australian Flag Contact Lenses
  6. Koala Onesie Adult Costume
  7. Kangaroo Full Body Child Costume
  8. Australian Flag Morphsuit
  9. Crocodile Dundee Mens Costume

See all our Australia Day costumes and decorations here.


Deck out your party in the Aussie flag or green and gold. If you have any Australian Memorabilia Australia Day is the time to showcase it proudly. Use an Australian flag for a table cover and sprinkle gold star confetti over it. Station a few koala ornaments and fruit platters around the table and you now have an bloody great set up. Don’t forget the Eskies to keep your drinks cool and a barbie with a few shrimps and meats grilling at all times.


There are a whole heap of ideas on Pinterest for Australia Day party foods from Koala cakes to Pavlovas to green and gold macarons. Have a bake off with your relatives and ask them to bring a plate of their favourite Aussie dish. Here are a few of our favourite picks!

Tim Tam Cake



Thank you, Arnotts for creating such a ridiculously scrumptious biscuit. Turn the classic Australian biscuit into a cake and enjoy the chocolatey goodness magnified in gigantic cake form. Don’t hold back, this cake will definitely be gone in minutes, even the picture has us drooling!


Sausage Rolls

sausage roll


A classic Australian Tucker, you can’t go wrong with Sausage rolls! These are a crowd pleaser and will have everyone licking their fingers for more. Make sure you serve it with a generous amount of tomato sauce!




Keep calm and have a Pav!

A summer classic filled with seasonal fruits, this is a scrumptious dessert for the summer. Pavlovas are relatively easy to make with the key ingredients being egg whites and sugar. The fruit takes the centrepiece here so make sure you stock up on some fresh fruits at the market, anything in season is perfect to toss onto a pav.






Grab a “cold one” from the esky, VB, Tooheys or any beer you fancy on a hot summers day. Ask a mate to bring round a case and crack open a few around the barbie.



Australia Day Punch


A special drink for the kids, simply stir up some green cordial with passionfruit soft drink and your creation is done in seconds! Add a few star-shaped ice cubes and you have a victorious green and gold drink.



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